Trusted Bingo Sites

Anyone looking to play at an online bingo site for real money may be unsure which bingo site to join due to concerns about whether a site is a trusted and safe site to play at. We’ve put together a list of sites you can play your favourite bingo game and claim a welcome bonus, all safe in the knowledge that you won’t suffer any fraud or be ripped off by the bingo site.

Most Trusted Bingo Sites

Listed below are the sites that have met all of our criteria to be considered a bingo website that you can trust. The main things we consider are whether the United Kingdom ´╗┐Gambling Commission licenses the site, that they have a funds protection scheme where bingo player deposits so if the bingo operator goes bust, you won’t lose your deposit, and they offer customer support.

We check on when recommending a trusted bingo site, and we go into detail further in this article. However, you can check out our recommended list and the bingo bonus you can claim if you decide to sign up for an account with them.

Licensed By The UKGC

The Gambling Commission works with communities, businesses and local authorities to make sure gambling is conducted fairly and openly. They are responsible for regulating commercial gambling across the industry in Great Britain and licensing 11,000 gambling operating premises.

Their regulating role under the Gambling Act 2005 sets the standards for responsible gambling and protecting those who are participating in gambling activities.

The Commission is an independent public body that exists to regulate commercial gambling in Great Britain. They issue licences to operators and monitor the games they offer.

A UKGC is considered the gold standard of licensing, and it’s tough for a bingo operator to obtain a license. We only recommend UKGC licensed websites, so you be sure when playing bingo online for real money, an independent body has vetted the gambling site.

Protected Funds

The Gambling Funds Protection scheme allows your money to be held in a separate account, safeguarding it from the owner of the online gambling site going bust. If they go out of business, you will still have access to the funds in your online gambling account.

Funds protection is an important part of how gambling companies protect you as a player. The Gambling Commission specifies that all online gambling companies licensed by them must have adequate funds protection in place to guarantee that money deposited by customers is kept safe. Different funds protection levels are available with the 3 main types described below.

Basic Protection

The Gambling Commission is the independent regulator of gambling in the UK. They introduced a new level of player protection in 2019 to make gambling safer and more secure for consumers, making it easier for you to understand how your money is treated when you visit a bingo site, deposit and play an online bingo game either on a computer or using a mobile device.

At the basic level of protection, player funds are kept separate; however, they are not separate from the rest of the online bingo site operations. If a bingo site was to get into trouble financially and owed money to other businesses, your money could be used to pay off the debt that the gambling site owes.

Medium Protection

With the medium level of protection, the bingo site will hold your cash is separated from the company’s money at all times. They will also have an insurance policy in place to guarantee the money should the bingo site go bust.

All Dragonfish powered, and 888 branded bingo sites have this protection level, meaning deposit funds are secure.

High Protection

This is the highest level of bingo player protection; if basic and medium protection isn’t adequate for you, you will want to play at this type of site. Player accounts are fully legally segregated held by an external auditor and are ring-fenced for you no matter what happens to the business.

Fully independent external auditors are responsible for overseeing player funds’ day-to-day management and would provide monthly audits of player balances held on the site. Also, they have a dedicated team that makes withdrawals as requested by players are paid.

Responsible Gambling

Trusted bingo sites take responsible gambling seriously. There are a number of tools that they are required to provide and certain processes that they must follow to reduce problem gambling.

Customer Services

Online Reputation

In a world of social media, it’s hard for companies to hide poor customer support of dodgy practices. Only sites that have demonstrated that they take customer support seriously, deal with enquiries promptly and have multiple ways that a bingo player can get in contact with them, will make it onto our list.

Fair Wagering Requirement

Data Security & Encryption