New Hampshire Sports Betting

new hampshire sports betting

New Hampshire sports betting is in an exciting place. It’s legal but limited. There is online sports betting, but only with one platform. There is retail sports betting, but only in two venues. There are professional teams to bet on, but only from other states.

This can feel like a minefield to the average New Hampshire sports betting fan. If you’re unsure whether you can, never mind where you can bet safely and legally, you’ve come to the right place. We have got the A-Z on New Hampshire sports betting, including where to bet, what platform to bet on, and what teams you can bet on

Best New Hampshire Sportsbooks

The state of New Hampshire is developing its unique framework for regulating sports betting. Since the state does not have any casinos that are licensed, it is impossible to use casinos as a medium for legally sanctioned sports betting. The New Hampshire Lottery Commission will oversee all betting on sporting events, similar to how things are handled in other states and territories, such as Oregon and the District of Columbia.

New Hampshire is not attempting to create a monopoly in sports wagering, which sets it apart from other states. Instead, it is making the market more competitive, like in the states of Nevada and New Jersey.

Draftkings New Hampshire

DraftKings sportsbook was the first company to debut as a sports betting provider in New Hampshire. It is supported financially by the state and provides you with innovative opportunities to participate in the action of athletic activities taking place all around the world.

You will be interested and delighted during every pitch, shot, and snap of the game, thanks to the unique elements offered, such as prop bets and the standard betting on games.

Legal Sports Betting in New Hampshire

New Hampshire was the 16th state to take up sports betting, officially made its first bets in December of 2020 at the height of the pandemic. Initially set to launch in July 2019 when the law was signed, the pandemic halted it and ironically probably showed lawmakers why it was necessary. Other states with a big gambling audience were saved by online gambling sites, such as New Jersey, making up the taxes lost by physical premises closing.

However, the only online sportsbook is the DraftKings app for now. The state is allowed to offer up to 10 retail licenses and five online/mobile operator licenses, so there is talk of more coming into fruition. Still, for now, New Hampshire sports betting fans will have to stick with DraftKings for all their mobile sports betting needs. These new additions to New Hampshire sports betting might include names such as Bovada Sportsbook, BetOnline, MyBookie, SportsBetting, XBet, and FanDuel. They are all vying for one of those four leftover licenses.

It’s also worth noting that New Hampshire sports betting doesn’t include collegiate betting. Instead, it’s a by-product of the only mobile sportsbook, DraftKings, not offering college team sports betting and no retail locations yet offered a license.

So, New Hampshire sports betting is legal, but with an asterisk for New Hampshire bettors. It’s only legal in licensed premises and online sportsbooks. Legal sports betting is severely limited, with only one online sports gambling platform and no retail premises being offered a license. However, that is due to change soon, so keep any on your favorite venues and platforms if they get a license.

How To Pick A New Hampshire Betting Site

Choosing a New Hampshire sports betting site is pretty straightforward right now. Head to DraftKings. DraftKings is the only licensed option for New Hampshire sports betting for now.

However, if the market opens up and state officials decide to use those other four licenses they hold, you’ll have alternative New Hampshire sportsbooks to pick from. When choosing a New Hampshire sports betting platform, the first move is always to be sure who is regulating the site. Ensure it is licensed and regulated by an authority recognized by the US Government. For example, DraftKings is regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Sites developed within New Hampshire will have to go through the New Hampshire Lottery.

According to the New Hampshire Lottery, the Sports 603 sportsbook is soon coming to New Hampshire retail locations for another New Hampshire sports betting option.

Signing up for your chosen sports betting site is very simple, but we’ll use DraftKings as an obvious example. To start, click the “Join” button in the top corner, and you will be asked for some basic details to move forward, like your name, date of birth, and address. This establishes if you can legally participate in New Hampshire sports betting on the site. From there, you can create an account with an email address and password, and finally, you can put in your bank details to make your first bet. Simple.

History / Timeline Of Sports Betting in New Hampshire

The fight for New Hampshire sports betting started in 2019 when the NH HB 480 was passed by the House on March 20th . After some reworking, it was signed into law by Governor Chris Sununu on July 12th .

In October 2019, operators DraftKings and Intralot began negotiations with the New Hampshire Lottery to gain a license and launch an online presence in New Hampshire. Due to an exclusivity clause that allows New Hampshire to achieve 50% of its betting revenue, only DraftKings is successful. It launched its first retail sportsbook at The Brook and opened a second retail sportsbook at the South Side Tavern in September. DraftKings remains the only state-regulated sportsbook in New Hampshire sports betting.

In January 2021, the idea of expanding sports betting was again put on the table, like going into live betting, which are all abandoned. But, led by Tim Lang and his HB 330 bill, there are hopes that wagering in retail locations will be expanded.

New Hampshire Sports Teams

New Hampshire is full of sports fans, but being a pretty rural state with a low population, no professional major league sports teams are assigned to the state. So generally, it’s common for New Hampshire sports betting fans to back the New England Patriots.

But luckily for New Hampshire, even being a coastal state, it’s surrounded by other states with major league teams. Most of which are coming from Massachusetts and New York.

From Massachusetts, New Hampshire sports betting fans can back the Boston Red Sox in the MLB, and with 9 World Series under their belt, that’s a safe bet. The Boston Bruins in the National Hockey League have 6 Stanley Cups. The Boston Celtics have 17 NBA titles for basketball fans. The New England Patriots have won the NFL Super Bowl 6 times, and the New England Revolution Major League Soccer team has a Supporters’ Shield to brag about.

Meanwhile, New York’s teams are world famous. There are three NFL teams: the Buffalo Bills, the New York Giants, and the New York Jets. There are 12 current baseball teams, the MLB teams being the New York Mets and New York Yankees. There are nine professional basketball teams, including the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks. There are 11 hockey teams to back, including the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres, New York Islanders, and New York Rangers. The New York Lizards for Major League Lacrosse, four rugby teams, and 16 soccer teams, including the MLS’s New York Red Bulls and New York City FC.

All that is without mentioning the abundance of other professional teams, minor league teams, and college teams that are a particular favorite of New Hampshire sports betting fans. For example, New Hampshire college teams include the New Hampshire Wildcats for University of New Hampshire’s football and basketball team, the Dartmouth Green football team, and the Plymouth State Panthers.

It’s also worth mentioning that New Hampshire occupies an optimal space, sharing a border with Canada. As a result, there are loads of sports teams to get involved with, including the feverish fans of hockey teams and the teams of the Canadian Football League.

Retail Sports Betting in New Hampshire

New Hampshire sports betting is limiting, as we have already lined out. There are no for-purpose casinos in New Hampshire, but with the legalization of mobile sports betting via the DraftKings’ exclusive sports betting app, you can take yourself to any of New Hampshire’s fun venues, like sports bars, and bet there.

DraftKings has two retail premises where you can partake in New Hampshire sports betting: The Brook and the South Side Tavern. The Brook offers slots, table games, poker, and a race book alongside sports betting. So enjoy a cocktail with brunch on the deck or a drink around the firepit while indulging all your New Hampshire sports betting needs.

The South Side Tavern is a smaller establishment, primarily a burger joint and bar, but it has 21 large flat screen TVs for you to watch the latest games from while you eat and makes for a fun, chill sports betting experience.

If New Hampshire sports betting laws are too limiting, you might consider visiting one of New Hampshire’s neighboring states to take advantage of their laws. Massachusetts has two fantastic casinos but no sports betting, and neither does Maine or Vermont. If you’re going to indulge in some New Hampshire sports betting, it’s best to go further afield, like New York, where sports betting has been legal since 2013, and mobile sports betting was passed in July of this year.

We don’t need to sell you on visiting the Empire State for a trip but knowing that you can take part in as many online sports betting as you like would be at the top of that list of selling points. The Resorts World Casino is the biggest casino in New York, which has almost 5,000 slot machines, 1,300 table games, and live shows.

And then there’s Canada. Sports betting is legal in Canada, meaning a trip into the Great White North for the sake of some New Hampshire sports betting wouldn’t be off the cards. In addition, the Salon de Jeux de Quebec is just across the border, which offers slot machines, tables, poker, and more.

Tribal Casinos

Unfortunately, the east coast isn’t a thriving area for native tribes, so there are no tribal-owned casinos in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, or Maine. If you’re looking for the experience of going to the tribal casinos and enjoying some New Hampshire sports betting while at it, you’ll have to travel to New York, where there are 10. On premise, sports betting is perfectly legal across New York, and you have a lot to choose from when it comes to tribal casinos.

The best tribal casinos in New York are made up of Akwesasne Mohawk, run by the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe, the Yellow Brick Road Casino and Sports Book, and Point Place Casino, both run by the Oneida Indian Nation of New York.

Point Place Casino offers it all with almost 500 slots, 20 table games, eight poker tables, and the Caesars sportsbook attached to get involved with some New Hampshire sports betting. In addition, there are three dining experiences, three bar options, including The Caesars Lounge, and live gigs and shows year-round. The Yellow Brick Road Casino also uses the Caesars sportsbook and boasts a massive 32ft video wall plus 30 large screens, up to 85 inches, to watch all the games. That’s on top of the 400 slot machines, 20 table games, five poker tables, three restaurants, and the Heart and Courage Saloon to enjoy.

The Akwesasne Mohawk offers a whopping 1,800 slot machines, 27 table games, and five poker tables to enjoy on top of the option of some New Hampshire sports betting from one of their kiosks in the Sticks Sports Bar and Grill. Enjoy a steak while you bet, or try one of the five other food and drink options, or hit the pool, fitness center, or spa before you go to your live gig in the venue.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports betting has always been held in a grey area legally across the nation. However, many players enjoy it as a hobby even without the sports betting element. It has only gained in popularity in states where sports betting has been legalized, like New Hampshire.

Since its popularity rose after the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was enacted, the decision on whether or not daily fantasy sports should be included under the term “sports betting” has been left up to the individual state. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 deemed the hobby a game of skill, yet many states outlawed it anyway.

New Hampshire is not one of these states. However, new Hampshire sports betting freely allows daily fantasy sports betting into that mix. Players looking to participate can look to DraftKings and FanDuel for their fantasy sports betting needs and New Hampshire sports betting on actual teams.

Offshore Sports Betting

Offshore sports betting is an option, but it isn’t recommended. Legalizing New Hampshire sports betting has also obsolete the need for offshore betting sites. With sportsbooks allowing New Hampshire sports betting as long as you are physically in the state, there is no need to find offshore sportsbooks. Offshore sports betting sites might be attractive due to their generous bonuses, but they are not as heavily regulated, which means you’re likely to have no protection should you lose your money unfairly or the site scam you.

Suppose you insist on using an offshore website; at least make sure. In that case, it is licensed and regulated by an authority that the US government recognizes, leaving you with Costa Rica or Curacao options. These are considered safe to use by offshore standards as they are recognized internationally. However, it is still recommended that you stick to a sportsbook licensed and recognized by the US government.

New Hampshire Horse Racing & Off-Track Betting

Horse racing is the most prolific and popular of the few exceptions to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. As a result, horse and greyhound racing tracks around the country offered sports betting on the horses as long as you were on premise.

This popularity led to a round of racinos opening across the country, a mix of horse racing tracks and casinos. Unfortunately, New Hampshire doesn’t have any of these establishments. However, a few horse racing tracks, like the Hillside Raceway, are without the casino element.

There is a similar case in Vermont, where there are no racinos. However, there is one in Massachusetts, Plainridge Park, and one in Maine, the Hollywood Casino Bangor, and of course, seven in New York, the best of which is Batavia Downs, with live concerts and entertainment, three restaurants, and two bars on top of the 850 slot machines on offer.

Final Thoughts / Summary

New Hampshire sports betting might not be the most freeing form in the country, but it’s there to play safely if you want to. Legalizing sports betting in New Hampshire means that locals aren’t risking their money playing on offshore sites, but there is room for improvement. Unfortunately, the average consumer doesn’t have many options beyond playing with DraftKings or not under the current agreement with the state. However, 50% tax back to the state is hard to argue. At least that way, New Hampshire sports betting fans can say they’re doing something for the community.

But there is hope. With the legalization of New Hampshire sports betting, there is at least the option to bet online, the chance to go out for a night of sports betting, and the possibility for more licenses in the future, creating more opportunities for the New Hampshire bettors.