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Although California State has always been lenient when it came to governing laws for the people compared to other states, you probably wonder if the same leniency applies to sports betting. There is never a straightforward answer to sports betting in various US states, but we will do our best to give a clear and concise answer.

California is one of many states that has attempted to legalize online gambling in the state, and so far, it hasn’t been approved. However, as you may know, California already legalized daily fantasy sports, which aren’t classified as betting either.

Despite some progress on this issue, there’s still no word from when expanded gaming, including online gaming, will be legal here. The thing about Californians, though? They’re not afraid to play with offshore casinos if they can get away with it! I don’t think any other state could say something like that without sounding a little strange.

To summarize, sports betting online and on mobile apps is illegal in the Golden State, Daily Fantasy Sports is legal, and you can place bets in person at a horse racing track. All other forms of sports betting are prohibited, but there is a process underway to allow sports betting at tribal casinos and card rooms.

California Sports Betting Outlook

“California is the Holy Grail for legal online betting in America.”

The Department of Justice has given its blessing to sportsbook operators. With an economy that would rank number 5 in the world if it was its own country, legal sports betting in California may very well be just what the sports betting companies need.

The Golden State could boast one of the most lucrative markets in this industry. Legal California sports betting presents an opportunity unlike any other in the United States for sportsbook operators. As one of the most populous states, and home to a $3 trillion economy, California may very well be the Holy Grail for legal online betting in all of North America!

So whilst it’s clear why the tribal casinos want online sports betting legalized and why Calfornia online sports betting companies want it to be legal, what’s in it for the state?

With legal sports betting, California offers a chance to have more control over how bets are placed. As the most populous state in America and home to one of the world’s top economies, that combination would become an unstoppable force for online gambling! There is, of course, the projected $2.5 billion per year in tax revenue for the state, but only if online sports betting is part of the state legislature. Many believe it to be a case of when and not for California online sports betting to become a reality.

If the bill passes for its approval, California can bet on sports like hockey, football, baseball, and basketball. According to recent reports, due to the coronavirus’s pandemic, there has been a delay in passing the sports betting bill. The statement from higher officials in the State clarifies that betting brings a true essence to the field, and thus legalizing the games at their best is a fundamental notion. So, there is some fog to the decision, and the future is uncertain.

What Progress Has Been Made?

The Joint Assembly and Senate Governmental Organization Committees held a meeting on January 8th, 2020, to gather input from industry experts about what California’s own sports gambling scene might look like. With so many professional teams based in California and being home to one-quarter of all Americans, there are many different options available for both online and offline betting.

California Tribes were granted an extension to gather signatures for the sports betting ballot initiative. The proposed law would legalize betting within tribal casinos and horse racetracks in California by amending provisions under existing gambling laws on tribal lands.

The 2020 ballot deadline was Sunday, June 25th, so the extension of time to gather signatures applies only when we get closer to 2022’s election date, which has not been determined yet. We are, therefore, unlikely to see anything change until 2022.

Card Rooms & Poker

Ever since the first online poker site was launched in 1994, there have been many legalizing efforts. California has the demand for online poker, but as with sports betting, legalization efforts face many obstacles as with sports betting. The latest bill would allow card rooms and licensed tribal casinos to offer online poker, but they need a license. It also provides for registered gambling operators that regulators approve with experience or expertise under the California Gambling Control Act of 1976 (Act).

The initiative is intended to understand where people can play safely from recreational enthusiasts who look forward to spending time after work playing poker, all the way up through experts betting large sums of live games played cross-state.

For years, California lawmakers have been fighting to legalize online poker in the state. Every year, they introduce bills that would make it legal for players from all over the world to enjoy this popular game, and every time those efforts are derailed before becoming law.

How To Bet Now

Californians have the advantage of being able to get to Las Vegas easily. It’s only a short drive away, and it offers more options for gambling than those who live in other states.

While the state government battles out what current legislation does or doesn’t imply, plenty of offshore sportsbooks are waiting to take your business.

CA Daily Fantasy Sports

A decade ago, DFS was a niche market that only comprised 10% of the entire US. But now it has made its way to CA, the state with the most players in this form of gambling. California is the now biggest market in daily fantasy sports. After all, more than 120k active California-based fantasy sports enthusiasts make up for about one-tenth (10%) of America’s total player population!

To conclude, the sports gambling industry is diversifying gradually, day by day, where investors, sports fans, and wagers will increase the employment opportunities for people even more and thus developing the economic condition of the people!

California Horse Racing Betting

Horse Racing is the only form of legalized sports betting in California under the California Horse Racing Board with Prop 3, passage 13 in 1933.

Although the State faces severe objections from animal rights activists, horse racing still manages to generate a large part of revenue for the State’s economic development with racetracks that hold racing meet to a nationwide platform.

You can only bet in person at the track, and betting on your mobile or online is currently not legal.

Greyhound Racing Betting

Fans of modern greyhound racing will be surprised to learn that the first legal, commercial track was opened in Emeryville, California. The country’s gambling laws are notoriously strict, so when it came time for the track to open up and offer live betting on greyhounds, it wasn’t legally permitted.

California’s first greyhound track only had a short time in operation before being shut down by law enforcement officials. This effectively put an end to the California industry for good, and initiatives were introduced that would have legalized and regulated it, but both of these attempts failed miserably.

California Lottery Online

To play the California Lottery, you can’t purchase a ticket online; you have to visit an authorized retailer. More than 7400 of these retailers in the state, so it won’t be hard for you to find one near where you live.

In 2009, New York and Illinois asked the Department of Justice to clarify its stance on the Wire Act. Officials in both states were considering authorizing online lottery sales but needed clarification about which forms of gambling would be prohibited under federal law because they couldn’t risk breaking any laws for their state’s residents by inadvertently legalizing something that was still illegal.

The Department of Justice’s stance on the Wire Act is a great example for states considering legalizing online lottery sales. The U.S.’s largest gambling state, California, has every option to legalize it if they want.

Common Questions

Is sports betting legal in California?

No. The tribal casinos in California are developing new policies and laws to allow or legalize sports betting. The tribes have until the end of 2022 to present their evidence to the court, which is when the fate of sports betting in California will be decided.

Is online gambling legal in California?

Offshore sportsbooks are permitted to offer their products in California. In fact, as of this date, there are no state-run online gambling sites in the state. Many offshore sportsbooks take advantage of this loophole and offer their products to Californians. It is important to remember that this is a grey area, and online sportsbooks have not been declared illegal by authorities in California.

Are there any sportsbooks in California?

Sports betting is illegal in California, but we’re confident that will soon change. If you can’t wait for the sportsbooks to arrive in the state, several offshore online sportsbooks are available. Offshore sportsbooks offer bets on all major sporting events, including football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer.

Where can I bet on sports in California?

As of now, gamblers only have one option when it comes to wagering on sports in California: they can use offshore books that are readily available from the comfort of their home.

Is DraftKings legal in California?

Daily fantasy sports sites like DraftKings are indeed legal in California, making it much easier for sports fans to join FanDuel.

DraftKings is the only 100% fully legal real money daily fantasy sports site for all 50 states, and DraftKings currently has over 500,000 registered users.

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