US Online Gambling

The online gambling industry in the U.S. is a work in progress. Each state has a different set of online gambling laws, creating something of a jigsaw puzzle for bettors, and there are still many questions surrounding the future of gambling on the web. However, despite its current turmoil, the U.S.A. online gambling market is experiencing unprecedented growth.

As the largest online gambling market globally, online gambling in the United States continues to experience substantial growth. Industry forecasts say that the market will be worth more than US$45 billion by 2021. The gambling laws in the United States are complex and as it stands, there are only a few states where online gambling is legal.

However, before we break down this fast-evolving industry, each state’s history and betting legislation are worth recounting. Listed below is the current status of each state with regards to online gambling.

States where online gambling is legal

Licensed Online Sportsbooks

There are a large number of licensed sportsbook operators in the United States. One of the largest being NJ licensed sportsbook site bet365 who started out in the United Kingdom are right now the worlds biggest online betting company.

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