New Jersey Sports Betting

new jersey sports betting

Legal sports betting finally came into New Jersey regulations in 2018, which marked the end of a decades-long battle with the National College Athletic Association (NCAA). Since these changes to federal regulations, sports fans have seen an increase in options for sports betting sites.

New Jersey is now considered the hub for sports betting in the United States, offering hundreds of online sportsbooks and sports betting sites, including newly launched betting apps. This is along with the dozens of physical, land-based New Jersey sportsbooks around the state.

With so many New Jersey sports betting options, it can be difficult for a bettor to find the best place for their money. You want to make sure that gambling is a fun activity and a prosperous one if it is a hobby you want to take up.

This is why we have written this extensive guide to New Jersey sports betting, where we will discuss all of your options within this state. We will highlight some of the best NJ online sports betting sites, along with physical New Jersey sportsbooks.

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Bet365 is one of the biggest names in online casino gambling, and this sportsbook is considered to be the world’s most popular for sports betting. With the law changes, Bet365 Sportbooks is now open for New Jersey sports betting, and players can bet on a range of sporting events, from NFL to NASCAR.

One of the best features of this betting app is the live streaming options, but the promotions are also second to none. New players at Bet365 Sportsbook will receive up to $500 in bet credits with their first deposit.

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Unibet has been operating successfully in Europe for over 20 years, and the company has now launched operations in the United States. Through a partnership with Hard Rock Atlantic City, which allows them to share their license, Unibet has entered the market in New Jersey.

It is encouraging to know that Unibet Sportsbook, a part of the Kindred Group, is a straightforward sportsbook. This is because it does not have the glitz and glamour of some of its competitors. 

This is why we have written this extensive guide to New Jersey sports betting, where we will discuss all of your options within this state. We will highlight some of the best NJ online sports betting sites, along with physical New Jersey sportsbooks.

New Jersey Sportsbooks

There are dozens of physical New Jersey sportsbooks for sports fans to choose from, including land-based casinos, tracks for horse racing, and various online NJ sportsbook sites.

Since the change in federal law for sports betting, many players in New Jersey have started to use land-based New Jersey sportsbooks regulated by the Department of Gaming Enforcement, as well as their online endeavors.

These DGE regulations are in place to ensure that any New Jersey sportsbook, whether an online sportsbook or a land-based casino, provides a transparent system for players with clear rules, fair games, and an overall legally sound service for their customers.

To ensure that you are playing within the rules for New Jersey sports betting, it is a good idea to visit only those sportsbooks regulated by federal systems.

Under these regulations, the online sportsbook or physical sportsbook that you use will operate using legally processed deposits and secure banking options. When an NJ sportsbook, whether this is an online sportsbook, betting app, or a land-based New Jersey sportsbook, is regulated by the Department of Gaming Enforcement, customers are protected, and their privacy is secure.

There are currently ten land-based New Jersey sportsbooks operating in the state and 17 online sportsbooks regulated by the Department of Gaming Enforcement and can be trusted.

These include:

  • DraftKings Sportsbook
  • FanDuel
  • FOXBet
  • William Hill
  • PointsBet
  • BetMGM
  • bet365
  • SugarHouse
  • Unibet
  • 888 Sportsbook
  • Caesars Sportsbook
  • Golden Nugget
  • Resorts Sportsbook
  • Borgata Sportsbook
  • Hard Rock
  • BetAmerica
  • theScore Bet

These online betting apps are live and legal in New Jersey, giving sports fans plenty of options regarding online sportsbooks. Playing online has a lot of benefits for players, and it is the way that a majority of sports bets are placed.

You must be only using the websites and apps that have been regulated by New Jersey to keep yourself safe.

To help you find the best online sports betting app to spend your time and money on, we will highlight some of the best odds and deals currently available at these New Jersey sportsbooks.

The Best Odds

Draftkings Sportsbook is the leading online sports betting site in the United States, and they are legal for NJ online sports betting. The betting app is available to download on both IOS and Andriod software and desktop computers, making it highly accessible.

If you have never used the Draftkings betting app before, you can claim an incredible sign-up bonus of $1000 to use on sports wagering.

Draftkings Sportsbook has a good history with the Department of Gaming Enforcement, which means their betting app is secure and offers a good user experience as it has been tested by hundreds of players before being legal in New Jersey.

As the nation’s leading sportsbook, Draftkings offers some of the best odds, lines, and bonuses, including daily special offers available to members.

Various online sources provide live odds and comparisons to see how another NJ online sportsbook app fairs against Draftkings. It is a good idea for players to get familiar with odds and how they work for online sportsbooks, so you can keep up to date with the game.

How To Find A Good New Jersey Sportsbook?

While DraftKings is the nation’s leading brand for sportsbooks and online sports betting, there are plenty of other options for New Jersey sports betting and gambling.

The first thing to consider when it comes to any online sportsbook is whether it is legal in New Jersey and is regulated by the Department of Gaming Enforcement.

This is the number one, most important thing to remember when it comes to New Jersey sportsbooks and gambling, but there are other ways to determine whether a betting app will be worth your time besides offering legal sports betting.

There are two main areas where a New Jersey sportsbook can stand out from the rest:

The Bonus Section

An excellent way to find the best New Jersey sportsbooks is by looking at their bonus section. As we have mentioned with Draftkings, online sportsbooks can offer generous sign-up bonuses and ongoing deals to reward their customers and keep them invested in the brand.

Bonuses at an online betting app or sports gambling site can help you see a good return on your money, which is why you should always check this part of the site before signing up.

Betting Customizations

Before the legal changes surrounding New Jersey sports betting, all sports bets were static and were set by the sportsbook in operation, which declared the odds before a game.

In this system, all players could do was pick their odds and see how the results came in.

Now, betting can be more flexible with online sportsbooks and betting apps, and most sites should offer customizations for NJ sports bettors.  

Considering how flexible a betting app or online sportsbook is for players is an excellent way to find the best. Players should look for features such as live betting, bet builders, and cash-out options to determine the flexibility of a sportsbook.

You can look into other things to see whether a sports betting site or app is suitable for you. Considering the interface and how easy the website is to use is an excellent way to determine whether it is the right place for your time and money, considering the number of sports they cover.

Betting apps and online sportsbooks will try to entice their players with features like live streaming, international sports, and regular promotions.

Legality is not the only thing you should concern yourself about when it comes to NJ online sports betting. As the competition increases for New Jersey sportsbooks, both online and physical, the deals they offer players will get better.

NJ Online Sports Betting

New Jersey sports betting can be played with almost any sporting event you can imagine. From major leagues to minor matches, there are many options for sports gambling at the NJ online sportsbook you choose.

Each sportsbook and location you bet in will highlight the rules regarding what sports can be betted on. However, most operate with the same list of events.

Players can bet on any professional or collegiate league game in this state.

However, placing a sports bet for any of the college teams that play in New Jersey is impossible. Sports bets can’t be placed on any college game being played in New Jersey.

Despite this restriction, there are still many options for NJ sports betting, and players have a wide variety of matches, games, and tournaments to choose from based on their interests, including esports and fantasy sports leagues.

Some players will choose their bets based on their heart, as in betting on their favorite team or their hometown, whereas others choose expert options and rely on sports bets pickings from experts that can be found at a variety of New Jersey sports betting sites.

New Jersey Sports Betting Lines

When it comes to NJ online sports betting, a good way to find which website to spend your time and money is by considering the site’s lines.

In sports betting, lines are a form of stakes controlled by the sportsbook or bookmaker.

This is when the NJ sportsbook will try to handicap a team or player through the stakes they offer to make the contest more even by creating only two outcomes.

This is known as a betting line because the sportsbook creates a margin or line between the outcomes, so players have only two options to stake on.

Using betting lines is a good way of ensuring some kind of turnaround on your stake, as the odds are lower than bets without. If you want to try your hand at a sports bet line, a variety of online sports betting sites in NJ offer this handicapping service.

The lines for New Jersey sportsbooks differ based on the sports being played and the tournament.

For example, during a large-scale national sporting event such as the NFL, most betting apps or online sports betting sites in New Jersey will offer lines based on the match being played at the time.

It is a good idea for players to keep track of betting lines and see how their online sportsbooks play out during major tournaments.

How Much Money Does NJ Sports Betting Make?

Online sports betting is now a significant industry in New Jersey, despite the initial qualms about the legalization of this activity. Since the law changed a few years ago, the face of sports betting in the state has changed completely, and now many major sports teams are getting behind the activity too.

Many sports leagues inside New Jersey and across the United States have developed relationships with sportsbooks and online betting sites because of the popularity of NJ sports betting. Major sporting leagues have seen the opportunities that can come with creating a partnership with major sportsbook brands such as William Hill and 888Casinos.

The New York Jets are leaders in this new initiative and have become the first NFL team to sign a partnership with an online sportsbook, 888Casino. The Jets also now partner with another major player in NJ online sports betting, MGM Resorts.

The New York Jets are not the only team to have partnered with major online sports betting brands, but it is a good indicator of how profitable this business is for states like New Jersey.

While there are a variety of physical and online sportsbooks in New Jersey, it is clear that online sports betting is the main profit-maker.

This is due to the accessibility, and the ease of making a sports bet online rather than traveling to one of the dozen locations in the state that is regulated by the Department of Gaming Enforcement. Instead, it is easier for sports fans to turn on their phones or computers at home and place a bet.

With the increase of betting apps in New Jersey, it has never been easier to place sports bets, and this is certainly a very profitable market for the state. According to reports, 2020 saw a drastic intake of online sports betting from players across New Jersey, with almost $1 billion in sports bets being placed online.

Due to the restrictions placed on physical sportsbooks over the past year or so, it is clear that online sports betting will only increase in popularity and profits for NJ sportsbooks.

Since the change in laws for online sports betting, the Garden State will continue to be the nation’s leader in this field. Once brands see the clear success and popularity of having online sports betting app or site, many more will likely want to join the industry.

As sports betting continues to grow in New Jersey, additional changes to the law will likely come into place to make this activity more widespread.

Gambling in all forms is a popular activity for many players in the Garden State, but it seems that sports betting has more to offer.

While a traditional casino game like poker may slowly move to the backburner, sports fans are going to continue to support their favorite teams, and for many, sports betting is a way to bring more excitement to the game.

Sports betting can be done anywhere, thanks to the range of betting apps and online sportsbooks available in New Jersey. Unlike traditional gambling, not much skill or experience is often required to place a sports bet as long as you are interested in the game and can understand the lines in front of you.

This is certain to see the continued growth of online sports betting in New Jersey and beyond.

New Jersey Sports Betting Odds

Before placing sports bets, it is a good idea to understand the sports betting odds in New Jersey and how to read them. This will make it easier for you to figure out what sports bets to place and what kind of return you might see from New Jersey sports betting sites.

All online sports betting sites must show their odds to give players a good understanding of the return they can expect from their stakes and whether a bet is worth making in the first place. In New Jersey, most sport betting sites will use what is known in the betting industry as ‘American Odds’ for their stakes.

American Odds are used for most online sportsbooks across Northern America, and they are a good thing to understand if you want to get into NJ sports betting. It can be quite difficult to understand online sports betting odds at first, but you will need to keep track of odds when sports betting to make sure you are doing the right thing for your money and time.

For American Odds, sports betting odds for NJ sites, there are two main components to understand – first is the positive (+) or negative (-) sign and the second is the number that comes after this sign. Almost all betting apps or NJ sports betting sites will use this to showcase their odds.

The sign in front of the number, which will either be positive or negative, indicates how much money your wager will give out if the bet comes to fruition.

The sign will indicate whether the outcome will pay out more or less money than you have put into the sports bet.

With this in mind, if NJ sports betting odd is negative (-), the odd is more likely to happen during a game. As it is more likely to happen, the payout is likely to be less than you put in, whereas a positive (+) odd is less likely to happen and will pay out more.

Essentially, odds are how likely your bet will come to fruition during the sporting event and how this will affect the outcome, which is the amount of money you will get back on your stake.

The number used in an odd, after the positive or negative sign, shows how much money you can win based on your stake. In most cases, the odds are out of 100, which would indicate how much money you can win based on a $100 sports bet.

For example, a bet with a -140 odds would require you to stake $140 to see $100 in profit.

Moving the decimal point back can be done on a smaller scale, making the odd out of 10 instead of 100.

While this seems confusing, a great thing about playing online sports betting is that most sportsbooks and sites will do this hard work for you. They will outline the odds of their stakes and let you see how much you can win based on your initial bet.

Some websites offer live odds for the various NJ online sportsbooks and can find this information from the casino site itself.

As you can see, this is a very important thing to consider when it comes to NJ online sports betting, and before placing any sports bet, a player must first consult the odds.

New Jersey Sports Betting Sites

Now that you understand how online sports betting works and what needs to go into placing a sports bet, it is time to look into the various options you have as a player in New Jersey.

As we have mentioned, New Jersey has been the nation’s leader in sports betting since the changes in the law in 2018. There are many options for physical and online sportsbooks for players in this state, and you can play safely as long as they are regulated by the Department of Gaming Enforcement.

To help you get started with New Jersey sports betting, the following sites are considered the best due to their variety of available sports bets, their odds, and the overall player interface. They provide a great betting experience for all the major US sporting leagues, including NFL, ice hockey, and even NASCAR.

As these are the best New Jersey sports betting sites, you will also find plenty of other options for sports betting to ensure there is something for everyone.

BetMGM Sportsbook

This is a high-quality online sportsbook that offers a variety of odds for the major US leagues. As we have already discussed in this guide, a hallmark of a quality sportsbook is the bonus offers they provide players.

At BetMGM Sportsbook, an excellent bonus is available to players who have already registered and an excellent sign-up offer. New players will be awarded a 100% match deposit of up to $500. This sports betting site also has regular, ongoing deals for players who have already registered.

Unibet Sport

Unibet Sport has been a major operator of sports betting in Europe for over two decades, and it is now available for NJ sports betting players to enjoy too. This website is best known for its bet boosts, and the New Jersey version of the site also offers a live betting boost every week.

These live betting boosts are upgraded weekly along with their other bonus deals. There are also up to 50% boosts available for Parlay players.

The sign-up bonus to this website offers two $10 free bets and a $250 risk-free bet for all new players who make their first deposit. The risk-free bet means that if you place a stake for $250 or under, you can get a refund if it does not come in.

Fox Bet Sportsbook

We are all familiar with the Fox brand, and now they have branched out to offer sports betting to players in New Jersey. A reputable brand is a good option for sports fans, as it can ensure quality and security, which is precisely what this site offers.

Fox Bet Sportsbook has been specially developed for the American sports fan, which means that most of the odds you see and the bets you can place are for US-based sports. However, a good range of European sports are covered at a good length, particularly European soccer.

The first deposit offers provided by this betting site are usually based on big sporting events. Currently, a $500 risk-free bet is available to all new players on their first deposit.

Bet365 Sportsbook

Bet365 is one of the biggest names in online casino gambling, and this sportsbook is considered to be the world’s most famous for sports betting. With the law changes, Bet365 Sportbooks is now open for New Jersey sports betting, and players can bet on various sporting events, from NFL to NASCAR.

One of the best features of this betting app is the live streaming options, but the promotions are also second to none. New players at Bet365 Sportsbook will receive up to $500 in bet credits with their first deposit.

William Hill Sportsbook

This is another widely recognized sports betting brand now available to New Jersey players.

Those in the Garden State looking for a wide range of sports betting should look no further than William Hill Sportsbook, which often have over 100 different bets available for upcoming matches.

They provide sports betting for all the major US leagues, as well as access to European sport like soccer and tennis.

New players at William Hill Sportsbook can receive a $500 risk-free bet with their first deposit as a sign-up bonus, and there are often regular promotions for registered players.

FanDuel Sportsbook

This is one of the most popular sports betting sites in New Jersey because of the simple interface and variety of markets available to play.

A great feature of FanDuel Sportsbook is the number of ‘Insurance’ promotions it offers. In this industry, ‘Insurance’ promotions are essentially deals that can offer players their money back if they lose their bet in certain circumstances.

A great first deposit offer is available to new players at FanDuel, as the site offers a risk-free bet of up to $500 upon registration.

Borgaga Sportsbook

This comes from the famous Borgaga casino, which offers physical sports betting to players in New Jersey. Their website is an excellent choice for those who want to place sports bets online as it has a very simple, easy-to-understand interface.

With this simple design, it is easy for new players to understand the rules of sports betting and wager their stakes sensibly. Like other sites in New Jersey, this sportsbook has a wide range of markets to choose from and ongoing promotions for players.

As a new player to this website, you can receive $100 for your initial bet of $20, giving you an extra $80 to play with from one stake.

SugarHouse Sportsbook

This is one of the highest quality websites that can be accessed in New Jersey because of the live streaming services it provides.

Live streams of various international sporting events are available daily, as well as great promotions for players who want to get more for their stakes.

The first deposit bonus at this site offers new players a 100% deposit match for their first stake of up to $250.

PointsBet Sportsbook

This is an easy website to navigate and offers a range of promotions to players. There is also a simple parlay feature that can be used, as well as options to place bets that are not listed by the brand through their ‘Name a Bet’ feature.

This responsive website can be accessed on desktop and mobile devices, making sports betting even easier for players. New players can receive a deposit bonus worth up to $250 based on their first wager.

Draftkings Sportsbook

This is one of the best-known brands in New Jersey. Their sports betting site has a wide variety of services to please all players, even if you are not into fantasy sports, which this NJ sports betting site specializes in, with daily fantasy sports wagers available.

Draftkings provides a good range of information and support to players to help them make sensible sports wagering decisions, making this excellent sports betting site for beginners and experienced gamblers.

There are options for players to run their betting pools through Draftkings, allowing you to get competitive with colleagues, friends, or family during a sporting event or fantasy sports league.

The sign-up bonus is worth up to $1000 and can be offered as a risk-free bet based on the bettor’s first stake with the website.

WynnBet Sportsbook

This sports betting app provides instant access to wagers and stakes from a mobile device. There are boosted parlays offered across various sports every single day, as well as some great ongoing promotions for players.

The first deposit bonus at this online casino gives new players a risk-free bet of up to $500, based on the size of their initial stake.

Resorts Casino Sportsbook

This website has deep connections to New Jersey, as it comes from the casino based in Atlantic City. If you cannot make it to the Boardwalk, Atlantic City casino, then you can find all of their sports betting online through this site.

There are options for live betting across several markets and an attractive sign-up offer of your first bet being matched up to the value of $250.

Hard Rock Sportsbook

This is another online sportsbook that has a physical landmark in New Jersey. While the website is not as complex or interesting as the others on this list, it is excellent for beginners who want to get to grips with sports betting.

There are markets and odds available at this online casino for major sporting leagues such as the NFL, NBA, and NHL.

Horse Racing Online Sportsbooks

As well as these sportsbooks that are legal in New Jersey, three horse racing betting sites specialize in this sport.

Am Wager

This is a high-quality sports betting site for horse racing, but you do not have to be an expert to get on with it.

A great sign-up offer of up to $500 cashback is offered upon your first bet.


This website offers a $200 sign-up bonus for new players and is renowned for its ongoing customer offers. It is an excellent website for horse racing bets, with a simple user face that can be easily accessed by all players.


One of the best features of this horse racing site is the free-to-play games that can offer cash prizes. It allows you to watch and bet on horse racing events from the US and worldwide.

The sign-up bonus provides a 50% deposit match the value of $250.

Why Bet Online In New Jersey?

With options for online sportsbooks and some physical locations, there is an argument about which option is better for gamblers.

Some obvious benefits come from placing online sports bets and using an online casino, such as:


Perhaps the biggest benefit of online sports betting in New Jersey is how easy and convenient it is. With a variety of sports betting sites and betting apps available, players do not have to leave their house to make a bet on the current match or tournament taking place.

It is possible to wager a bet 24 hours a day when playing online, and the betting apps available in the state allow instant access.

Great Bonuses

As we have mentioned, a way to find a good sports betting site or betting app is to look into the bonuses they have on offer.

As the competition online is vaster than that which physical sportsbooks have to deal with, the lengths that websites are willing to go to attract customers are greater.

This is why most sports betting websites or apps offer generous sign-up bonuses, as they want to entice players to choose their brand over anyone else. While you will not make your money solely through the bonuses offered by casino websites, it is a good way to see some kind of return on your stakes.

Wider Choice Of Markets

Online sports betting gives players various options when it comes to the betting markets. While you may be playing in New Jersey, betting apps and sites can give you wagers for sports being played around the world.

The best betting apps and websites will offer US-based sports betting and allow players to stake their bets for other competitions and matches being played across the world, along with esports betting and fantasy sports wagering.

Most online sports betting brands operating in New Jersey offer access to European events such as soccer, tennis, or golf, as well as local college or major league events.

Many of the brands also offer esports betting, a newer field of sports betting that can include daily fantasy sports updates or other online gaming wagers.

Other Sports Betting Locations In New Jersey

Since the change in the law in 2018, sports betting is now widely available in New Jersey for those who want to join in on the fun legally.

As well as a wide range of sports betting sites that can now be accessed from within the state, racecourses and casinos have also jumped on the bandwagon and started offering sports betting to their customers.

The number of retail sportsbook locations can differ based on the season and what sporting event is taking place, but when major leagues like the NFL start, there is no shortage of sportsbooks or legal sports betting locations in New Jersey.

Several land-based casinos and racetracks in New Jersey offer sports betting through registered sportsbooks. These are:

  • Bally’s Casino, Atlantic City: Wild Wild West Sportsbook
  • Borgata Casino, Atlantic City: Moneyline Bar and Book
  • Golden Nugget Casino, Atlantic City: The Sportsbook
  • Hard Rock Casino, Atlantic City: Hard Rock Sportsbook
  • Harrah’s Casino, Atlantic City: The Book
  • Meadowlands Sports Complex, Bergen County: FanDuel Sportsbook
  • Monmouth Park Racetrack, Oceanport: William Hill
  • Ocean Casino Resort, Atlantic City: William Hill
  • Resorts Casino, Atlantic City: Draftkings Sportsbook
  • Tropicana Casino, Atlantic City: William Hill

As most sports betting wagers are placed online, it is essential for physical sports betting venues in New Jersey to pair with an online sportsbook, as we can see from this list.

This connection is known in the industry as ‘Skins,’ and physical sports betting venues need to have a skin with an online betting site.

This means that as well as offering in-person sports betting based on their wagers, the physical sportsbooks can also offer their customers online competitive bets and will be part of the action through the website they are connected with.

It is also a good indicator that a sports betting venue is legal and reliable if it is connected with one of the legal online sportsbooks in New Jersey.

Other physical sports betting locations may open up in the state as the popularity of this service increases. All casino operators in the state of New Jersey can apply for a sports betting license, which will make this activity legal in the venue.

The same rules apply for the state’s two defunct racecourses and the three active ones, so players can expect a broader range of sportsbooks to be opened in New Jersey.

You may also want to read about

Betting Online From Outside Of New Jersey

Due to the different laws on sports betting across the states, all betting apps and online sports betting casinos must have proof of location before a player can register.

Large casinos like Draftkings, which are legal in New Jersey, require location services to be turned on before a player can be registered and place bets through them.

There are many benefits to online sports betting, so it is no surprise that players from other states want to get involved, but this is currently not legal in New Jersey.

One of the biggest contenders for out-of-state betting comes from New York state. Many people from New York will come to New Jersey for sports betting, but there are some rules they must follow.

While a bettor does not necessarily need to wait until they enter New Jersey, from New York, before registering or depositing to an online gambling site, they cannot make their first bet to an NJ sports betting site until they are in New Jersey. This is because of the location settings on all sportsbooks in this state.

Many players find it easier to wait until they are in New Jersey before attempting to register with or make a despite to a sportsbook because of these location settings.

There is a standard sign-up service for all online betting sites and online sportsbooks that players must undergo before they can use the services. This typically requires personal information such as name, date of birth, and location.

Players must be over the age of 21 years if they want to place sports bets in New Jersey, and location services must be enabled. This is the same case for websites that offer online poker and other casino games.

Final Notes

New Jersey sports betting is a massive industry since the act was made legal in the state in 2018. There are many options for players in New Jersey, whether they are looking online or for land-based sportsbooks.

From betting apps to online casinos, players in New Jersey can easily place bets on their favorite sporting events at the touch of a button.

Online gambling is a massive industry nationwide, and sports betting continues to be a front-runner in the business.

Placing bets on major or minor sporting events, such as college matches or nationwide tournaments, can make things more exciting for sports fans. When you have a monetary stake in the game, the excitement increases, and you become more invested in what is happening on the field.

Sports betting and online gambling is a fun pastime, but they can become sour quickly if you spend too much time on them.

There is help available for players in New Jersey who may be struggling to manage their gambling habits, and this is something we urge you to seek out if you are spending too much time or money on a website or physical casino, sportsbook, or sports betting venue.