What Is 50 Ball Bingo And How To Play It

Bingo had come a long way since its inception back in 1500. Originally named “Il Giuoco del Lotto,” this simple yet thrilling game managed to take the world by storm and become one of the most popular past times for millions of people. To keep up with the times, the gambling industry makes efforts to regularly deliver new variants to keep its players engaged.

One of these newer bingo varieties is the exciting online bingo game that dropped the bingo ball count down to 50. Gala Bingo did the honors to launch the first-ever 50 Ball Bingo room a few years ago. The bingo variant was a wild success, and other major casinos quickly opened similar rooms to tap into the hype.

This bingo game was so well received because it seems to be the perfect balance between the winded, drawn-out standard 90 Ball Bingo Games and the newer and quicker 30 Ball and 40 Ball variants, which might intimidate some people because of the lightning-fast calls and short durations.

50 Ball Bingo is here to make everyone happy, so as a bingo enthusiast, I owed it to myself to learn everything there is to know about it.

What Is 50 Ball Bingo?

50 Ball Bingo is the perfect afternoon sneak. It does not last as long as your traditional bingo game, and complicated patterns are irrelevant. This bingo game is as simple as they get, which means it is the perfect avenue to get into bingo while winning some sizeable prizes.

50 Ball Bingo is probably the most popular version of exclusively-online bingo there is. Your average bingo site will have several themed rooms, and most major ones award their winners with mouth-watering jackpots every couple of minutes. But why is this game so attractive to players?

The 50 Ball Bingo Card

One of the most attractive illusions this variant sells is its resemblance to the lottery. Each individual bingo ticket has 10 squares, split into 2 rows, with no free space on any of them. Most people buy strips of 5, which means each strip will contain all 50 numbers in a certain placement.

The numbers are split as follows:

  • The first column: Numbers 1 through 10
  • The second column: Numbers 11 through 20
  • The third column: Numbers 21 through 30
  • The fourth column: Numbers 31 through 40
  • The fifth column: Numbers 41 through 50

One of these strips closely resembles a lottery ticket, and with it being such a quick and easy game, players really love it.

How Is 50 Ball Bingo Different?

Alright, we get it. Bingo is getting boring so developers are substracting bingo ball after bingo ball to keep things interesting. How is 50 Ball Bingo different from other kinds we’ve already seen? It’s only 10 more balls than 40 Ball Bingo!

Well, in a fast-paced game such as bingo 10 balls can really make or break a game. Those can decide whether someone is getting a full house and taking the juiciest part of the jackpot home, and if that someone is going to be you or not.

Apart from these, different number sets mean different parameters altogether. The total number of balls will dictate how your ticket is going to look, and this is where 50 Ball Bingo shines. The unique placement of the 10 squares on the ticket only allows for 2 distinct ways of winning. You can either get a full line or a full house. You can be the winner of both these prizes with a single ticket; you just have to be the first to grab both.

The full house prize is usually called very quickly after the first line prize, as it is prevalent to have marked off some numbers on the second line before calling the first line.

These very few seconds are exhilarating for players competing for a progressive jackpot, as you’d have great odds of being much richer in the time it takes to mark one bingo number.

How To Play 50 Ball Bingo

To play this variant, you will need to find yourself a bingo site that carries a special room for it. Luckily, there are many such online casinos so that you will be ready for your bingo session in no time.

Since 50 Ball Bingo is the creation of the internet, it is unlikely you will be able to find it in a traditional bingo hall or charitable gaming avenue, such as a church. Online bingo games come with the added benefit of progressive jackpots, massive cash prizes, and bingo bonuses, so I doubt most will miss the social aspect of it.

Moreover, a reputable online casino will offer multiple functionalities and chat games to keep its players engaged with one another. All you have to do is enter one of the many 50 Ball Bingo rooms and purchase a number of tickets. You can have the software mark off the numbers automatically, so at this point, you just need to wait for the caller to announce the lucky numbers.

As soon as you’ve landed the first winning combination, pay close attention if you manage to mark the second line off as well. Every bingo player can quickly become a multiple winner in this new type of lotto.

And the best part is that you do not even have to yell “Bingo.” This is certainly helpful for the introverts, as there are few things out there that feel more shameful than jumping the race and annoying all your fellow players. (Hey, they probably don’t really care that much.)

Where To Play 50 Ball Bingo?

I am a strong believer in the fact that 50 Ball Bingo should be played where it was conceived. Gala Bingo offers a vast range of themed rooms for their 50 Ball Bingo game, and each of them comes with unique layouts and features. The most popular ones are Coconut Island and Bingo Beats, which come with a fun little bingo bonus.

The tickets come as cheap as £0.04, so it’s easy to understand how the average bingo player might buy heaps of them. Gala Bingo has a great collection of slot games for which you might get the occasional free spin here and there, just because you’re a loyal customer, and they offer frequent prizes in real money, as well as free bingo games for when you need to be frugal.

New players will get to enjoy a generous bingo bonus to throw them right into the action, and what better way to use the bonus than buy more tickets than you can digitally hold for 50 Ball Bingo? Make sure to choose rooms with more players, as they are generally more fast-paced, and their players are racing towards a bigger cash prize.


If you’d like the thrilling gratification of an instant bingo game that’s finished in a couple of minutes, this game is not for you. Alternatively, if you like drawing out your bingo session to cover the latest news with your friends, this is also not going to cut it. 50 Ball Bingo is a cut-to-the-point type of bingo that has been specifically designed for the comfort of your own home, where a piece of software does the daubing for you.

All you’ve got to do is play a game of predictability and get obscene amounts of tickets as a professional basketball player at an arcade. This game’s simplicity, paired with a relaxed yet quick pace and the joyous wonder of modern technology employed by an online bingo site, make it a must-try for the experienced bingo aficionado and a first step for the new bingo player.

If you’re ready for your 50 Ball Adventure, why not check out a list of the best bingo sites out there?