What Is 80 Ball Bingo And How To Play It?

This exciting new bingo variation is the perfect mix of the 90 ball bingo game and the 75 ball bingo game, in a speedy little package that has made USA and UK fans come together for some serious blasts.

Originating in the UK, the game has seen a massive increase in popularity, and is now present in bingo halls and on the computers and phones of every bingo fan worth their salt. You can check our bingo guide for more information about how this game became the worldwide phenomenon it is today.

This game’s format offers several ways to win but is simple enough to understand during your first few sessions. And since there are loads of players looking for their 80 ball fix out there, the prizes are high and the fun is guaranteed.

But What Is 80 Ball Bingo?

The two most popular games of bingo worldwide have come together and created this simple variant that seems to have quickly become a favourite in bingo clubs around the world.

Like all other bingo games, this one is a game of chance; players get to mark off random numbers on their bingo ticket, as the bingo caller is announcing them. Whenever you get a bingo pattern on one of your cards, you get the prize money. However, you need to be the first bingo player to do so, otherwise, someone else will get to grab that jackpot.

This particular variation is so popular because it features multiple winning patterns, and the games can become quite long-winded and full of thrills, but it is a lot less risky than traditional bingo games.

Some things to remember about this bingo variety is that the winning patterns will vary on different bingo sites, so it’s always a good idea to check each room’s rules before starting a game.

How To Play 80 Ball Bingo?

Whether you play in a traditional bingo hall or on a bingo site, the rules for this variation are the same, and it will not be long before you are fully accustomed to the flow of the game.

To get in the game, you must purchase your bingo card (or several) and wait patiently for the bingo room to open. Once the game starts, the bingo caller will start drawing out bingo balls and announcing their corresponding numbers.

Players get to mark the numbers on their bingo ticket, and if they are lucky enough to mark a valid winning pattern, they will win a prize.

What Does The 80 Ball Bingo Card Look Like?

This particular bingo card contains a 4×4 grid, and no free space, like we’ve seen in traditional bingo games. Each column is assigned a different colour, from left to right, as follows: Red, Yellow, Blue and White.

Numbers are placed in these columns after a certain formula. The red column will contain numbers from 1 to 20, the yellow column, numbers from 21 to 40, and the blue column gets random numbers in the range of 41 and 60. The last column, the white one, has the remaining numbers, from 61 to 80.

How Do I Win At 80 Ball Bingo?

It is truly important to have a strong grasp of the most common winning patterns in this game. Knowing which patterns will give you a prize will keep you focused and improve your chances of winning. Most online bingo venues will have different winning patterns in each bingo room, thus ensuring the player base is kept engaged.

In your standard online bingo game, as well as in a traditional bingo hall, there are a few ways of winning the prizes. For the first line prize, you will need to mark off the numbers forming a line on the grid. This can be horizontal, vertical or even diagonal.

Marking off 4 consecutive numbers on the ticket will bring you the first prize of the night. From here, you can continue to mark off numbers in order to complete the winning pattern of your selected game.

This one can vary greatly, so it’s important to check which one is the jackpot pattern in your desired room before starting your game session. These can be the 4 corners of the ticket, or the inner 4 squares on the card.

Other interesting patterns that will come with more prize money are the 2 Lines (which you can mark anywhere on the ticket), or 3 Lines, which look very different from one another.

In an online bingo hall, these special patterns are usually slightly highlighted on the ticket as you play.

Expert Tips On Winning More Often At 80 Ball Bingo

Sure, we’re all in for the fun. But some of the jackpot prizes that are being offered for this bingo variant are way too good for players not to want a sizeable chunk.

Luckily, unlike speed bingo, when you play this bingo variant you can get the upper hand over the other players, by following some simple tricks. The difference between the two is that speed bingo is a pure game of chance, that will end in a couple of minutes. With 80 Ball, you will get the chance to unwind a bit, and you can strategize beforehand to increase your winning chances.

Here are some useful tips you should follow to maximize your chances of taking home the prize money.

  • Make sure you know the rules and conditions of the room you are playing in, before anything else. This will make sure you know what you are up against.
  • Study winning patterns and probability against your own gaming practices, and decide which patterns you’ve seen more often. Then choose a bingo site or online bingo room that offers sizeable prizes for the most common patterns.
  • Play more bingo cards than one! With the rise of online bingo, you can use software to automatically daub cards, which makes playing with the maximum amount of cards super easy.
  • Try playing during hours when there are not a lot of players online. This might affect jackpot sums slightly, but you will definitely have more chances of winning. And winning a smaller jackpot is better than nothing.
  • Be on the lookout for bingo promotions and casinos offering a bingo bonus, free tickets or other special features. You can get more out of your bingo hobby if you take full advantage of the vast promotions and freebies sites are offering.


Considering its low risk but multiple ways of winning, along with the several prizes awarded per game and the size of the progressive jackpots you will see on some sites, this game is the perfect combination between the two most popular bingo games out there – 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo.

Its simplicity makes it the perfect way for new players to grasp the rules and the feel of this game, while the multiple ways of winning and combined benefits from the other bingo variants make it a fantastic choice for seasoned bingo players, as well.

When you decide you need to try it out, choose your casino wisely and always practice responsible gambling! And don’t forget to have fun, bingo is nothing other than a game of chance.