The Chase Bingo

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I am sure by now there are few Brits left who never heard of The Chase Bingo. This award-winning bingo game show has been an absolute hit for viewers since its inception in 2009.

A lot of its success is due to the charismatic host, Bradley Walsh, the innovative TV format, the show’s humour and the professional “chasers.” The brand recently got a massive sponsorship from Gala Bingo, which, in turn, let the bingo site open its own shiny new The Chase Bingo online room. Please keep reading for all the information you will need before playing with them.

So What is The Chase Bingo?

The game’s rules are pretty simple. You get to play a game of 90 ball bingo, and the player getting a full house will go forward to a final round, in which they can take a quiz against the “chasers/riders/quizzers”. With each question you or the chaser answer correctly, you will get to ride forward one step towards the jackpot.

The game ends when the first person gets their hands on the big prize, be it the player or the staff. But don’t fret – even if you don’t manage to be a winner of the final round, you can still keep your full house prize, as well as a small bingo bonus offered as a consolation prize.

Your Very Own Chase Bingo Room Online

We all know and love Gala Bingo. Since they sold their physical bingo halls back in 2015, they’ve been having some troubles differentiating themselves from other popular bingo brands – and we know there’s no shortage of them.

However, their latest advertising strategy included this partnership with ITV, and The Chase, hoping this will cause a ruckus on social media and drive more people to their brand.

By offering such a unique experience – you can only play this bingo game on Gala Bingo – they’ve ensured their desired customer loyalty. And the customers get a fun challenge and access to their favourite bingo game show. We feel like it’s a pretty sweet deal for everyone.

How To Play The Chase Bingo Online

If you’d like to participate in the online Chase Bingo event, all you need to do is head over to Gala Bingo’s website.

The bingo tickets cost 5p each, and you can get up to 6 for each game. Each day, Gala Bingo offers £750 in prizes – this translates into £150 per session, or £2 for one line, £4 for two lines, or £9 for the full house. The prizes are automatically added to the player’s real money balance.

Frequent customers might know that at the end of the game, the full house winner will get to challenge the chasers. In the online bingo room, the artwork is very similar to the televised game show. However, with it being an automated online bingo game, the audience cannot take the quiz.

If you find yourself in the final round, a coin will be tossed to decide whether you and the chasers will answer correctly to the question.

If you don’t manage to outrun the chaser, you will get to keep your full house winnings, and a small bingo bonus will also be added to your account. If you beat them, however, your funds could increase considerably.

The Chase Bingo – Verdict

This partnership is truly what we want to see going forward. We love that Gala Bingo found such an interactive way for advertisement, in which they are adding real value for their clientele. There is a very loyal audience to this TV show, and I am sure a lot of us wanted to participate at some point.

Well, now we can do so, without tiring days filming the show – even without leaving the comfort of our couch. And who doesn’t love the chance to get some extra cash while also having a blast?