BetNow Review – Worth Gambling Here?

Open to players worldwide, with a sleek user interface, lots of international markets, bonus promotions, and more, BetNow seems to be one of my recent favorite finds.

Large wagering limits live odds, a modern and streamlined betting interface, and an impeccable track record are things BetNow boasts to the world, and it seems like so far they’ve kept their promises pretty well.

This is one of the top offshore sportsbooks we’ve seen, with a clean, ad-free sportsbook, nicely organized casino with lots of name brand games, and enticing promotional offers.

The casual players and high rollers alike have an extensive list of advantages when using this online gambling platform, so whatever your potential initial deposit might be, you can rest assured you’re going to have a good time.

If you’d like to read all about their betting options, welcome bonus, and more, I cordially invite you to take a comfortable seat and find all the information you need in this extensive BetNow review.

Welcome Offer and Bonus

The welcome bonus for this friendly website is pretty on par with the industry standard. We’ve seen bigger deposit bonuses out there on sites like Bovada, but the seasoned bettor will know that this is by far the only thing that matters.

When choosing a betting site, it is important to compare their rollover requirements, the banking options, and more. Luckily, we’ve compressed all the needed information in a couple of lines for you, so you know exactly what to expect. Let’s take a look at their welcome offer.

  • 100% sign up bonus for the initial deposit – like most other gambling platforms, BetNow offers a 100% match to your initial deposit, up to $500. The minimum deposit for this is $50, and the bonus funds have a 5x rollover requirement for the sportsbook and 20x for the casino. The bonus, per se, is nothing to get giddy about. We’ve definitely seen juicier bonuses out there. However, the rollover requirements are pretty low, and this might appeal to a majority of players.
  • 100% match for the first 3 casino deposits – the minimum deposit is $20, and the maximum bonus can go up to $500. This bonus benefits from a 30x rollover requirement. This is fine. Again, nothing to be teary-eyed about, and the rollover is pretty standard for casino bonuses.

This is the welcome offer for You might feel a bit underwhelmed, but that’s ok. This is not where this platform excels, and you will be happy to know that their other promotions, contests, and reload bonuses more than make up for this first impression.

In my years of gambling, I’ve noticed, as did many other players before me, that welcome bonuses are nice but should not be, by far, the reason you choose a gambling platform. In many places, these promos tend to have a lot of hidden restrictions and requirements attached to them, so you always need to make sure to read the fine print.

The good thing about BetNow is that they are completely transparent when it comes to these bonuses. All the necessary information about them is easily accessible and can be referenced later with a single click.

This is fantastic since it truly makes you feel like you can trust them, and this is one of the major points on the Choosing-A-Casino checklist.

Moreover, in the following sections, you will see that they add a lot of value to their existing users’ experiences, and they even have a very lucrative loyalty program.

Joining Instructions for BetNow

Upon entering the website, you will gather that the user interface is amicable, and you will have no navigation issues. You can click on their “Join now” button in the middle of the welcome banner to create an account. You will be taken to a rather extensive list of information you need to provide to create your account.

Similarly to BetDSI, you will need to provide a 4-digit PIN during the registration process. You will get this by contacting their support team via live chat and phone.

The feature is great to ensure all the accounts are created by eligible players and that users do not create duplicate accounts. Luckily, you can get your PIN code almost instantly via live chat or phone, so you won’t have to delay your registration process at all.

Markets and Betting Options

Their sportsbook is a true delight. It is very neatly organized and a true pleasure to browse. The major sports have their own categories on the left-hand side, and a sidebar containing the main promotions for sports betting can be found on the right side.

Upon clicking on the popular sports categories, you might be surprised to find out that they cover a robust assortment of sports events and betting markets.

They carry College Football, NFL, NCAA, Australia Football, and NFL MADDEN in terms of football markets. They support most euro leagues, Bulgaria NBL, ABA League, Euro Cup, France LNB, Japan B League, South Korea, and more for basketball.

They also carry MLB, Japan, Mexican, and South Korea Baseball, Golf, MMA, UFC, Boxing, Hockey, and Tennis.

Fans of soccer will have a blast betting on matches in Ligue 1, Primera Division, Premier League, UEFA championships, England League, Denmark Superliga, Germany Bundesliga, Soccer futures, and most matches you could think of from the first divisions of North America, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Norway, and other European countries, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Russia and more.

Overall, a really nice lineup of matches a sports bettor can enjoy.

If you like horse races, you will be happy to know they offer those in their racebook, along with auto racing. The racebook has the same pleasant color scheme and friendly interface.

In terms of betting options, they do offer flexibility across the board. At BetNow, you can place straight bet point spreads, parlays, halftime bets, teasers, if bets, reverse bets, Round Robins, prop bets, and they also allow In-Play betting. Speaking of…

Live Betting and In-Play

In line with the hottest trends right now, BetNow also has a Live Betting module. Live sports events can be bet upon while watching them, and their platform is really responsive, making this a breeze.

Unlike other similar platforms, their live betting module is completely integrated into their sportsbook so that you can enjoy the same level of design quality. The in-play bets can only be placed online, and the lines appear in the sportsbook at the site’s discretion.

They do not guarantee a line will be provided for any match, but their coverage is pretty good from our experience. The scoreboard is updated in real-time, so you know you’re not left out of the fun. This ensures your bets can always be accurate and reflect your best interests.

A great deal of information on their live betting platform can be read on a dedicated help page, complete with all your favorite sports rules.

All in all, their live betting module is pretty reliable and worth checking out if you enjoy this sort of thing, as most of us do nowadays.

Ongoing Promotions and Offers

This is one of those things where this gambling platform shines. They have tons of inspiring contests – talking million dollars prize pools, great rebates, and other attractive offers for their new members, as well as the current ones.

Zapping through their promotions page, you can see they put a lot of effort into providing their members with value, unlike other platforms that focus their budgets on flashy welcome bonuses and leave their existing members with nothing exciting.

  • NFL King of the Hill Contest – test your handicapping skills with this weekly contest, which promises a $10k prize pool, with an additional $10k grand prize and an additional $30k in cash prizes. All you need to do is pick all the winning teams for the week, as well as the tiebreaker, and you will be $10k richer. The rest of the top 30 participants will split the remaining prize pool.
  • BetNow’s Grand Slam Contest – select the straight-up winners from the 28 MLB with a tiebreaker, and win $10,000. Prizes will be awarded until the end of the regular MLB Season.
  • Weekly Casino rebate – 10% rebate on all the casino losses, automatically, for everyone, every week.
  • Horse rebate – 8% rebate, weekly, for every loss you register when betting on horse racing.
  • $500,000 Thanksgiving Giveaway – 30 lucky people will receive decreasing prizes, that amount to a total of half a million dollars. As an active member, you can register for this giveaway absolutely free.
  • 1 Million Dollars March Madness – The grand prize will be awarded to the player that correctly picks all winning teams, including the tiebreaker. The lucky number one will receive a $350,000 prize, with the prize decreasing to $12,000 for winners 5 through 30.
  • Vig Free November – The last 2 weeks of November benefit from their Vig Free promotion, during which you can place special teasers on your favorite football teams will require no juice. This makes your bets more profitable.
  • Weekly NBA Contest – $10,000 will be given away per week until the end of the NBA season. Similarly to the MLB one, the participants will have to predict the straight-up winners from the 14 NBA games, with the tiebreaker.

It is always great to see this type of platform use some of their profits to give back to the community and organize such many contests and raffles. This really shows they’re all in for making their platform one of the most fun to bet on.

Scrolling through their promotion page, you get the feeling that your credit cards are safe with them since they’re about the thrill of the game rather than getting you to spend more. This is truly delectable in an industry that is so riddled with greed and scandals, so for this, we can only tip our hat.

VIP Promotions and Player Rewards

Speaking of the added value they provide for their customer, they also have a great lifetime VIP program. It works as most of these do – the more you play, the more points you earn, which can later bring you bigger perks and rewards. The points are earned both by depositing more and the frequency at which you play.

What makes it a bit different than other loyalty programs is that you can get pretty substantial reload bonuses with it. In addition to their reload bonuses, you can also earn a 10% to 15% cash bonus with every deposit, and these add up fast.

In addition to their loyalty program, you can also win some extra cash by referring friends. For every deposit your friend makes, you will get a 20% bonus, up to $200, for a lifetime. To be eligible for this one, your balance must be equal to or greater than that of the bonus. So you might want to keep in touch with the friends you bring to their platform and synchronize your deposits to maximize your potential bonuses.

Casino, Slots, and Bingo at BetNow

Their online casino is, like most of their features, pretty grand and delectable. They have a carefully selected range of casino games, complete with fantastic game graphics and optimization for mobile platforms.

Live Dealer

As a reputable online casino, they offer this service that seems to not decrease in popularity. Players want that real Vegas feeling when gambling online, and luckily, BetNow offers just that.

In their Live Dealer section, you will be able to play in high-quality rooms with friendly and professional dealers and enjoy Vegas Style Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette games.

Their streams are top-notch, the video and sound quality are great, and there are no interruptions, lagging, or anything of the sorts. Like you would expect from a newer name in the casino industry, they are using the latest technology to ensure you get the best.

Table Games

Their table games and the rest of the categories are nicely packed into their own sections on the screen’s left side. Upon extending the respective category, you will be able to select a certain game you’d like to play.

One downside to this is that the games do not have thumbnails, so you do not really know from the get-go what to expect when choosing a game.

However, this allows for a neat little feature. Upon clicking on one of the games, you will be presented with a page containing its thumbnail so that you can be ensured of the graphics quality, as well as an exhaustive description of the game, along with its rules.

The table game category offers single and multi-hand blackjack, craps, American and European roulette, Caribbean, Baccarat, Three Card Poker, and Let ’em Ride.

Video Poker and Keno

Many video poker and keno games can be enjoyed in their casino, with names ranging from Deuce & Line, All American, Aces and Faces, Aces and Eights, Tens and Better, Joker Poker, Keno, Classic Keno, Keno Artist, Keno Dragon, and more.

Slot Machines

This is one of the items where BetNow falls short. They only have 18 progressive slots, and they’re not of the most exciting of qualities. They’re high volatility, and the thrill of being able to win massive jackpots is always there, but over the last few years, we’ve been accustomed to a certain degree of quality when talking about slots.

Most of them have a minimal, classic design and no special features to set them apart.

Some of the names include Rock n Roll Progressive, Old West Bonus, Deep Space Progressive, Slot Fire House. They’re all the classic 5 reelers, with outdated themes and no special features.

While fruits slots are great for nostalgics, most players nowadays prefer the well designed, eye candy slots with lots of special features and ways to win.

Casino Takeaway

Their casino is pretty good in terms of software and selection. I am a bit underwhelmed about their slots collection, as I feel it is truly lacking compared to other platforms. While I understand slots are not everyone’s cup of tea, they could collaborate with a different software provider.

The way slots work is that the software provider pays the jackpots, while the casino gets a small percentage for attracting customers. It’s easy to see why slots might be just an afterthought for some platforms, but they also do not have anything to lose by providing better titles.

Judging by the graphics, their software provider for the moment might be BetSoft, but do not quote me on that.

Play on Mobile and the BetNow App

The beautifully designed interface translates really well for gambling on a mobile device. All the platform’s functionalities are available safely across all mobile devices, and we have not experienced any crashes, lagging, or bugs.

Unfortunately, they do not have their own dedicated app. We hope this will change in the future, as more players opt for playing on a special app. This allows a greater level of customization, saved preferences, and more, so we can’t wait to see what this young company has in store for us on this front.

Payment Methods and Depositing

BetNow offers a great selection of depositing options that make transferring funds really easy and quick.

They support Bitcoin, like most other gambling platforms, with instant processing times and zero fees. The maximum deposit for Bitcoin is $40,000. They also support Visa, Mastercard, and Amex, with zero fees and $1000 as the highest limit.

Other options are Bank Wire, with a maximum deposit limit of $50,000, Cash MG, and EzBanking.

You can take your pick between Bitcoin, Bank Draft, Direct Deposit, and Moneygram in terms of payout methods. High rollers might prefer Bitcoin, as it has the highest withdrawal limit, at $15,000 per month.

Overall, a nice selection, but nothing really inclusive. Some more depositing options would be nice. The low limits make this platform a bit more suitable for the casual bettor rather than the professional one, but you could still give them a try even if you have a pile of money you’d like to gamble.

Bitcoin and Moneygram payouts are processed within 48 hours. The rest of the methods could take up to 10 business days, but this is a small price to pay for having such safe and reliable methods. Direct deposits are certainly not a given with this kind of platform, so it is refreshing to see it on their list of methods.

Is BetNow Trustworthy?

Like a lot of other gambling sites, BetNow was created under the jurisdiction of Curacao. They’ve only had a total of 6 years online, so not a whole load of history to discuss in this regard.

In this short time they’ve been operating, we’ve seen a couple of customer complaints, but these were promptly and professionally solved. This is a great thing to have on a CV since the gambling industry is riddled with scandals, greed, and unflattering headlines.

The payment methods are secure and reliable, and they did not check any lack of payment scandal. They are also cautious with their data, and the overall transparency the management engages can be seen here as well. They take good care of their players’ personal information and banking details.

A lot of useful information can be read on their About Page – again, playing on their transparency policy. Most sites do not bother to include an About Page, which is really a bummer because you really want to know some things about the place where you’re going to be conducting your business.

Concurrently, I’d say BetNow is a trustable platform, where your money and data will be safe, and where you can rest assured your payments will be fair and prompt.

Customer Support

One of the things BetNow is really proud of is their customer support team and system.  And they are rightfully so because the customer support at BetNow is one of the fastest and most reliable I’ve seen recently.

They offer the holy trifecta of customer service – you can contact the team via live chat, anywhere on the site, dedicated e-mail, and phone. This ensures that you will have the fastest response time for your specific type of problem. We also really like the flexibility this offers.

The team is on it 24/7, 365 days a year, including holidays. They are all multilingual and really well prepared, so you know they will be able to solve your issues in minutes.

You will definitely get a taste of their professionalism when contacting them to get your registration PIN.

A quick search will tell you that there are no complaints in this department for BetNow; people seem to be genuinely happy with the service. This is truly amazing because, in my entire life, I’ve never not heard negative things about customer support. Just the thought of it is enough to get some people angry.

Language Support

The platform accepts users worldwide; however, the site is only available in English. Nevertheless, you will find that the navigation is easy enough and most people will not have any issues finding their way around the site.

BetNow Summary

Considering that BetNow is only 6 years old, I feel like they’ve come in with a bang. Similarly, MyBookie has had a great ascension to the top in a short while.

I love seeing young companies like these make it big by utilizing their empathy and the desire to put a great product on the market. As their motto says, they truly make it simple, there are no hidden restrictions or requirements, their payment methods are straightforward, as well as the interface and the markets and games they offer.

They seem to cater to recreational players, rather than really high rollers, but those of you who are bothered by the low limits can check out BetDSI as a rich people haven.

BetNow is a reliable platform where you can enjoy some great bonuses and member perks, and some of the greatest, juicier contests and raffles out there. Their sportsbook is complete and neatly organized, making for an enjoyable sports betting experience. They also support a wide variety of bet types, which is also a plus in my book.

Overall, BetNow is a great company to try out, where you know you will be valued, and where you can get a lot of bang out of your buck. Playing with them is enjoyable, and you know you will be part of a true community, rather than just another client.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to verify my identity at BetNow?

To verify your identity, you will need to provide their support with the front and back of your government-issued ID card, the front and back of any cards associated with your account, and a bank statement or utility bill that confirms the address you have on file with them.

What are the maximum and minimum stakes at BetNow?

The minimum stake is around $1, while the highest stakes go up to $5000, depending on games and the section of the site you are playing in.