Offshore Sportsbooks

offshore sportsbooks

Betting on sports events at offshore sportsbooks is a fantastic option for bettors based in the United States. There are a plethora of legitimate offshore sportsbooks that you can sign up with right now that can provide you with a fluid and exciting sports betting environment.

Online sports betting is now legal in many states; however, people outside of authorized jurisdictions may play online at offshore betting sites. All sports bettors are not likely to be aware of offshore sports betting, which is legal in certain countries but illegal in others. Sporting events such as the NFL, NBA, NHL, golf, soccer, and other events are available to bet on at competitive odds at the biggest offshore sportsbooks.

These online sportsbooks accept American players, but which ones can you trust, and which should you stay away from? May also offer real money offshore casino games as part of their services.

We’ve researched and rated the greatest offshore betting sites, and we’ve come up with a top ten list of legitimate sportsbooks that accept players from all 50 states in the United States of America. Our favorite offshore sportsbooks are listed here, as well as the factors we use to determine whether or not you should participate in their offerings.

What Is Offshore Betting?

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, offshore betting or offshore gambling refers to the practice of making wagers on sportsbooks that are not headquartered in the United States. Most of the time, these offshore sportsbooks will be located on one of three continents: Europe, Asia, or Latin America. Because there was a greater demand for sports betting than available operators in the 1990s, the industry indeed took off during that decade.

A bettor can pick from a wide range of offshore betting sites, but we have reduced it down to the safest and most secure online sports betting site for them to use. Offshore betting sites have been the subject of controversy in the past, but the best of them do not violate any laws and are thus available for use by bettors without restriction. Although it is a murky area in the United States due to the complex gambling laws, you can be confident that you will not face any ramifications if you utilize these sites.

Consider the following scenario: An offshore betting site in Latin America is acting as an online betting shop, with customers able to visit from their homes or offices rather than driving to the location and visiting in person.

All offshore gambling sites or online casino sites that we recommend are legal to use and are regarded as respectable organizations. So choose your offshore betting provider today to get started with your sports betting adventure.

How To Pick An Offshore Betting Site

Because there are so many offshore sportsbooks to select from, it may be difficult for novices to pick which platform is the best fit for them when they are just starting. So we’ve taken away all of the stress that comes with continually reading reviews and compiled a comprehensive list of online gambling candidates in one convenient location for you.

To establish the overall strength of a sports betting site that we are evaluating, we adhere to a stringent set of criteria that we follow each time we analyze a sportsbook in the offshore market. If it checks off all of the requirements we are searching for, it will be accepted and added to our growing collection. As a result, only the absolute most pleasing possibilities will make it through, with those that aren’t worth your time and effort being tossed to the sidelines.

We look for the following characteristics while evaluating offshore sportsbooks and can help you decide the best offshore betting site for placing your next bet.

Reputation and Security

We scan the web for additional actual customer reviews of offshore bookies to see what people have to say about the service that has been delivered. Aside from that, we wish to assure security via gaming licenses, which are often obtained through the Curacao Gaming Authority in the case of offshore sportsbooks.

Customers may be confident that they are gambling with a reputable and secure operator if any of these features are enabled for them.

Variety Of Betting Markets

Offshore sportsbooks that are exceptional will provide their customers with the ability to make bets on a diverse selection of sports, betting lines, and markets. No two bettors will be identical, and each gambler will have a unique set of features and betting options that they will wish to consider when gambling online. It is critical that your selected offshore operator can give a sufficient number of possibilities for you to choose from.

Among the many sports and markets available to its customers, our top offshore sportsbooks include major American markets like the NFL, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, NCAA, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Boxing, Horse Racing, and more.

Payment Options

To provide bettors with a seamless experience, depositing and withdrawing funds should be fast and straightforward with a bookie. With so many payment alternatives available to pick from on the internet nowadays, there is no longer any justification for sportsbooks not giving a suitable variety for their consumers.

There are many alternatives for gamblers, including debit and credit cards, electronic wallets, and cryptocurrencies. The finest offshore sportsbooks will provide the best from each of these categories.

Bitcoin betting sites are becoming more popular among online sportsbooks, notably in the United States. As a result, it should be fast and straightforward for players to deposit and withdraw cash from their offshore betting accounts, allowing them to spend less time sitting and waiting for their monies to arrive and depart from their accounts.

Welcome Offer & Promotions

All sports bettors want to get the most value possible from the online sportsbook when they are placing a sports bet. As a result, value is often found in the numerous bonuses and promotions available on the site. Starting with a welcome bonus, which is granted to new customers upon completion of the account creation process with the operator, this will be the standard procedure. Once you have completed that, you will be eligible to participate in any ongoing deals your operator may be running.

The deposit bonus is the most often seen kind of sportsbook bonus. Obtaining deposit bonuses will need the player making the first deposit into their account, after which their initial deposit will be matched in percentage up to a set maximum.

To obtain the highest bonus available, players would need to deposit $100 to qualify for a 50 percent deposit bonus of up to $50. During your sports betting adventure, you will almost certainly come across a slew of deposit bonus offers and reload bonus offers.

Free Bets

It is possible to accumulate a large amount of money with free bets, deposit matching, and other incentive offers for new players. We consider these incentives when compiling our offshore sportsbook reviews and suggest companies that provide new customers with the most significant welcome bonuses.

We also pay great attention to the bonus terms and conditions because they influence how you may spend the bonus dollars you get.


The odds offered by a sportsbook for your wager decide how much money you will get if you win your wager. Offshore betting odds are typically quite competitive between sites, especially for major sporting events like the Super Bowl. In the case of less-watched sports and unique parlays and teasers, though, they can vary to a startling degree.

We’ve reviewed each of our suggested offshore betting sites to ensure that their odds are competitive, but it’s always a good idea to shop around if you’re interested in betting on a certain sport.

Customer Service

Whenever something isn’t operating correctly, it’s critical to identify and remedy the issue as fast as possible. Therefore, we seek offshore sports betting sites with experienced customer care professionals available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

We seek phone and live chat support channels in particular since they allow you to obtain an answer to your query very quickly after submitting it.

Are Offshore Sportsbooks Legal?

Offshore sportsbooks are considered a grey area in the betting industry, although they are not considered such by their customers. Therefore, it is legally permissible for citizens of the United States to utilize offshore sportsbooks to place their sports wagers from, so long as a regulator has not specifically prohibited an operator from operating only in your region of residency.

Consider the following example: you may visit and register with an offshore sportsbook situated on the Isle of Man, and then log in to access your account, their numerous sports and bonuses just like any other ordinary sportsbook.

To guarantee that offshore sportsbooks comply with the rules and regulations of the jurisdictions in which they operate, it is the responsibility of the offshore sportsbooks themselves. Accordingly, we have selected only the most reputable offshore sportsbooks accessible to American bettors. In addition, all of our featured offshore sportsbooks are legal from the person making the wager.

As a result, US players should not be hesitant to use any of our highlighted offshore sportsbooks since the benefits they give may trump many of the advantages that usual sports betting operators inside the nation can provide in terms of a comprehensive betting experience.

This is particularly relevant if you reside in a state where sports betting is still strictly prohibited outside of offshore sportsbooks or wholly banned outside of offshore sportsbooks.

Offshore Lines vs. Regular Lines

Sportsbooks are putting out significant effort to give bettors credible lines and odds that can be utilized to place wagers on a variety of sporting events. Whether it’s the NBA Draft or the Super Bowl, you can always count on these betting sites to have the best odds available for you to enjoy.

There has been a fierce battle between mainland bookmakers and their offshore competitors to provide the best odds in recent years. You’re undoubtedly wondering if the offshore lines are superior, but determining this is a question of analyzing each individual event and evaluating it on its own merits. In addition, the sorts of wagers that you may put are fairly diverse.

You have options such as:

  • Spreads
  • Totals
  • Money Line
  • Team Points
  • Futures
  • Game & Player Props

While shopping around for the best odds in both regulated and unregulated markets is common practice, most bettors find that the variety of options available when betting on offshore sites gives them an advantage.

Whenever the situation calls for it, we must recommend offshore betting services for covering events that mainland bookies could have ignored, such as the NBA Draft.

Mobile Offshore Betting

Mobile offshore betting has become the de facto norm as a result of the rapid growth of smartphones and high-speed mobile internet. Nowadays, the most reputable offshore sportsbooks have downloadable apps and mobile optimized websites that are tailored for use on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

In addition, these mobile applications aren’t merely poor alternatives for the desktop version; rather, they provide a nearly identical betting experience to that of the browser-based software you’re used to using.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do offshore sportsbooks take US players?

It is no secret that Americans like gambling on sports and eSports, which has resulted in the offshore betting sector being highly prominent in the United States.

How to file income tax returns for offshore sports betting?

Taxpayers are obligated by law to declare any gambling gains on their tax returns, according to the IRS. All revenue, including gambling gains from foreign sports betting sites, is subject to taxation. During the year, you must claim any cash or prize winnings, as well as any winnings from lotteries or raffles, as well as any casino winnings that you have won.

What is offshore sports betting by definition?

It merely indicates that the offshore casino is headquartered in another nation and that they are in possession of a valid license. Casinos operating under offshore licenses must adhere to applicable gaming regulations and be adequately controlled in order to avoid inconsistencies.

What are the benefits of offshore betting sites?

Offshore betting sites are distinguished by the manner in which they provide their services. In comparison to the traditional bookmakers who are now being replaced by them, bettors have the opportunity to earn more money. These websites, which are available in the United States, are quite beneficial to many bettors.

Offshore Sportsbooks Summary

To summarise, offshore sportsbooks are a fantastic option for sports bettors in the United States who wish to have more flexibility in making their sports bets online. The US is indeed beginning to loosen its restrictions on gambling, but it still does not provide the same amount of freedom to make bets on sports as other nations do, despite recent progress with legal sports betting in states like New Jersey.

Our highlighted offshore sportsbooks are industry leaders in their respective fields and provide their customers with a first-class experience when placing bets. Offshore sportsbooks play a vital part in delivering sports bettors in the United States with a more fluid experience that enables them to wager in the manner of their choosing. You should consider using an offshore sportsbook if you wish to break away from traditional sports betting methods in the United States.