theScore Bet Sportsbook NJ

TheScore Bet is among the legalized sportsbooks allowed to operate in some states in the United States Of America. It‘s a Canadian-based sports media company that was well known for providing various sports scores and news through its app and website.

TheScore Bet is available in a few states and to be eligible to sign up and place your bets, you must be located in New Jersey, Colorado, or Indiana but it has plans of extending its reach to other states.

It has lots of promotion and bonus offers and gives bettors mobile-first experiences with the dedicated app in place. TheScore Bet sportsbook combines the dedicated app with its news app to give you an addictive real-time news combination.

TheScore Bet has a black and blue theme on the landing page which is cool for the eyes and allows your mind to relax. There’s also a display of two smartphones on the home page that shows you the amazing look of the site on your mobile device.

We bring you all you need to know about TheScore Bet sportsbook before you join the betting action on the site.

Welcome Offer & Bonus

TheScore bet has a fantastic welcome bonus for its bettors on the site as a token of thanks for registering with the sportsbook. Your first deposit on the site is matched with a given bonus and can earn up to $1000. The bonus unlocks into cash as you bet on the site. Plus a 5% cashback on your first bets, if you win, lose, or draw.

The site gives you a 5% cashback on your first bet no matter the result so the cashback amount depends on how much you bet. However, you have to first make a minimum deposit of $10 or more and you must be aged 21 years or more to be eligible for the welcome bonus on the site.

You must also have a valid account at TheScore Bet and you must physically be located in New Jersey, Colorado, Iowa, or Indiana. Not only that, but TheScore Bet sportsbook’s welcome bonus is also eligible to only new players on the site and it is given only once. So, if you are a returning player then you already received yours during your registration on the site.

Joining Instructions For TheScore Bet

Joining the TheScore bet is easy. The process takes only a few minutes of your time and you gain access to a world full of unlimited betting action.

  1. Go to theScore Bet’s website using your chosen browser and click on the sign-up icon.
  2. Fill in your personal information on the provided registration page such as your names, gender, and address.
  3. Then you need to enter a valid email address in the next step of the registration process. Plus a password you need to use on your TheScore Bet account.
  4. After that, you need to re-enter your password to ensure it matches with the first one you put in the system. If it matches then it is the one you will use but if it doesn’t match, then you have to put a new one.
  5. The last process is the verification of your account and a link is sent to your provided email address. You have to click on the link and it redirects you back to the site and your account would have been verified.

When you are done with all the steps, then you should be in a position to start placing your bets at TheScore Bet sportsbook.

Markets & Betting Options

TheScore Bet provides bettors with major events and sports in the US sports industry. It comprehensively covers most of the major events and you can’t fail to get a sport to bet on.

You just have to look at the various provided betting markets and choose your favorite to place your bet on.

Here are some of the betting markets at TheScore Bet;

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Boxing
  • MMA among others.

Well, TheScore Bet also has a variety of betting options and you just have to identify the best-fit betting option for your favorite sport. 

Best of all, the wide range of bet types allows you to choose what to consider when you are adding selections to your betting slips.

Here are the bet options at TheScore Bet;

  • Spread
  • Moneyline
  • Total
  • Props      
  • Live betting/ in play
  • Futures
  • Parlays
  • Teasers
  • Derivatives
  • Alternative totals.

Live Betting & In-Play

TheScore Bet has a live betting option that allows players to place their bets on various games as they are taking place. It provides many betting options to the bettors and you shouldn’t worry about failing to place your bet before the game starts because you still have other great options.

More so, in-play bets allow you to bet on a game when you would like to as you are no longer forced to wager before the event starts. You can bet on various games until the final whistle is blown for it to end.

The odds of the various sports are instantly updated as soon as the sport starts and TheScore Bet provides you with new odds for the current score. 

It also gives you an opportunity of new odds different from the standard ones such as game props, player, and team. The new odds depend on the particular sport you are betting on and the remaining time.

TheScore Bet gives you more than enough options to keep you active in the live game.

Best of all, the live betting feature on the site is also easily accessible and it covers big matchups in major leagues and associations. Most of the popular North American Sports are available in live betting.

Ongoing Promotions & Offers

TheScore Bet has amazing promotions for various bettors as a reward for continually coming back to bet on the site some of which include;

Battle Of The Exes:

In this amazing promotion, TheScore Bet boosts your preset parlays when you join the game of the Red hot Nets.

First Deposit Match Bonus.

This promotion is for new players on the site and you are given a match-up bonus of up to $100 plus a 5% cashback on your bet if you win, lose, or draw.

Risk-Free First Bet of Up To $500.

TheScore Bet gives you a risk-free bet in this promotion of up to $500. This acts as insurance for your first bets on the site.

Track Your Cash Back.

This promotion allows you to track your progress and earn more cashback as you bet on the site.

Special Offers On App Download.

The site gives you a lot of exclusive betting awards and offers when you download the TheScore Bet app either from the site or the app store.

However, you must keep updated on the site. You must regularly check on the promotions section because they are always changed with time. TheScore Bet sportsbook always puts new promotions from time to time as it removes others.

VIP Promotion & Player Rewards 

TheScore Bet has some VIP accounts for some of its exclusive players and it has certain criteria it uses to make you a VIP member. You need to first send an email to [email protected] and get more information on how to get the VIP loyalty account.

On the other hand, TheScore Bet has a variety of bonuses and promotions with great rewards for various bettors. These promotions are for both new and returning bettors such as the golden welcome bonus offers, Battle of the exes, Track your cashback among others.

So, TheScore Bet doesn’t forget its loyal bettors but has something different in store for them whether new to the site or returning.

Casino, Slots & Bingo At TheScore Bet

TheScore Bet Sportsbook doesn’t have a casino so there aren’t any slot or bingo games on the site. It only concentrates on the sportsbook and the sports media app.

It integrates the sportsbook app with the sports media app to give you the best sports betting experience in the industry. The sports media app brings all the needed information on the various odds on the site closer to you and it is one of its kind in the industry.

The sports media app timely links you to all the available odds on TheScore Bet App which saves you a lot of time.

Play on Mobile & TheScore Bet App

TheScore Bet is compatible with various handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones and it is supported on various versions such as Windows, Android, and iOS. You just have to choose your favorite browser on your device and access the site.

The mobile version gives you a great seamless experience as the one you get on the desktop version and you can access all the various promotions and bonuses on the mobile version.

In addition to that, TheScore bet also has a dedicated app in place and you only have to download the app to your handheld device and you are good to go. 

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. In the app store, you have to search for ‘’TheScore Bet’’ while the Android users can download it directly from the site.

The TheScore Bet app is simple and sleek and it is dominated by North America Sports and international soccer. It also has some special features like the Cross-App integration with the site’s news app.

The app is also the first betting app to be integrated with a sports media app which makes it a great deal for you as you can easily find your needed bets on time.

You must be 21 years and above to open the app and you should also be located in the allowed states because the site uses geological methods to track your device’s location. 

Payment Methods & Depositing

This amazing sportsbook has a variety of secure and convenient payment methods for its bettors. You have a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods. 

You just have to be in a position to choose the right deposit and withdraw methods that are fast with less or no service charges.

Here are the payment methods at TheScore Bet;

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • eChecks
  • Instant Online Banking
  • Play+ card
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro

The time your money takes to reach your account after initiating a withdraw on your TheScore Bet account depends on your chosen withdrawal method. Best of all, it is better to use the same deposit and withdrawal method on the site. This is because it helps you to track your transactions on the site as they are all in one account.

It offers fast withdrawals for your winnings and most of the deposit methods are free of charge which favors smooth transactions on the TheScore Bet site. 

Your deposits on TheScore bet sportsbook are instantly credited to your account but the withdrawals normally take 48 hours.

Is TheScore Bet Trustworthy?

TheScore Bet provides bettors with a variety of payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals. You only have to choose the most convenient method that won’t delay your transactions. It has fast withdrawals that guarantee you quick cash out of your winnings and no complaint has been recorded so far about payments on the site.

It is licensed by the New Jersey Division Of Gaming Enforcement and the New Jersey Racing Commission. These two bodies legalize its operations in New Jersey and monitor its operations to ensure they are within the set gambling laws. So, TheScore Bet is a legally operating sportsbook in the industry.

TheScore Bet promotes responsible gambling. It provides responsible gambling advice and related information to the bettors which are published on the site. It also helps you to set limits on your gambling activities on the site such as the deposit limits that limit the amount you deposit on the site.

The spending limit also limits the amount you spend on betting in a given period of time. Plus the cool off that allows you to break off for some time without betting on the site and the voluntary self-exclusion program. This means that the site cares and wants you to live a healthy gambling life.

In addition to that, TheScore Bet provides you with tight account security. It provides you with added security as it enables you to have additional login features to your account. 

You can choose more login preferences in your account settings like answering security questions before you log in or receiving an email to your inbox every time you log into your account.

These strengthen the security of your account on TheScore Bet and you have nothing to worry about anyone interfering with your account.

Customer Support

TheScore Bet has a reliable customer support team that is always ready and willing to help out various bettors. It provides various communication channels from which you must choose the most convenient to keep in touch with the service team.

There is a live chat platform on the site and this is the fastest communication channel that provides timely responses to the players. TheScore Bet’s live chat platform is 24/7 active so it doesn’t matter the time at which you need the help because the chat agents are always available to help you out.

The site also has a support email which you can use to send an email to the support team if you are not in a hurry because emails are fairly responded to. You can also call and talk with a customer service agent using the provided phone number.

The good news is that TheScore Bet also has a FAQ page on the site where frequently asked questions by various bettors are published after being answered. You can go and check if your issue is also talked about and you get quick help instead of spending time waiting for the busy customer service team.

You can also contact TheScore Bet support team using its Twitter handle so if you are a social media fan, then this communication channel is ideal for you.

Language Support

The support language used on the site is mainly and only English because the site is limited to only a few states in the United States Of America.

However, TheScore Bet may introduce other languages later when it expands its reach to non-English speaking countries as it continues to grow.

TheScore Bet Summary

TheScore Bet is among the best sportsbooks in New Jersey’s betting industry which makes it ideal to add to your sportsbook portfolio. It is quickly emerging in the industry as a top mobile sports betting provider.

It has a well-designed TheScore Bet App and the sports media app which are integrated to give you the best experience on the site. This has won it a top spot in the mobile sports betting industry because the combination of the two apps provides an unmatched betting action on the site. 

TheScore Bet is a highly recommended sportsbook because of its solid betting options lineup, strong deposit-match offers, and lots of promotions on big events. However, it doesn’t have a desktop platform and all the betting action takes place in the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Customer Service Channels At TheScore Bet Sportsbook?

TheScore Bet has various communication channels through which you can reach the support team. It has a live chat platform where you can chat with a live agent and it provides the fastest responses.

You can also use the support email which is fairly responded to and the telephone number you can use to call and talk to a support agent. 

TheScore Bet sportsbook also has a FAQ page you can check out and see if your question is also already answered on the page.

If you are a social media fan then you can reach the team using the site’s Twitter handle.

Is There A Live Betting Option At TheScore Bet Sportsbook?

TheScore Bet Sportsbook has an in-game or live betting option that allows you to place your bets as the game is taking place.

It provides you with a variety of betting options on the various betting markets as they are taking place. So you can’t miss out on any betting opportunity even if you are late for the game.

Does TheScore Bet Sportsbook Have A Casino?

TheScore Bet doesn’t currently have a casino in place but it guarantees you the best betting experience on the site. 

It concentrates only on the sportsbook and sports news through the sports media app.

Is TheScore Bet Sportsbook Legal?

It is regulated and licensed by the New Jersey Division Of Gaming Enforcement and the New Jersey Racing Commission. 

These two trusted bodies monitor its operations in the industry and are a guarantee that TheScore Bet is a legally operating sportsbook in the online gaming industry.