Colorado Sports Betting

Online sports betting has been legal in the state of Colorado since May 1, 2020, and there are now lots of options for bettors in this location.

Colorado now has a competitive market when it comes to online sportsbooks, betting apps, and other online casinos, giving bettors plenty of options. There are currently over a dozen Colorado bet websites and apps available, with many more expected to appear as sports betting becomes more popular.

If you are interested in online sports betting, then you need to understand the rules. This guide is going to provide you with everything you need to know about Colorado sports betting, as well as providing some of the best online sportsbooks and apps you can access within the state.

Colorado Legal Online Sports Betting History

State regulars in Colorado made online sports betting legal and accessible from 1 May 2020, and there are already over a dozen online sportsbooks and betting apps available.

Many more websites and online sportsbooks are going to be launched within the state over time, as sports betting becomes more popular following these changes in the law.

The launch of online sports betting in Colorado allowed the new sports betting market to start offering a wide variety of websites and apps, giving them a good head start for the NFL and NCAA football wagering that is set to begin in September. Sports betting has always been a popular form of gambling, and now, thanks to the changes in state law, bettors within Colorado can place wagers easier than ever before.

Online sports betting is expected to become highly popular with sports fans in Colorado, especially during major sporting leagues like the NFL, because of how fun and easy it is to get involved with.

To understand how much these new laws are going to change things for bettors in Colorado, we need to take a look into the history of legal sports betting in this state.

Like many other states, Colorado has recently changed their gambling laws to allow for online sports betting, which is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the United States.

This recent change in state laws follows the passage of Proposition DD in November 2019, which was a mere six months before the official change in law came into play. This measure was only narrowly passed into state law but has changed the face of online sports betting in Colorado forever.

With the passing of this proposition, licensed operators across Colorado can now legally accept stakes on sports bets.

This is excellent news for sports bettors within Colorado as there are not many options west of the Gateway Arch. Sports betting, both online and through retail sportsbooks, has not been widely accessible in the state until this change in the law, so it is expected for Colorado to become a hub of activity for sports bettors.

Colorado’s Sports Betting Legalization Process

While it is now a great time for sports fans and gamblers alike to be in Colorado, it has not always been this way. The process of making sports betting legal in this state has been a long one and something that might not have happened if the votes had swung in a different direction.

Online sports betting might have only just been made legal in this state last spring, but other forms of gambling have been accessible from within Colorado for decades. Slots, blackjack, and video poker have been legal to play online within this state since 1991. The changes in the law during May 2020 have made sports betting wagers also legal, giving players plenty of new options.

The legalization process for online sports betting in Colorado began in November 2019, when the passage of Proposition DD was put into law. This passage happened by a very small margin, with an initial 50.8% of the vote wanting the changes.

Proposition DD was put into place to allow Colorado voters to decide whether they wanted to allow sports betting within the state. This vote would decide whether to give the 17 companies that currently own the 33 casinos across the state permission to offer sports betting along with the other forms of gambling already accepted.

This vote would allow the 33 casinos already existing across the state to open retail sportbooks under their same brand name. Here, bettors would visit the retail location to wager on sports events.

However, the major part of this vote was the connection it had to legalize online sports betting in Colorado too. This is because not only would this new law allow for casinos to open retail sportsbooks of their own, but it would also allow them to make contracts with other private companies so they could run online sportsbooks or betting apps.

Under this new law, all casinos and sportsbooks will face a 10% tax on their net profits, which is to go back into the state and be used towards Colorado’s water plan.

The Proposition DD vote was claimed to be too close to call on election night, and for sports bettors in Colorado, it felt like a nail-biting time. The close margin of the final votes has made sports betting both online and in retail sportsbooks legal across the state and made Colorado the 19th state to make this change.

At the moment, there are only seven physical casinos within the state that are licensed to offer sports betting, but it is expected for many more to follow suit.

Additional licenses need to be approved by the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission for other locations to offer these services, but many expect this to happen in time for the NFL kick-off in September 2021.

Major sporting events like the NFL are a great opportunity for sportsbooks both online and in the retail form to make some serious cash. Considering the laws in Colorado ensure that some of this net profit is going back into the environment, it seems that sports betting can make a positive impact on the state when done correctly.

Is Mobile Sports Betting In Colorado Available?

Mobile sports betting is allowed in Colorado as long as it is performed through a brand that is partnered with a licensed Colorado casino.

Online gambling is perhaps the most popular form of sports betting, and it is now incredibly easy to wager on sports when based in Colorado. There are already over a dozen online sportsbooks and betting apps available to players within the state, and this number is expected to increase before the NFL, and other major sporting leagues kick off during the summer of 2021.

The new sports betting laws in this state allow for any player over the age of 21 to place in-person wagers through the retail sportsbooks in Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek. Players can also wager in-person through tribal casinos in the southwest of Colorado, as well as through mobile or web-based sportsbooks. These sportsbooks or mobile apps need to be licensed by Colorado casinos, but there are plenty of options for sports bettors in the state.

We will be looking into the mobile sports betting apps available in Colorado later in this article, but now is a brilliant time to be interested in gambling as you do not have to head to the bright lights of Las Vegas to partake in one of the nation’s favorite pastimes – it can all be done from the comfort of your own home using a mobile device.

Bonuses and Promotions For Colorado Sports Betting

Sports betting in all forms can be an exciting process, and it is a way sports fans bring more excitement to every game. However, online sports betting can be much more profitable than doing it in person, and this is one of the main reasons why there was such a push to have online sports betting legalized in Colorado.

While the main attraction to online sports betting is convenience, as it can be done from anywhere using a device connected to the internet, the bonuses and promotions that websites use to attract players are also something to keep an eye on.

Even though online sports betting is still in its infancy in Colorado, the competition is heating up, and more online casinos and mobile apps are expected to jump into the market before the summer.

With the competition increasing, online casinos have to do more to make sure sports bettors choose their brand over anything else. This is why it is such a great time for gamblers to go online, whether you are an experienced or newbie player.

Sports betting is perhaps one of the easiest forms of gambling, and it can be done with a range of sports. If you are looking to see a greater return for your wagers or make your money stretch further, then looking into the bonuses and promotions each online sportsbook offers is a great place to start.

What are the terms and conditions for Colorado Betting Bonuses?

Each casino, mobile app, or retail sportsbook will have its own terms and conditions when it comes to the promotions they run, but there are some common attributes you can expect whenever you log on.

Sports betting is now legal to be done in-person or online, whether that is through a website or mobile app in Colorado, as long as the website or app is licensed with an approved casino across the state. There is a wide range of options already for sports bettors, and it is expected for many more apps or websites to appear over time.

With the competition heating up, online casinos and apps have to do more to attract players, which is why there are lots of promotions going on.

Anyone can place wagers on sports in Colorado as long as they are over the age of 21 years old. You cannot enter a casino, retail sportsbook, or use a mobile sports betting app without proof of age.

Typically, the best bonuses and promotions are reserved for new players as this is a tactic casinos use to attract new customers. This means that the terms and conditions will include rules to ensure that only first-time players will get the rewards on offer, and these will be offered once you make an account for the first time on an app or website.

To ensure that you are getting the most out of online sports betting in Colorado, or any other state for that matter, you must read the terms and conditions. This will give you the guidance you need to make sure you are seeing a return for your money and are being rewarded.

As we have mentioned, each brand might have slightly different terms and conditions customers must agree with even if they are part of the same casino group, so make sure to read them carefully before wagering.

Who qualifies for bonuses in Colorado?

The most common kind of sports betting bonus or promotion is for new players. This means that casinos and mobile apps will typically offer some kind of welcome bonus as a way to attract new players and make sure they choose their brand over the others in the same industry.

A welcome bonus or sign-up bonus is the most common kind of promotion offered in online gambling, and this gives players some kind of return on their first deposit. To qualify for this kind of bonus in Colorado, a player needs to be of legal age and be registering with a mobile app or sports betting site for the first time.

All apps and websites for sports betting have a registration process where they will require personal information. This is to see whether you are the legal age required for gambling, as well as a way for you to connect with the brand and reap the rewards of your wagering efforts.

As a new player, you will need to be making an account for the first time to get this bonus.

Sometimes brands can pay out their bonus before a deposit is made, but many require players to make and play with their first deposit of a minimum amount before providing any kind of monetary bonus. This is known as a first deposit bonus.

Other promotions are available, and it is likely that as the competition among sportsbooks and mobile apps increases, companies will be doing even more to attract players.

What are the different types of betting bonuses available in Colorado?

To help you find the best sportsbook or mobile app to use for sports betting in Colorado, we have researched the currently available bonuses.

As the sports betting market is fairly new in Colorado, you can expect to see an increase in bonuses as the competition heats up. But for now, there are still some great deals to be had with the online casinos and sports betting available apps.

No Deposit Bonuses

Most online sportsbooks or mobile apps will reserve their best bonuses for new players. Typically this will be through a first deposit bonus, which requires players to wager a certain amount for the first time before they will be rewarded, but this is not always the case. Some casinos in Colorado will also offer no deposit bonuses.

No deposit bonuses are essentially free money that the casino is offering to new players as a way to get them to sign up with their brand. When you register with an app or website that has a no deposit bonus, the money will be credited to your account after you have completed the form, and this can be used to place sports wagers.

This is a way for new players to test out a sportsbook for free and is a great incentive to attract more customers to the casino. These kinds of bonuses can be paid out as straight cash into your account, free bets, or bonus dollars that will be added on to any money you pay in.

Cash Back Bonuses

Cashback bonuses or insurance bonuses are a way of taking away the risk that comes with every bet you place. Risk is a huge part of sports betting, as you never know whether your bet will come in or not. But some mobile apps or online casinos can take away some of this risk for new players by offering a cashback bonus.

This kind of bonus will be offered on certain bets, as outlined by the casino in their terms and conditions, and is a way to encourage people who have never gambled before to take the risk. If you win when playing with a cashback bonus, then you will be able to collect your winnings as usual. However, if your bet does not come in, then the app or sportsbook will refund how much you wagered, making it risk-free.

It is important to see how much the casino will refund before placing a bet for the first time, as they might only be paying back a certain amount of your total wager. This is why it is important to always read the terms and conditions of any casino before registering.

Deposit Match Bonus

This is another kind of reward given to players who make their first deposit with a company, but instead of offering free money, the casino will match your deposit amount by a certain percentage. There is usually a cap on how much the casino will provide, and this kind of bonus does come with wagering requirements.

Reading the terms and conditions of any bonus offered by a casino will help you work out how much you will actually be getting back.

Free Palay

Like a no deposit bonus, this kind of promotion allows new players to try out a casino or a certain game for free. This can be used as a new player bonus, but free plays are also a common ongoing promotion that is used by a casino to draw attention to a new game or stake they have on offer.

Odds Boost

This is a regular kind of bonus in all online sportsbooks, and you will see it being offered in Colorado. An odds boost is a promotion that increases the potential payout of certain wagers, whether that is being offered on a specific match, player, or sporting event.

When you choose to take part in an odds boost bonus, you could potentially be walking away with more money than you expected if you win. The odd will usually be increased by a small percentage, but it is a way to draw more people towards trying different wagers.

Occurrence Boost

This kind of bonus can be a lot of fun as it pays players whenever a certain event happens during a match. If you choose to use the occurrence boost bonus, you could be awarded every time a certain player scores, a red card is pulled, or another event happens that has been outlined by the sportsbook.

This is yet another common and regular kind of promotion that you can expect to see being offered across Colorado.

Now that you understand the different kinds of bonuses and promotions that sportsbooks will offer, you may find it easier to find the right place to spend your money. Bonuses do not have to be reserved just for new players, even though this is commonly where the best promotions are.

Who Regulates Legal Sports Betting in Colorado?

Sports betting is now legal in the state of Colorado, but that does not mean this is a free market. To ensure that all casinos are playing by the rules, there needs to be someone to oversee the whole market and ensure that players are being treated fairly. This is where the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission and the Colorado Division of Gaming come in.

The Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission and the Colorado Division of Gaming are the statuary authorities over legal sports betting in this state. These two commissions were given this authority when Colorado sports betting was made legal with a vote in 2019.

These are the authorities that will regulate all casinos, sportsbooks, and mobile apps to ensure they are operating fairly and will protect every Colorado bettor. There is a lot that goes into the regulation of online sports betting, which is why the Colorado Division of Gaming has been preparing for this authority way before the passage of the new laws was even brought into play.

The Colorado Division of Gaming has been in operation since 1991, when casinos and other forms of gambling were accepted in the state. Both this division and the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission have been working together since the early 1990s to provide safe regulation over the gambling industry in the state.

Following their years of experience, plus research into how other states have been handling the changing rules in terms of sports betting, both the Colorado Division of Gaming and the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission are prepared to provide a robust, safe, and secure sports betting industry to players within the state.

What are the requirements to bet on sports in Colorado?

To participate in sports betting in Colorado, players must be 21 years or older. This is a legal requirement, and no casino, online sportsbooks, or mobile app should allow players to wager without proof of ID.

When applying online, a copy of a photo ID card may be required to provide both proof of age and proof of residency. The online sportsbooks and mobile betting apps will also require location services to be turned on, as people outside of Colorado state lines are not permitted to play sports betting unless their state has also made this action legal.

You must live and be based in Colorado when trying to wager sports bets to be permitted to play. Colorado is currently the 19th state to have legalized sports betting, both online and in retail sportsbooks, which is why regulations remain tight as not all states have allowed for this form of gambling.

How To Make A Deposit At A Colorado Sports Betting Site?

If you are 21 years of age or older and based in Colorado, you can now play sports betting online. There are over a dozen online sportsbooks and betting apps available within state lines, and it is predicted that many more companies will begin to offer similar services as the popularity increases.

Due to how popular, convenient, and profitable online sports betting can be with the variety of bonuses and promotions, you may be wanting to get started. Luckily, if you are over 21 years old and based in Colorado, this process can be very easy.

To help you get started, we are going to show you how to make a deposit at a Colorado sports betting site.

While each website might have a slightly different registration process, most require the same kind of personal information before you can create an account.

If you are wanting to use a sports betting app, the first step is to find it and download it onto your device. Most of the sports betting apps that are available in Colorado can be downloaded onto both Andriod and IOS devices. If you are using a gambling site, you can access the link on a desktop or through your devices’ browser app.

Once you have selected the website or app you want to use for sports betting, it is time to register. This is where you will need to enter personal details such as name, email address, and age.

To begin betting, you will need to deposit into your account through one of the online transactions. In some cases, a casino website or mobile app might give you a no deposit bonus or free play to try out what they have on offer for free.

You can add as much money to your account as you would like, but there is usually a limit for the minimum wager. Ensure that you have read the terms and conditions of any casino website, sportsbooks, or mobile betting app before trying to register, as each has slightly different regulations in place.

Which casino can get a sports betting license in Colorado?

Sports betting does not always have to take place online, although this tends to be the most popular option.

Casinos in the state of Colorado can apply for a license from the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission, and there are 33 in total across the state. At the moment, all 33 have applied for a sports betting license, but this is not a simple process as there are different licenses available.

Any casino that is licensed and registered in the state of Colorado can apply for a sports betting license. Once they have this license, they can also connect with a registered online sportsbook to provide online sports betting.

How To Make A Withdrawl At A Colorado Sports Betting Site?

Any winnings you make through online sports betting will be collected in your account, and you can withdraw it usually after a certain amount has been accrued.

Like we have helped you with making a deposit, we are also going to help you learn how to make a withdrawal at a Colorado sports betting site.

There are laws in place for how licensed sportsbooks and sports betting websites should handle withdrawals for bettors in Colorado. According to these laws, all licensed operators are required to process withdrawals within five days, but usually, websites will payout within 24 hours. Players can expect to see this money in their bank accounts within one to two working days.

The laws surrounding sports betting in Colorado are in place to protect players, which is why they also indicate that a patron should be able to remove funds from an online account whether it is open or not.

The ways that cash can be withdrawn from your account will differ based on the casino website or mobile app you are using, but many have a wide range of payment options available. There should not be a charge for withdrawing cash from your account unless you are using a check or money order through the post or a similar kind of transaction. The main restrictions in place for withdrawing cash from Colorado sports betting sites is how much money you need to acquire in your account before it can be taken out and what payment methods are accepted by the website.

How To Find The Best Online Sportsbook

Various factors go into making a good sportsbook, and while each player has different priorities, there are some things you should always look out for. The following are things to look for at legal betting sites:

Payment Methods

As we have mentioned, each website will have its own set of accepted payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals. This can include credit and debit cards, PayPal, online currencies, and bank transfers, to name a few. The more payment methods a website supports, the easier it can be to make a deposit or take cash out of your account.

Odds and Stakes

Comparing the odds and stakes that a sportsbook has on offer is a great way to see whether they will be worth your time. For example, claims to have the best odds in Colorado. Wynne Sports also claims to have some of the best odds in Colorado, but customer reviews claim that they do not have as many stakes on offer, even during major sporting events.

Odds are used to determine how likely a bet is to win, whereas stakes are the kind of wagers you can put on in the first place. The best sportsbooks will have good odds but also a variety of stakes available across sports.

Bonuses and Promotions

As we have mentioned, it is possible to see a greater return for your money when playing with online sportsbooks or mobile apps in Colorado. This is why you should consider what bonuses are on offer, especially as a new player, before registering to any brand. Likewise, consider whether they have ongoing promotions and how much you can be awarded simply for playing casino games or placing wagers.

Colorado Sports Betting Apps

Now that you understand how sports betting works in Colorado, it is time to look at where you can play. There are currently over a dozen options when it comes to sports betting across the state, and this number will likely increase as sports betting becomes more popular.

Online sports betting is the most popular way to partake in this kind of gambling, and there is already a good option of websites and mobile apps available to Colorado bettors. Mobile apps allow for instant wagers from any device connected to the internet.

If you are wanting to start sports betting, check out the following Colorado sports betting apps:

DraftKings: $50 Match On First Deposit

As a new player, you can also be in with a chance of winning over $250 when you place a bet of $4. There is currently up to $1000 available in deposit bonuses at Draftkings, and this is reserved for new players.

William Hill: $2,021 Risk-Free Bet

New players at William Hill sportsbook can be awarded up to $2,021 in a risk-free bet with their first deposit. This offer is open to new players who enter the code ‘LEGALRF’ during registration.

BetMGM Sportsbook: $600 Risk-Free Bet

New players who enter the code ‘PLAYBONUS’ during their registration can be awarded up to $600 in a risk-free bet. Up to $500 In Total Bonuses

For this deposit bonus, there is an offer for up to 20% bonus given to all deposits up to the total of $500. This website claims to have the best odds in Colorado and specializes in all forms of sports betting. This is an unlimited deposit bonus offered to new players.

FanDuel Sportsbook: $1,000 In Risk-Free Bet

For new players at FanDuel, the welcome bonus can refund you up to $1000 if you lose your first bet.

BetFred Sports: Up to $540 On Sign Up

This sign-up bonus gives new players $40 just for signing up on the website with an additional 100% match bonus up to the value of $500 whether you win or lose. The promo code ‘BFS40’ needs to be applied during registration to qualify.

Points Bet: $2,000 In Bets With First Deposit

New players who enter the code ‘BETBONUS’ before making their first deposit can be awarded two risk-free bets up to the value of $2,000.

Wynn Sportsbook: $500 Risk-Free Bet

With a first deposit, players at this website will be given a $500 risk-free bet to wager on sporting odds.

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