What is 30-Ball Bingo And How To Play It

By now we’re all familiar with the bingo game. Whether your grandpa is one of the 3 million people playing bingo twice a week in the UK, or you’re the one with the bingo bug and you just can’t wait to finish work so you can jump into an online bingo room with your friends, there is no way you’ve never made contact with this classic game.

What Is 30 Ball Bingo?

Bingo games are categorized by the total number of balls getting drawn before the game ends. For example, in 90 ball bingo, the caller will draw 90 balls before the session is officially closed.

While the bingo card for 75 ball bingo will have a 5×5 grid on it and contain 24 numbers and a free space, the 30 ball bingo card has a 3×3 grid and no free spaces. Each 30 ball bingo card is a condensed version of the 75 ball bingo card, and each respective column will contain a set of pre-defined number values, as follows.

  • The first column contains numbers 1 through 10
  • The second column contains numbers 11 through 20
  • The third column contains numbers 21 through 30
30-ball bingo card

Since there are far fewer numbers to play with, a typical game of 30 ball will be considerably shorter than any other bingo variant, thus the name speed bingo.

This new kind of bingo took the online communities by storm, as the rapid way of playing and considerably more chances of grabbing the grand prize with a full house were a breath of fresh air in a space where people were getting pretty bored.

Let’s face it, bingo is heaps of fun, but there are few people out there able to distance themselves from their responsibilities long enough for a classic bingo game. No shade on people who make time for it exclusively, you guys are the real MVPs.

However, this quick-fire, adrenaline-pumping game is amazing for people with tight schedules, or just for playing it on your commute.

The simplicity of the bingo card allows new players to quickly pick up the game and get accustomed to the bingo rules, while also allowing experienced players to enjoy a fast-paced game without the dizzying storms of bingo numbers and win a cash prize faster.

Moreover, in this game type, there is only one winning bingo pattern. The 30 ball bingo game deems you the winner only if you’ve managed to mark off all numbers on your card, otherwise known as a full house. This might seem offputting to some players, as it seems as a player’s chances are lower to get a winning ticket with only 30 numbers.

The average bingo player will expect more winning chances per game, so there are sites out there offering several types of 30-ball bingo, some of them with more ways of winning. For games with three wins, you will grab a prize by marking off one line, then two lines, and ultimately, the classic full house.

However, considering there are only 9 numbers on your ticket, and the speed at which these games are conducted, you’ve actually got more chances to mark a full house in the same amount of time in which you’d conduct a classic 90 ball game. Math is great!

How To Play 30-Ball Bingo

While this game variant was specifically designed for online play, the basic principles of bingo remain in place. The fast pace of speed bingo would be a bit too chaotic for a traditional bingo hall, but luckily, online bingo provides players with the perfect avenue for this game.

Fewer balls mean that your average game will be over in just the span of a few minutes. This allows online players to finish several games within the space of half an hour.

In order to play 30-Ball bingo, you will need to find a bingo site that carries it. Luckily, this game has gained a lot of traction recently, which means there will be a lot of online bingo providers that have it. You can check a list with our recommendations below, and choose an online bingo site that matches your energy.

After choosing your desired platform, all you’ve got left to do is purchase a ticket or a strip. When playing this game, you will get the option to select a ticket that contains some of your lucky numbers, or just let the system generate a ticket for you.

Purchasing the tickets will automatically opt you in for the game, so all you need to do is wait for the card sales period to end and the balls to start rolling.

At this point, the system will automatically mark the chosen numbers on your card, so all you have to do is sit back and relax. Alternatively, you can sweat profusely waiting for your prize.

Unlike traditional bingo games, in online bingo, the software will automatically mark you as the winner as soon as you complete a winning pattern. So yelling “bingo” is not necessary but highly encouraged.

Why 30-Ball Bingo?

There is no doubt the Internet has changed the way we look at gambling forever. While the classic gambling industry is still a flourishing business, with the rise of online casinos, we tapped into a new audience, who loves variety and ease of access.

For those of us who enjoy playing quick and exciting games from the comfort of our couches, there is no other bingo variety that can satisfy us better than 30-ball. Multiple casinos offer a broad range of 30-ball bingo themed games, many of which have fun themes, crisp graphics and engaging little twists and features.

This kind of bingo is appreciated for its thrilling fast pace and the opportunity this gives its players to score multiple wins in a short amount of time. The short duration of a game has proven very attractive to people who were turned off by the several hours long classic bingo sessions. This means that this type of gameplay created a great space for people to log in quickly during the day, waiting in line or between chores.

30-Ball Bingo can be used as a quick pick-me-up during the day, but can also double as a serious gameplay session for a player who participates in numerous games over the span of a few hours.

Everyone’s chances of winning are bigger when more prizes are awarded in a shorter amount of time. Why look out the window on your bus commute when you can jump into a quick game and earn a little prize for your latte?

Lastly, this type of bingo is very easy to get involved in, there are few rules and it can jumpstart your bingo journey if you’ve always wanted to try but were intimidated.

30-ball bingo versus 75 ball and 90 ball bingo

How Much Can You Win In a 30 Ball Bingo Game

How much you can win will largely depend on some parameters on your site of choice. Some games will come with a progressive jackpot, while others will only have a set prize per winning pattern.

Generally, the amounts you will be able to cash out will depend on these factors.

  • Players – The number of players in a specific game will dictate the winnings. More players mean more tickets being bought, which translates into a bigger prize pool.
  • Price – The higher the ticket’s price, the higher the payout. It’s pretty self-explanatory.
  • Tickets – The more tickets you can buy in a particular game, the higher the prize pool. In 30-ball bingo you can purchase up to 96 tickets per player. These quickly add up.

Where Can You Play 30 Ball Bingo?

Although this is a pretty new game, a lot of online casinos have already adopted it and studios are working on creating several game variations with branded themes and other knick-knacks. Major online bingo venues hold several bingo rooms, with varied prizes, jackpots and themes. I’ve covered some of them below.

Sun Bingo

Sun Bingo holds multiple bingo rooms on a tight schedule. Every couple of minutes you get the chance to join one of the rooms. Their rooms are managed by professional callers and they offer several prizes as well as weekly jackpots, cashback bonuses, giveaways and more.

Some exciting bingo games you can play on their site are Cash Cubes Bingo with a jackpot of £5000, Winning Headlines Bingo with a jackpot of £10,000 and others. Sun Bingo also holds a well-curated collection of slots and table games for when you’re waiting for your next game session.

Did I mention their numerous promotions? I should have, as there is also an ongoing contest or giveaway on their site. Some of their ongoing promos include the £500K Weekend when half a million is paid out to players over a 12 hour period, every last weekend of the month.


This one is one goliath of a bingo site, with a massive selection of themed games you can enjoy. They have 24-7 rooms, as well as daily jackpots, free games, special 90 ball bingo and VIP lounges that are exclusive to the most loyal players.

Their loyalty scheme also rewards players with bonus funds, bonus tickets, access to daily, weekly and monthly games with very large prizes in real money, as well as merch and other fun trinkets.

Some games you’ll definitely like are their Mystery Jackpot room, where daily, lucky players can win the mystery prize of £500, every six minutes between 18:00 and 23:00, as well as the Late Night Show, which is limited to 75 lucky players that battle for the chance to win up to £100. This exciting game happens after midnight.

Queen Bee Bingo

On Queen Bee, a fun bingo adventure happens every day, and very lucrative jackpots are awarded for each of them. They are well-beloved by the bingo community for their no-wagering-requirement bonuses, as well as daily free spins for slots and free tickets for bingo.

Their themed bingo rooms are nicely designed and the software their use is impeccable. The jackpots for each of the games range from £50 to a groovy £1000 every Thursday. New players are welcomed with 64 free bingo tickets on two of their most popular bingo rooms.


30-ball bingo is really a blast, perfect for the fast forward buzz of the modern-day. Just jump in for a quick game while you wait for your eggs to boil in the morning and start your day with a couple of joyous prizes.

Most of us suffer from not enough time, but with 30-ball bingo that is hardly an issue. And if you are getting bored with the classic bingo games, this one might be just the cure that you need to jump right back into the game with fresh forces. Don’t forget, everyone wins a lot more when there are more prizes to be won in a short amount of time!