Michigan Sports Betting – All You Need To Know

michigan sports betting

Sports betting in Michigan has been legal since March 2020, when changes in the law made it the second-largest state to legalize this form of gambling. The change in law means that Michigan sportsbook betting is legal so long as you do so at a casino that holds a valid license.

Michigan is currently one of the 15 states that have legalized online wagers and online sports betting since the Supreme Court ruled the ban on sports betting unconstitutional in 2018. Legal sports betting is available

The demand for online gambling has increased over the years, and with current events limiting the physical spaces where people can go out and place sports bets, it is clear to see that the online market is only going to increase. This is just one of the reasons why states like Michigan are changing the rules and the face of the gambling industry as a whole.

Legal Online Sportsbook

Many online sports betting vendors and online casinos are live as of January 2021, giving sports fans in Michigan lots of options when it comes to online gambling. The popularity of online sports betting is changing the face of the entire gambling industry, and players in Michigan can expect to see online poker becoming approved soon too.

Since the change in law, several online casinos and mobile sports betting vendors have gone live. There is a good range of options for players in Michigan who are looking for online sportsbooks and physical casinos that have sportsbook abilities, whether you are playing around the state, on a computer, or through a mobile device. Given the popularity of mobile devices you will find all of the Michigan online sports betting sites that we recommend come with a sportsbook app that you can use to place your sports bets.

This guide is going to tell you everything you need to know about online betting in Michigan, as well as the best online sportsbooks for you to spend your money on.

Sports betting can be a fun pastime, and it is an industry that is going to continue to grow across the United States, so you want to be as informed as you can be right now, so you are ready to jump in when the time is right.

Michigan Online Sports Betting

Since the change in federal law in 2020, Michigan is now a hub for online gambling and sports betting. Players in this state have a wide range of options when it comes to online sportsbooks, as well as several options for mobile betting too.

Online gambling in Michigan officially opened for business in January 2021, and players now have over 10 sports betting app for sports betting that can be accessed from the state. Online poker is also available at many of the online casino sites that are legal in the state, giving you plenty of options when it comes to placing wagers and online gaming.

In order to legally bet online you must do so with one of the following sites who will have partnered with a land based or a tribal casino who hold a valid license for sports gambling.

  • Barstool Sportsbook (Greektown Casino)
  • PointsBet (Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians)
  • William Hill (Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians)
  • BetMGM (MGM Grand Detroit)
  • DraftKings (Bay Mills Indian Community)
  • FanDuel (MotorCity Casino)
  • FOX Bet (Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians)

Using any of the sites above is highly recommended because in addition to being legal it will have a Michigan sports betting app that you can use on your mobile device. Mobile sports betting is finally here and with it the excitement of being able to do sports wagering on your favourite sports team.

What sports can you bet on online in Michigan?

Before entering an online casino or online sportsbook, it is a good idea to figure out what you are in for. Sports betting is a huge industry, and thanks to the passing of federal laws that make it legal to perform online, options can be almost limitless nowadays for players.

Players can bet on almost all the major leagues for Michigan online sports betting, such as:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Baseball

There are also options in this state for the sports fan that wants to wager on college football games, carry out horse racing betting, as well as betting on the NFL and other major leagues. Players can bet on any of the major teams from this state, whether that is Michigan Wolverines, Detriot Lions, or any other football team in the country.

What about college sports betting?

If you are a sports bettor who wants to bet on college games you can do so from Michigan using gambling sites that are based offshore. Sports betting for college games is legal within Michigan, but it is currently only available using offshore websites.

These websites are legal and regulated in the United States, including Michigan, but they are operated outside.

At the moment, there are no physical sportsbooks based within the state that offer college sports betting or any other form of betting. Those who want to do sports betting in a physical capacity will have to travel to nearby locations in West Virginia or Pennsylvania.

This is why online sports betting is such a large industry in Michigan, as it makes it easy for players in this state to get into gambling, and it can be done from anywhere – even the comfort of your own home.

Why bet online?

Online sports betting also comes with a range of additional benefits, including a great sign up offer and a welcome bonus that online sportsbooks will provide. Players entering an online sports betting site from Michigan for the first time can receive a free bet for a particular game or other such bonuses as an incentive.

There is a wide variety of options for Michigan bettors when it comes to the sports that players can bet on, and the wagers will increase during a major league or event such as the NFL or NHL. Players can also bet on college sports during matches, from within the state of Michigan.

The number of sports and online sportsbooks will likely increase over time. Online sports betting has just been made legal in the state of Michigan, and the sites officially launched at the beginning of 2021. When companies see the demand and popularity for online gambling sites, it is likely the industry will grow.

Across the United States, the most popular sport to bet on is football, and this has influenced the online sportsbooks in Michigan. Football is by far the most popular sport for bettors, and there are lots of options, including wagers for the NFL to college football games.

If you are a newbie to online sports betting and are getting ready to place your first wager, football is the best way to go. This is a sport that will be available at every online casino and sportsbook in the state, and it is a great sport to get behind.

How to bet on football in Michigan

Players in the Great Lakes State have lots of options when it comes to football betting. There are options to bet on major leagues and teams through the NFL or to bet on local colleges during their football matches.

Football is the most popular sport for bettors in the United States, and it is a great place to start if you have no prior experience with sports betting at all. All online sportsbooks will offer football sports betting year-long.

In most cases, there are three main ways that you can bet on football when playing online in Michigan. These are:

  • Money lines
  • Point spreads
  • Over/Unders

To help you get started with online sports betting in Michigan, we are going to explore these three main ways of betting on football. Football is the most popular sport for bettors, and once you understand the process for this sport, it will be easier to move onto other leagues and teams.

What are football money lines?

Money lines are perhaps the easiest and simplest way to get into online sports betting, as all you have to do is pick the winner of the match. You will stake a certain amount on the team you think is going to win, and the bet will payout according to the odds that have been set out by the online sportsbook.

We are going to explore what sports betting odds are further on in this article, but they are the way that all online sportsbooks, from Draftkings to BetMGM, outline the likelihood of a bet winning.

What is football point spreads?

Point spreads are almost as simple as money lines, and they can apply to both NFL and college football games in Michigan. This kind of sports betting requires players to pick who they think will be the winner of the game, and they will make this decision based on lines set by the sportsbook.

The lines are the number of points the online sportsbook thinks the favorite team, based on odds, will win by.

What is football Overs/Unders?

When you choose to bet on football Overs/Unders, you are betting on whether you think the final outcome of the game will be over or under the odds outlined by the sportsbook.

You will choose whether you think the online sportsbook has over or underestimated the outcome of any football match, and you will win the bet if you are right.

Take Your Skills To Other Sports

While these processes are used commonly for football betting, they can also be used in some kind of capacity for other games. If you are a beginner at sports betting, then it is a good idea to start playing with football bets first as this is the most popular game in America.

Once you understand how sports betting works and have developed some skills, you can widen your horizons and place bets on other sports.

It is likely that in the future of online sports betting in Michigan, there will be more websites and more options for the kind of games you can wager on. Like other states across the nation, Michigan may also allow for players to bet on international sports and take part in international leagues such as European football, golf, and boxing.

Sports Betting

Sports betting in Michigan has only been live since the start of 2021, but that does not mean that players in this state have never tried it before.

Before the changes in the law, there were ways and means for bettors to partake in sports betting, and these players now have an advantage when it comes to online sports betting sites. They understand how this kind of gambling works and the best ways to wager a stake to see success.

However, because this is not something that applies to the vast majority, we are going to explain exactly what sports betting is, how it works, and how you can understand odds to ensure success whenever you place a wager. Sports betting can be a fun pastime, and it is a way for sports fans to bring more excitement to every game or match.

Sure, watching a football or hockey match is fun within itself, but when you have a stake in the game, all emotions are heightened. Bettors are more invested in what is happening on the pitch or the field, and it can make for a very exciting season when you have something to lose – or to win.

What is sports betting, and how does it work?

Sports betting, as the name suggests, is gambling on sporting events such as football leagues or college matches. In sports betting, players will place a wager on some kind of sporting event, and you will win money back if the outcome you estimated happens.

For example, if you place a sports bet for a particular team to win a football game and this comes true, you will have won your bet. The amount that you win will differ based on the original stake and the odds outlined by the sportsbooks. If a bet is less likely to happen, with lower odds, you will win more money.

Sports betting is a fun pastime for most, although some professional gamblers can make a decent income from partaking in it. However, for players in Michigan who have just recently got permission to entertain themselves with sports betting online, it is a very fun pastime.

Placing bets on sports is a way to make the events of the match seem more exciting. When you have a stake in the game, no matter how small, all emotions are heightened, and you have a deeper desire to catch all the action to see how everything plays out.

Sports betting is now legal for players in Michigan, and the online gambling industry is growing to offer more forms of betting too. Players can stake on their favorite sporting events, as well as partake in online poker and other online casino games as the law continues to change in favor of online betting.

The sports betting industry is one of the most profitable in the world, and now players in Michigan can join in with the fun.

What do sports betting odds mean?

When you get involved with sports betting, you will see the term ‘odds’ being thrown around a lot. Odds are the way bets are calculated, and they determine how likely the outcome that you want to wager on will happen.

The less likely an outcome is to happen in a football match or hockey game, the bigger the odds will be and the greater return you can see for your bet.

If you want to learn how to successfully place bets on sports in Michigan, then you need to understand what odds are and how they work.

Sports betting odds can seem confusing and overwhelming to look at as a beginner player, but once you understand the basics, things will make a lot more sense. When we play sports betting in Michigan, online sportsbooks and gambling websites will use American odds.

There are other ways to show betting odds that are used in European sports betting and other events, but for those just getting started with gambling online in Michigan, American odds is the system you need to understand.

There are two purposes behind sportsbooks showing odds for their bets.

Sports betting odds are used to show the implied probability of the outcome happening, based on statistics and the sportsbooks. Another purpose of sports betting odds is to show how much money you can win if this outcome happens.

This is why it is so important for bettors to understand odds and learn how to read them. Otherwise, they will not be able to make informed decisions when it comes to their wagers.

American Sports Betting Odds Explained

Bettors in Michigan will need to learn how American odds work and how they are calculated if they want to see returns on their stakes.

When looking at a sportsbook betting board, whether in person or online, you will know if you are dealing with American odds if you see a three-digit number with either a positive (+) or negative (-) sign in front of it. The signs that are in front of a number indicate whether the outcome is the favorite or not, as the favorite is the most likely outcome.

The numbers are used by online sportsbooks to indicate how much you need to bet to get a certain amount of money.

If a three-digit number has a positive (+) sign in front of it, it is referring to how much money you will win if you stake $100. If the number has a negative (-) sign in front of it, however, it indicates how much you will need to bet to win $100.

Of course, you do not always have to bet in the hundreds of dollars – and this is not something you should do as a beginner! American Odds can be translated into dollar amounts simply by moving the decimal point.

This will show how much you can win if you bet $1 or how much a $1 bet will get you if you wager on a negative odd.

How are sports betting odds calculated?

Now that you know how to read sports bets for Michigan sportsbooks, it is time to work out how they are calculated. This way, you can easily determine odds by yourself and work out how much money you are set to win if your bet comes in.

It is important to note that the odds given by a sportsbook or online gambling site do not reflect the true likelihood of an outcome. Instead, there is usually a margin that the bookmaker has outlined that they use in their odds to help them see some return on the money they are giving out.

The total percentage that the implied probability or odd divulges from the complete 100% is something that the sportsbook has set into the market, and it can differ across all gambling websites, casinos and sportsbooks.

This is something all bettors in Michigan need to be aware of, as it will indicate the true cost of placing a bet within a sportsbook or online betting site.

The more you play with sports betting, the easier it will be to understand how odds are calculated and how much you can expect to see from your bets. Luckily, a lot of the online casinos and online sportsbooks that are now live in Michigan offer calculators for you to instantly work out the odds of any bet.

Michigan Sports Betting Sites

Now that you understand that Michigan is one of the states that has legalized sports betting, it is likely that you want to try it out for yourself.

Since sports betting became legal in the Great Lakes State in 2020, it has now become the most progressive state in terms of gambling across the nation. In-state sports betting is now legal, although most players will have to go online for it when playing from Michigan as there is a limited number of physical sportsbook at the moment.

Following the changes in the law, Michigan has allowed various forms of gambling to be legal within the state, including casinos, both commercial and tribal brands, as well as the lottery, horse racing bets, charitable gambling as well as the use of online gambling sites.

These gambling sites can offer sports betting, but they can also provide a range of other casino games that are now legal to play in the Great Lakes state.

The legalization of physical sports betting in Michigan did not come at the most opportune time due to national restrictions following the COVID-19 pandemic, but that does not mean that players have a lack of options. While there are no official in-land sportsbooks within Michigan, players can travel to nearby states such as Pennslyvania and West Virginia if they want to place bets in person.

While this might not be a great time for physical sportsbooks and casinos, the online market for gambling and sports betting is thriving. There are lots of websites and mobile apps that are legal to use within the state of Michigan that can provide sports betting, as well as other casino games.

Online sports betting is perhaps the easiest way to place bets on any sporting event, whether that is the NFL or local college matches. It is a popular form of gambling across the world, and for those in Michigan, going online makes sports betting easy, accessible, and reliable in these uncertain times.

Which retail sportsbooks are available in Michigan?

Sports betting became legal for the state of Michigan in March 2020, but players had to wait until the beginning of 2021 before any websites were officially launched.

With current restrictions and national lockdowns, bettors are finding it difficult to place any bets in-person as many of the casinos or sportsbooks across the United States are currently closed. There are currently no official retail sportsbooks in Michigan, as the law changed at a time when businesses were struggling to survive, let alone open a new venture.

Players in Michigan who want to visit a retail sportsbook will have to travel out of the state when it is safe to do so. This is why the online market for sports betting is highly popular, as it remains accessible and provides reliable access to gambling even during global restrictions such as the pandemic.

Michigan is home to 26 casinos, which are spread across the state to give bettors access to traditional forms of gambling such as poker and slot games. It is likely that when restrictions are lifted, and sports betting becomes more popular in the state that many of these casinos will start to offer sports betting as well as the other forms of gambling they already support.

At the moment, several commercial casinos offer sports betting across Michigan. However, this is a limited service, and it is only available during the NFL.

If you want to place bets during the NFL, you can visit the following casinos, which have a supporting sportsbook at their locations:

It is likely that over time when sports betting continues to grow for players in Michigan, more retail sportsbooks will launch, and it will be easy for players to place physical bets on their favorite sports.

For now, the best option for bettors in the Great Lakes state and beyond is to go online for gambling sites and apps.

Sports Betting Sites In Michigan

Bettors in Michigan now have a lot of options when it comes to playing online. Countless websites are now accessible since the laws have changed surrounding sports betting in this state.

Various forms of gambling are legal in Michigan, including sports betting, the lottery, casinos, and online gambling sites. Horse racing is also legal for sports betting in the state of Michigan, and this is something that many of the online sportsbooks will offer until the industry eventually closes in this state.

For now, bettors in Michigan can access online sportsbooks and racebooks, which provide odds for horse racing in the Great Lakes state as well as across the world.

If you are looking for some of the best online sportsbooks and casinos to spend your time now that sports betting is legal in Michigan, then look no further.

There are lots of options for players, and we are going to show you not only the Michigan sports betting sites themselves but also the bonuses they offer and the advantages of each brand.

Golden Nugget Casino

This online casino offers a range of traditional casino games, such as online poker, as well as sports betting for a range of events. There is a brilliant welcome bonus for new players that provides up to $30 for free with your first deposit.

Golden Nugget Casino also offers a match bonus of up to 100% up the value of $1000 with a bettor’s first deposit. The code ‘PLAYBONUS’ is required upon registration.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings is one of the most popular online sportsbooks across the country, and it is now legal and therefore accessible to bettors in Michigan.

New players are eligible for a brilliant welcome bonus that gives $45 to play with, even without making a deposit. This allows you to try out the online casino and sports betting features essentially for free to see whether Draftkings is worth the hype.

As well as this welcome bonus, there is a first deposit offer of 100% deposit match up to the value of $1,500. This is an offer that is open to all new players at the site.


This website is the hub of North American sports, and it offers a wide range of odds on various sporting leagues and events.

Bovada is available across all states where sports betting is legal, including Michigan. New players can receive a 50% match bonus for their first deposit up to the value of $250.

It is a clean, easy-to-use website that is accessible on desktop and mobile devices, making sports betting highly accessible to players across the state.


This online sportsbook is best for players who use cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin as it gives great bonuses.

MyBookie is now accessible in Michigan, and it provides sports betting for a range of sports, with a particular focus on North American sports such as the NFL and NHL. There are options to place bets on both professional and college teams at this site.

New players will receive a 50% match bonus for their first deposit up to $1000.


As well as the retail casino and NFL sportsbook, BetMGM has a brilliant website for sports betting.

New players will receive $25 for free without a deposit, allowing you to place your first bets risk-free to see whether this is the right online sportsbook for you.

There is also a 100% match deposit offer for players making their first deposit onto the website. This is up to the value of $1000. The code ‘PLAYNJFREE’ is required to receive any of these bonuses.

There are options for a wide variety of sports from across American, including coverage of major events such as the NFL.

FanDuel Casino

This online casino also has a sports betting section that allows players to wager on their favorite sports from across the United States.

As well as being available on desktops, FanDuel also has an online sportsbook app that can be downloaded onto both IOS and Android devices for instant access to your stakes.

It provides a variety of casino games along with sports betting, including poker, blackjack, and slots. New players to this online casino can receive up to $2000 in a risk-free bet based on their first deposit amount.

As it is a risk-free bet, players are in with a chance of getting their money back if they do not win a bet.


This is another online sportsbook that rewards players for using Bitcoin, making it a great option for those who are concerned about security.

BetOnline is typically the first site to post betting odds for major sporting events, and it also has an extensive odds archive that allows players to do their own research before wagers.

To get the welcome bonus of a 50% match, new players need to use the code ‘BOL1000’ upon registration.


This is one of the best online sportsbooks available to players in Michigan as it offers live coverage and odds of most events. It covers all of the most popular sports across North America, such as football leagues.

Xbet also supports cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins, as well as a wide range of other deposits to give all players easy access to sports betting online.

There is a generous sign-up bonus for new players that offers a 50% match for deposits up to the value of $300.

Sports Betting

This online sportsbook has a wide range of odds available for all teams across North America, with an excellent range of Michigan teams too.

It has the widest range of Michigan odds for both professional and college teams, giving players in this state lots to play with. Sports Betting is known for providing discounts and supporting low wagers, making it accessible to new players.

The sign-up bonus gives new players a 50% match for all first deposits up to the value of $1000.

Mobile Sports Betting In Michigan

Online sportsbooks and casinos give players plenty of options when it comes to sports betting in the state of Michigan.

Many of the major online casinos, such as FanDuel, have their own app that can be downloaded onto mobile devices for instant access to odds and games. Although sports betting online is now legal in Michigan, we have yet to see any officially licensed sports betting apps launch from this state.

This does not mean that players cannot download or use any casino apps that are currently available, as this is not the case. Online gambling, including sports betting, is legal within the Great Lakes state, and international betting sites can be accessed by bettors from this location.

Any international betting site that is open to bettors in Michigan can be used legally, including any accompanying apps. However, with the NFL season about to start, it is good news that bettors are not required to download a mobile app for sports betting as it can make things easier.

Instead of committing to just one online casino or sportsbook, players in Michigan can access a range of sites from the comfort of their own home to seek out the greatest odds.

As online gambling is so popular, and due to the current restrictions on retail casinos, sites are improving their accessibility. This means that no matter what kind of device you are working with, whether that is a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, the online sportsbook you want to use should be easily accessed from the browser app alone.

How to find the best online casinos and online sportsbooks?

As there are now a lot of options for bettors in Michigan, it can be quite hard to find the best online sportsbook to spend time and money at.

Whether you are choosing between an online casino or a sportsbook, there are some things you should consider to see which is going to be the best for you. As we have mentioned, Michigan is currently the most progressive state when it comes to online gambling, and the recent changes in the law about sports betting have made this activity even more accessible.

Bettors in the Great Lakes state can access international gambling sites, some mobile apps, and online sportsbooks for their sports betting. To find the best sites out there for your needs, you can consider:


All online casinos should offer some kind of bonus to their players. Most operate with a new player bonus, which is used as an incentive to get new bettors onto the website, and it can reward players for making their first deposit.

A good way to find the best online casinos is by looking into the bonuses they offer. The best casinos will not only have a great welcome bonus for new players, which may or may not require a deposit first, but they will also have ongoing promotions.

It is typical for sportsbooks to save their best bonuses and promotions for certain sports seasons, such as during the NFL when their traffic will increase. During times like the NFL or other sporting leagues, the stakes are higher, and there is more competition as this is typically a time when more people get involved in sports betting.

This is a great time to access the bonuses and promotions a website is offering to see which is going to be the best one for you.

Sports Markets

Sports betting is a vast industry, and there are many kinds of sports that players can place bets on. The best online sportsbooks will offer a range of odds for a variety of sports from across the nation.

Football is the most popular sport in the United States for sports betting, and many sportsbooks will focus on this; however, this should not be all they offer. The best online betting sites will provide a range of odds for different teams, with many including both professional and college-level teams, as well as different sports.

Many of the websites available in Michigan cover sports from across the nation, as well as local games. Some apps and online casinos will also cover international sports, such as European football, golf, and boxing, to provide a wider range of sports markets.

To find the best sportsbook for you, consider what kind of sports you enjoy, what you understand, and where you like to place bets. Then make sure that the app or website you choose offers odds for this game.

Payment Options

Gambling online can be a fun activity, but it is one that does come with certain risks due to the fact it relies on payment information.

Like any other website that requires payment, whether that is online shopping or an online sportsbook, it is important to consider how secure it is. Players need to make sure that their information is safe and secure when playing online.

As you can see from the list of online sportsbooks, most offer a good range of payment options. The best websites will not only be secure but also allow you to make the best decision for your security, which is why they accept more than one form of payment.

Some of the sportsbooks that are available in Michigan also support new forms of currency, such as Bitcoin, which might be important for bettors to consider.

Live Betting

Websites that offer live betting tend to be the best for players who are interested in sports betting, particularly around events such as the NFL.

With live betting, the odds are constantly being updated so players can make informed decisions every step of the way. This is not available at all online sportsbooks or casinos, so it is a good way to pick out the best ones.

What Kind Of Gambling Is Legal In Michigan?

Sports betting is now legal for players in the state of Michigan, in both commercial and retail locations as well as online. However, this is not the only form of gambling that is available in the Great Lakes state.

The recent expansion in Michigan law, which allowed sports betting to be legalized, did not stop with solely this form of gambling. Bettors in this state have so many options, such as:

Online Sports Betting

With the law changes in March 2020, Michigan is now home to a wide range of sports betting websites and sportsbooks. While the law was officially changed in 2020, it wasn’t until the beginning of 2021 that online sportsbooks were live for players in this state.

Since these changes in the law, Michigan is now the most progressive state for online gambling, and its influence on the market is certainly going to be felt across the United States. There are a variety of apps and websites available to bettors in Michigan, including Draftkings.

When the sports betting market develops in Michigan, the state will have 15 different online sportsbooks as well as continuing to give players access to international betting sites and apps.

Online Casinos

Online casinos are a very popular form of gambling, and Michigan also allowed these websites and apps to be accessed from within the state when they accepted sports betting.

In the initial wave of legalizing online casinos at the beginning of 2021, eight apps were accepted, and this number likely will increase as gambling becomes more popular across the state.

An unusual aspect of Michigan law that was put into place with the legalization of online casinos is the granting of tax deductions for operators. Tax deductions have been offered to operators for their free play opportunities, which means that real-life rewards might come from online casinos before too long.

Online Poker

As well as online casinos, online poker has been legalized in Michigan. This is a popular casino game that can be found on many websites, but it is also an industry in its own right.

Both residents and visitors to the state of Michigan can now play online poker due to the changes in the law that were approved in 2020. Multistate online poker is also legal for residents of this state, and this rule was put into law in December 2020.

Following the expansion of online gambling and sports betting in the Great Lakes state, online poker was also accepted. The first poker website to be made accessible in Michigan was PokerStars, which launched in January 2021.

Many of the online casinos provide poker, as do 15 of the casino operators within Michigan. At the moment, only two poker apps are expected to come from the brands PokerStars and BetMGM to give players instant access to these casino games from their smartphones or tablets.

The Lottery

Online lottery is quite an expansive field in Michigan, and there are plenty of options for players of this game.

The Michigan Lottery app offers three different games to bettors, including draw games, instant win games, and keno. It will come as no surprise to learn that draw games are the most popular across Michigan, with games such as the Mega Millions and the Powerball drawing thousands of players every week with their multi-state draws.

The online lottery app in Michigan also allows for instant scratch games.

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports is a huge industry across the United States, and this is a highly popular form of sports betting. Michigan, like many other states, now offers daily fantasy sports draws.

As websites such as Draftkings and FanDuel are now legal in Michigan, bettors from this state can access the daily fantasy sports competitions and odds that they offer.

Physical Casinos

As well as lots of online options, Michigan is home to 26 casinos and physical gambling facilities. Some of these casinos, such as BetMGM, have a website and app that players can use for online sports betting.

This is great news for the current climate, as getting out to visit a retail or commercial casino can be difficult across the state. Detriot is a great place for bettors to go as it is home to the three commercial casinos in Michigan, with 23 other options in different locations.

Not all of these casinos offer sports betting, but several do expand their services during major events like the NFL to provide sports bets odds to their customers.

The casinos in Michigan are owned by 15 federally recognized operators such as MGM and Penn National Gaming, and all 15 of them can apply for an online license. This means that in the future, it is likely that bettors in Michigan will have a wider range of online casinos and sportsbooks to choose from as casinos from around the state take their services online, as well as offering a retail space.

Similarly, retail sportsbooks are likely to increase as the popularity of sports betting increases. At the moment, all three casinos in Detriot offer a retail sportsbook, along with several others across the state.

The biggest retail casino in Michigan is the MGM Grand in Detriot. This casino has been in operation since 1999, and it is a record-breaker. MGM Grand was the first luxury casino to open in another major US city outside of Las Vegas, and it continues to operate successfully today.

Not only is this an attractive, historic casino that Michigan residents can visit, but it also has a great website that offers casino games and sports betting for remote access.

The Future Of Horse Racing in Michigan

While the Great Lakes state is paving the way for online gambling and sports betting, there is one industry that is no longer as strong.

Horse racing was once a prosperous and popular industry for sports bettors and sports fans alike. However, it is no longer the same in Michigan. There is only one racecourse still operating in this state, which is the Northville Downs, but even the future of this is up in the air.

Northville Downs has been losing clients over the years, and it is likely due to the increase of online sportsbooks that the future of this racecourse is not looking so bright. This site could close as early as 2024 due to the current decline in industry, which will make horse racing obsolete in the state of Michigan.

Despite this close looming, there still might be hope for Northville Downs yet as it has been approved by the Michigan Gaming Control Board to accept online bets. Northville Downs can accept online bets from residents of Michigan through a third-party operator, which could help it stay in business a little longer.

While the physical future of horse racing looks bleak for Michigan, sports bettors do not have to worry. Horse racing continues to be a popular event online, and many of the betting websites will offer odds for the biggest events.

As well as sportsbooks, bettors can search for specific racebooks that focus solely on horse racing and provide odds for all events in this field.

The online sportsbooks that are currently available in Michigan, including international casinos, provide odds for horse racing. They offer odds for the remaining races taking place within the state, as well as odds for other events happening across the country.

What Can We Expect In The Future For Michigan?

Michigan is considered to be the most progressive state when it comes to its legal stance on online gambling due to everything it has done since sports betting was made legal.

Sports betting was officially made legal in the Great Lakes state in March 2020, but it wasn’t until January 22nd, 2021, that online sportsbooks and casinos were live to players. Now, sports bettors have lots of options for online sportsbooks and some casino apps from multi-state or international brands. There are also options for casinos in Michigan to get an online license in the future, which will increase the number of online sportsbooks available in this state.

Sports betting is not the only form of gambling that is legal in Michigan, and they are currently a trail-blazer for the rest of the country when it comes to what they accept.

Sports bettors from the Great Lakes state have a lot of options when it comes to online betting, as international and state-based sites are accessible on a range of devices. There are also 26 physical casinos across the state that are slowly starting to incorporate sports betting into the services they provide.

With the change in the law in 2020, Michigan has allowed casinos in the state to apply for an online license. This guarantees that in the future, more online sportsbooks, online casinos, and betting apps will be available to both residents and visitors of Michigan.

It has been a tough year for local casinos and sportsbooks, which is why it is likely that many brands will go online in the future. Online sportsbooks give bettors instant access to odds, games, and matches from any device they have available.

There is no delay in making bets or obtaining winnings, nor are bettors required to leave their homes to place bets.

It is clear to see how popular sports betting is during nationwide leagues such as the NFL. During large events like the NFL, the stakes are high, and not only do all online casinos and sportsbooks offer a good array of wagers, but casinos across Michigan open up retail sportsbooks.

Sports betting is going to continue to be a popular pastime for people in Michigan and across the United States. We can expect to see a lot more locations following in the footsteps of the Great Lakes state and accepting that sports betting should be a legal venture.

Final Notes

Sports betting can be a fun pastime for many people. While a lucky few can make careers out of gambling, placing bets on your favorite sport or team is something that everyone is likely to try at one point.

Michigan, the Great Lakes State, legalized sports betting in March 2020, which turned this once-underground operation into an approved pastime. Online sportsbooks and casinos went live in January 2021, giving bettors across the state instant access to all odds and wagers.

Even though sports betting has been legal in Michigan for a relatively short time, this state is the most progressive and offers the widest range of options for gambling.

As well as the 26 casinos across the state, Michigan residents and visitors have access to countless websites and apps that offer sports betting, as well as casino games. While the number of Michigan-based casinos is quite small at the moment, the change in law has allowed players to access international websites and download multistate apps for their sports betting.

Sports betting is going to continue to be a popular pastime for all sports fans, as it can make each match more exciting and will intensify feelings during the game. However, if sports betting is not something that tickles your fancy in Michigan, then there are lots of other forms of gambling that have been made legal here too.

All bettors need to remain diligent and gamble responsibly, whether they are playing online or in a retail casino. Sports betting, online casinos, poker games, and the Lottery are supposed to be fun pastimes for the people of Michigan and beyond, so make sure that you are playing responsibly.

Each online sportsbook has a helpline that bettors can use if they need support.

Michigan is paving the way for the future of gambling in the United States, and we can expect to see many more states follow in their footsteps by allowing sports betting to be legalized.