Pennsylvania Sports Betting

Pennsylvania Sports Betting

Though you might not imagine it, Pennsylvania is one of the best states in America for sports betting. With many amazing sports teams across both professional and collegiate sports, it is little wonder that the citizens of the Keystone State are always searching for the very best in odds.

Whether you are a die-hard supporter of one of the professional teams of the state’s two major cities – Pittsburgh and Philadelphia – or you are just interested in some of the major opportunities this state offers, you won’t be disappointed by what online sportsbook options on offer here. PA sports betting and other gambling options are so widespread and readily available that the Keystone State is second only to Nevada in terms of revenue from commercial casino revenue.

There is an online sports betting destination for everyone here, from mobile betting to sportsbooks to off-track betting. There is no need to go to Vegas for the best sports betting opportunities – some of the best betting in the Northeast can be found here. Many of the major brands in operation here have ensured that they have set up a complete gambling platform for their visitors. Both are readily available across retail and mobile opportunities, from casino games to sports betting. Major franchises are also signing up for partnerships with the biggest operators out there – allowing them to offer the best odds to their most loyal fans.

With PA sportsbook betting options growing across the state year on year, this state is fast proving to offer its players some of the best opportunities and odds. The sheer range of Pennsylvania online sports betting companies means there will always be a competitive odd on offer – a player needs to know where to find it.

Best Pennsylvania Sports Betting Sites

If you are looking for the best sportsbook pa, here is our experts’ recommended online sports betting sites.

DraftKings Sportsbook

Customers are attracted to DraftKings sportsbook by the generous welcome offer, and many of them remain once they have seen the company’s user-friendly betting site. Having made a smooth transition from daily fantasy sports to sports betting, DraftKings has evolved as one of the nation’s leading sportsbooks, with a distinctive and dynamic user experience that includes various innovative features.

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM has built a solid name in the retail casino industry, and they are now a major online sportsbook in the United States. BetMGM has gradually risen the ranks in Pennsylvania, and it is consistently ranked among the top three sportsbooks in the state in terms of sports bet volume.

It offers a comprehensive selection of sports to pick from and a wide range of betting possibilities. BetMGM also performs an excellent job with recurring promotions, although the website’s usability does not quite equal that of the app.

Bet Rivers Sportsbook

BetRivers enjoys an inherent competitive edge in the Pennsylvania market as a well-known local brand. That isn’t all it has going for it, though, as it also features one of the greatest rewards systems for sports bettors that you will come across anywhere else.

Even though BetRivers is not recognized for offering generous sign-up bonuses, the company still provides a good online sportsbook with an amazing user experience, innovative features, and prompt customer support.

Although there is a wide variety of sports and bets to pick from, the general functionality of the website and the mobile app might be improved.

FanDuel Sportsbook

In making the transition from daily fantasy sports to sports betting, FanDuel has swiftly risen to become one of the most popular online sportsbooks in the United States, thanks to a wide range of sports, live streaming, live betting, and daily odds increases.

FanDuel has consistently ranked at the top of the revenue statistics in Pennsylvania, and it’s not difficult to understand why. Whether you’re on the web or a mobile device, the user experience is excellent, with everything you need only a click or swipe away from where you now are. Newer innovations like as same-game parlays have been popular, but this is another site that may improve its game by offering special promotions to frequent players.

Betway Sportsbook

Betway is a relative newcomer to the United States but is one of the world’s largest online gambling companies, having a significant presence in Europe. New players will find a diverse range of sports and betting opportunities and reasonable odds when they sign up with Betfair Sports.

A range of leading promos live betting and a superior user experience have propelled them to the forefront of the online gambling industry in the United States.

FOX Bet Sportsbook

Sports fans are familiar with the brand Fox, but there’s a strong possibility that you’ll be pleasantly pleased by the sportsbook’s offerings. FOX Bet is a newcomer to the online sportsbook sector, but they have a top-of-the-line sports betting application. It’s easy to assume that FOX Bet aspires to be one of the most popular online sportsbooks in the United States.

It’s clean and simple to use, and there’s a constant stream of promotions, many of which are tied to well-known characters on the network. The website style might be more efficient and less crowded when it comes to the negatives.

Unibet Sportsbook

You could choose Unibet sportsbook if you don’t care about frills and just want to get down to business with your gambling. While it has a straightforward design, it contains a plethora of choices and a strong live betting component. Another distinguishing feature is the availability of competitive odds; nevertheless, the site might be hit or miss when it comes to frequent promotions for sports bettors.

Even though Unibet does an excellent job covering a wide range of markets and providing a broad number of wagers, they might do better with their live betting platform.

PointsBet Sportsbook is a one-of-a-kind online sportsbook that provides more information and betting markets than the usual sportsbook in the United States. There is a good reason why experienced bettors like betting on PointsBet.

PointsBet has swiftly established itself as a major participant in several states, including Pennsylvania. The revolutionary PointsBetting feature allows bettors to take on more risk for larger potential winnings. The deals that run on a weekly and daily basis are well worth checking out, and the Karma Kommittee helps to make poor beats a little more palatable. The odds are generally competitive in this environment; however, the platform navigation may be improved.

Barstool Sportsbook

Barstool Sports Pennsylvania is one of the most popular legal sports betting apps available. It has grown in popularity in the state due to its promos and the number of new clients it has attracted. Barstool Sportsbook provides a substantial welcome bonus, an easy-to-use mobile app, and a plethora of promos to assist you in building your bankroll faster.

Legal Online Pennsylvania Sports Betting

Legal online Pennsylvania sports betting can be easily found from a wide range of different brands. Trusted sportsbook providers DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook already have a heavy presence in the state through online apps and retail spaces. Other brands such as BetMGM and Borgata are also making waves, having success in states neighboring Pennsylvania and beyond and now making their way here. Though some brands have the market share in some of the major cities in Pennsylvania, heading online through mobile apps can offer a much more even playing field with a wider variety of opportunities for operators and players alike.

To make a legal bet in this state is often simply a matter of downloading the right sports betting app. You will have to be 21+ to place bets. Many of the apps also use geofencing technologies to verify that you are within state borders. Head outside Pennsylvania and find that these online sportsbook apps won’t work. They are designed to be used inside state borders only. However, you will be able to get fully signed up via the app – there is no need to head to a retail unit to register.

Pennsylvania sports betting odds and wagers can be found for a vast range of professional and collegiate sports games, plus international sports events. Betting on high school games and esports is currently not allowed. While it is highly unlikely that betting on high school games will ever be permitted, the state government might look to overhaul the ban on esports at some point in the future.

This sector is massive and brings in millions of dollars in revenue each month – revenue that Pennsylvania is currently missing out on. In 2021, House Bill 1580 was submitted to the General Assembly by House Representative Neilson. It was then referred to the Committee for Gaming Oversight in June 2021 and appeared to have since stalled. The Act, if made into law, would amend the current sports betting laws within the Keystone State, allowing the state to take advantage of the revenue that can be driven by this relatively new form of betting. The esports market will only continue to grow in the future. Should Pennsylvania wish to continue growing its sports betting market, it will have to legalize esports.

How To Pick A Pennsylvania Sports Betting Site

All Pennsylvania sports betting, both online and retail is regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. They issue licenses to the brands who site to offer their services here and enforce the laws set up by the state.

Every sports betting brand that wishes to operate in this state must also have a retail location. A bettor might wish to only wager online, meaning that they will never visit the brand’s retail location, but they should still make sure that the brand they choose has a retail location somewhere to be sure that it is operating legally.

In addition to this, many of the major sports betting teams within the state have created official partnerships with the leading sports betting brands. Anyone who is a fan of a specific sports team or major franchise should double-check who they are affiliated with. This brand could easily offer the most competitive odds for that team or franchise. Pennsylvania sports betting fans need to check carefully to see where they can get the best odds.

With many major brands here, offers are not thin on the ground, so a bettor must know precisely what they want from their sportsbook. Starting with the franchises and sports they wish to bet across will be the best place, but remember some of the other qualities of the site that should be considered. Pennsylvania is one of the handful of states in the USA that allows online casino gambling. Therefore, some players may wish to find a complete gambling experience that mixes casino, lottery, and sports betting across one comprehensive platform.

Throw in details like the promotions, and bettors should have a long list of factors that might influence their decision when choosing a Pennsylvania sports betting app. With a comprehensive list of brands to choose from, bettors have the luxury of shopping around to find the sports betting site that perfectly meets their needs – no matter what those might be.

History / Timeline Of Sports Betting in Pennsylvania

Sports betting in Pennsylvania has flourished in the past few years. Unlike many other states across the USA, the Keystone State has been one to view the opportunities that gambling can bring when well-regulated in a favorable light. The government has always been aware that sports betting occurs within the state. Legalizing and regulating it has been a means to curb illegal activities and ensure that citizens have the proper protections.

The introduction of the state lottery in 1972 was one such move. Though it is nothing to do with sports betting per se, its introduction was designed to pull some attention away from the illegal sports betting happening within the state. The revenue generated from this activity could then benefit citizens within the state, namely tax relief for the elderly.

Thanks to the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), sports betting was banned across America, except in four states. Pennsylvania was not one with an exemption, and so this limited any plans they would have to introduce legal sports betting. This did not prohibit legislators from looking into other forms of gambling they could launch – laying the groundwork for sports betting if it were to make a return.

In 2004, legislators passed the Pennsylvania Racehorse Development and Gaming Act. This legalized casinos and racetracks within the state and was amended by a further act in 2017. As part of this 2017 expansion, the framework for Pennsylvania sports betting was laid out. The launch of these operations was, however, still limited by PASPA.

PASPA was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2018 and repealed, allowing states to set up sports gambling operations as they saw fit. This put Pennsylvania in a unique position amongst states. Many states that have since introduced sports betting did not look into potential legislation until it was announced that PASPA had been repealed. Pennsylvania, on the other hand, had technically already legalized it. With the PASPA restrictions gone, sports betting was free to launch legally in the Keystone State. The first retail sportsbook, located at the Hollywood Casino at Penn National, began to accept wagers in November 2018 and was followed by the launch of the mobile sports betting market in May 2019, meaning the Pennsylvania online sports betting scene is growing at a rapid pace year on year.

Pennsylvania Sports Teams

Some of the best sports teams in the USA can be found in Pennsylvania. They have fans not just throughout the state but across America and beyond. Therefore, it is not surprising that the government would want legal sports betting in place within the state. With such fervent fanbases, sports betting was always going to take place. As mentioned above, many of these major sports teams have partnered with sports betting brands.

The NFL is the biggest sports franchise in the USA and is represented by the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles. They have brought 3 pre-Super Bowl Championship wins, and a further 7 Super Bowl wins to the state. Due to scheduling, the Eagles and Steelers only face off once every four years. One can expect a flurry of activity within the Pennsylvania sports betting market when they do. The Steelers are partnered with BetMGM and the Eagles with DraftKings and Unibet. DraftKings also has a partnership with the wider NFL franchise, like Caesars and FanDuel.

The NBA also has a massive presence here, though the only team in the state is the Philadelphia 76ers. They have won 2 NBA Championships and are partnered with BetMGM, Betway, DraftKings, and FOX Bet. Unibet, FOX Bet, Borgata, and BetMGM also carry wider NBA partnerships.

You can’t talk about Pennsylvania sports betting without mentioning the NHL. There are two teams representing the state here – the Philadelphia Flyers and the Pittsburgh Penguins, both Stanley Cup winners. Having brought 7 Stanley Cups to the state, the love for these teams runs deep. The Flyers are partnered with Betway, Play SugarHouse, and the Penguins’ partners are BetRivers. Bettors will also find wider NHL partnerships with BetMGM, Borgata, DraftKings, and FanDuel.

Though these are the big three sports across many American sports, you will also find a great baseball following in Pennsylvania. The two Major League teams at the Philadelphia Phillies and the Pittsburgh Pirates. They have brought in 7 World Series Championships and 16 National League Pennants. Though the individual teams do not have partnerships with major operators, the brands with MLB affiliation are FOX Bet, FanDuel, DraftKings, Borgata, and BetMGM.

In addition to these, there is a following for the Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer and a wide variety of minor league games across many different sports.

College sports are also a big part of Pennsylvania sports betting. Penn State, the University of Pittsburgh, and Temple University have teams in the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision. This is the highest level of collegiate football, and it is not uncommon for players in one of these teams to move onto the NFL. College basketball is also extremely popular. The Big Five of Philadelphia – the University of Pennsylvania, Saint Joseph’s University, Temple University, Villanova University, and La Salle University – compete in a collegiate championship within the city. All five teams are members of the NCAA Division I for basketball and compete in the NCAA tournament.

Golf and motorsports are both very popular in Pennsylvania, though not team sports. There have been several notable pro golfers from the Keystone State, and several PGA tournaments take place across the state each year. Due to this, some of the brands that offer sports betting in Pennsylvania also carry PGA partnerships. Several racetracks and speedways offer a variety of motorsports events, too, with an IndyCar Series and two NASCAR Cup Series amongst the racing championships offered here.

Retail Sports Betting in Pennsylvania

Retail sports betting was the first to flourish in Pennsylvania. As a result, there are many locations around the state where a bettor could head if they wish to see what Pennsylvania sports betting opportunities can offer via retail locations. Many of the top casinos throughout Pennsylvania will offer a sportsbook as part of their onsite operations, and the vast majority of these also carry mobile apps. A bettor could visit a retail sportsbook in person and then download the corresponding app to continue playing at home with no issue.

The first to open was in the Hollywood Casino at Penn National. Their sportsbook is operated by Barstool. Many other casinos located throughout the state have sportsbooks similar to what we see from the Penn National and affiliated brands. With the requisite that online sportsbooks must also have at least one retail location, it is never too difficult to track down a physical sportsbook one could go to.

If located in Pittsburgh, one of the major sportsbooks here is the Rivers Pittsburgh Casino. The 5500-square foot sportsbook can seat over 200 guests and acts as the retail location for the Rivers brand and their sister SugarHouse brand.

Tribal Casinos

Pennsylvania might have a big market for commercial casinos and sportsbooks, but the same cannot be said for tribal casinos. There are no Indian casinos owned by the tribes of Pennsylvania. However, two tribes from other states have invested in casinos in the Keystone State. Both casinos are licensed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and are considered commercial gaming operations.

The Mohegan Tribe of Connecticut owns and operates the Mohegan Sun Pocono casino and racetrack. They offer a retail and mobile sports betting experience through their partnership with Unibet. The retail sportsbook has three betting windows and six betting terminals.

Pennsylvania sports betting can also be found at Wind Creek Bethlehem, owned and operated by the Poarch Creek Indian Tribe of Alabama. Here, bettors can enjoy odds through the retail sportsbook and mobile betting app powered by UK sports betting brand BetFred . The retail location offers several betting windows and eight kiosks.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Pennsylvania is one of the states that has introduced legislation to ensure that daily fantasy sports are explicitly legal under state laws. Though most states allow these types of games to occur, only some have taken steps to ensure that there are legal regulations and protections for those who want to undertake daily fantasy sports.

New regulations were issued by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board in April of 2018 to provide a regulatory structure for fantasy contests. This allows many top operators to legally offer their games to citizens throughout the state. Daily fantasy games cannot be offered for collegiate or high sports events. Players must be 18+ to play online, or 21+ if they wish to play in-person at a licensed and registered facility.

Two of the biggest Pennsylvania sports betting operators, FanDuel and DraftKings, offer fantasy sports alongside their sports wagers. In total, 10 licensed operators are offering daily fantasy sports games to players, and there are thought to be more than 65,000 active daily fantasy sports players across the state.

Offshore Sports Betting

Should players not find what they are searching for amongst the Pennsylvania sports betting operators, there are several options that they can turn to for offshore sportsbook facilities . Many sites offer safe and legal offshore gambling thanks to licenses from companies based in CuraƧao, Antigua, and Costa Rica. These sites are safe to play at and will often accept American players. They can be fantastic options for those not particularly enamored by what Pennsylvania sports betting currently offers.

What must be avoided at all costs are those sites that are not regulated. Many online sportsbooks claim to offer the best odds for American players but are not regulated and licensed by any regulatory body. Such sites are operating illegally and need to be avoided at all costs.

Though offshore sites offer a good alternative for players in Pennsylvania, the quality of the market in this state has to be stressed. Regardless of the type of sport that a player might be interested in, there will be some form of outlet that they can head to and find top-quality odds. The presence of so many partnerships between major franchises and teams and sportsbook operators is a key indicator.

The sports betting market in Pennsylvania was one of the first to get off the ground following the repeal of PASPA, and we have already seen what they are capable of offering in this short time. Players within state borders should take a serious look at what brands can offer them – it might be easier than you imagine to find a brand operating within the state who has the offers and odds you want to see.

Pennsylvania Horse Racing & Off Track Betting

The Pennsylvania Racehorse Development and Gaming Act in 2004 legalized racetracks and casinos in the Keystone State. Horse racing itself had been legal since the Race Horse Industry Reform Act in 1959. There are now six racetracks bettors can head to. These include the Meadows Racetrack and Casino, the first to be opened in 1963, plus Harrah’s Philadelphia, Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course, Parx Casino and Racing, Mohegan Sun Pocono, and Presque Isle Downs. Those wishing to bet on horse racing can head to these locations for in-person betting. Since many of these are full casinos, they also offer other facilities such as retail sportsbooks, allowing bettors to take advantage of other Pennsylvania sports betting opportunities alongside horse racing.

In addition to these retail locations, there are several places where bettors can head for off-track betting. Off-track betting has been legal here since 1988, and each of these locations is affiliated with a specific racetrack.

Head to the Downs at either East Stroudsburg or Lehigh Valley for off-track betting for the Mohegan Sun. The off-track betting locations for Parx can be sound at the South Philadelphia Race & Sportsbook and the Oaks Race & Sportsbooks. The Penn National off-track betting locations can be found in the cities of Lancaster and York, and the Meadows Harmar offers off-track betting for Pittsburgh.

Off-track betting also includes online and phone betting. Heading to one of these locations often means that bettors can check out the races via simulcast broadcasting. Many of these off-track facilities are connected to other Pennsylvania sports betting brands, like the racetracks themselves. This again allows sports bettors in the Keystone State to enjoy a wide variety of sports betting from a single location – whether they are using the terminals within a facility or sports betting app on their phone.

Final Thoughts / Summary

Pennsylvania made sure that they were quick out of the gates and ready to get sports betting launched when PASPA was repealed. Unlike other states who have been hesitant to acknowledge the presence of illegal sports betting within state borders, the legislators of the Keystone State were both publicly acknowledging its existence and searching for a way that they could cut it down. With PASPA in place, their hands were tied. Bringing in legislation beforehand to ensure that they had a foundational structure to build on as soon as possible was a smart move – something that they are very much seeing the benefit of now.

It makes perfect sense that Pennsylvania sports betting is flourishing now. The presence of these major sports teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia 76ers means that there was already an in-built audience of sports fans waiting to capitalize on any other opportunities offered to them. There is always some game happening in this state – whether at the highest of professional levels, a collegiate sport, or an amateur one. Legalizing and well-regulated sports betting gives these fans a safe place to turn rather than pushing them to illegal and underground sports betting opportunities.

Pennsylvania is very much at the start of its sports betting journey. They generate the second-biggest casino revenue after Nevada, so it is only time before we see sports betting climbing up these ranks. There is no shortage of places where someone can turn to if they wish to find the best in betting odds. This is only likely to continue in the future.

The Keystone State is fast setting itself up to be one of the best destinations outside of Nevada for betting of all varieties. From casino betting to the latest in Pennsylvania sports betting, there is no end to what is available here, and new brands are emerging onto the market every day. If you reside in this state, look at what Pennsylvania can offer you in sports betting.