Rightlander Launch PPC Monitor Product

Rightlander, a supplier of affiliate enforcement software, has launched its PPC Monitor product to help operators move their affiliate marketing efforts to the next level.

The PPC Monitor was developed to ensure frequent surveillance of desktop and mobile PPC ads in order to spot non-compliant or deceptive marketing activities by affiliates that may have a direct financial or regulatory effect on operators, according to the organisation.

High revenue generator for affiliates and operators

Rightlander.com founder Ian Sims said of the launch: “This area of marketing has long been a high revenue generator for affiliates and operators alike and it is not uncommon for ads to contain non-compliant copy, misleading information or even to deploy devious redirects. 

“Often appearing at the top of search results, this content is highly visible and presents a significant risk to brands operating with affiliates in regulated territories.”

The tool is designed to detect associates that are bidding on customer brand names, hijacking traffic, and intercepting traffic with their own tracking codes. The firm tracks PPC connections, analysing each redirect for tracking codes and determining the destination landing page.

The monitor will then decide the affiliates are intercepting traffic from their own monitoring links or even redirecting it to third parties using an operator brand.

Partner id tracking codes

Furthermore, this release aims to include partner id tracking codes, landing page snapshots, Google search page snapshots, as well as absolute ad text and landing page URLs to operators.

Rightlander may also build custom setups based on operator needs, such as various keyword and phrase scanning, smartphone and/or desktop emulation, and extending search thresholds to include country, state, and city levels.

In addition to the PPC Monitor, Rightlander also released the IGRG ‘Prohibited Words’, which tracks UK desktop and smartphone PPC advertising to track and recognise affiliates bidding on the Betting & Gaming Council’s list of ‘prohibited terms,’ which it warns could attract attention from the UKGC, ICO, or ASA.

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