What Is 40-Ball Bingo and How To Play It

It is unusual for a veteran bingo player never to have heard of the 40 ball bingo game yet. Since its inception in 2015, this bingo variant has taken online bingo sites by storm due to its fast pace and exciting functionalities.

While the most popular theme of this bingo game is the Rainbow Riches Bingo, which most of us are already familiar with, online casinos strive to deliver more branded games and keep their userbase engaged. No reputable bingo site has missed the opportunity to include this little gem in their collection, and that’s because people worldwide are becoming more and more interested in it by the day.

What Is 40 Ball Bingo?

This interactive game was first introduced to the online bingo community by the Virtue Fusion software developer in 2015. It was originally released under the Rainbow Riches brand, and it spread like wildfire among bingo players of all skill levels.

It has now become a classic casino game, and customers worldwide are enjoying the speed bingo feature this game offers, as well as the enhanced gameplay experience that comes with eye-candy graphics and fun little twists and features this variant brings to the bingo room.

The original version of this online bingo game comes with 40 bingo numbers and 2 special gold bonus balls that can bring a huge cash prize to one lucky winner. Winning in a 40 ball bingo session is easy as there are numerous prizes up for grabs, including a progressive jackpot. The bonus prize is inspired by the Rainbow Riches Clovers, from the same studio’s popular slot game.

If you’re accustomed to playing in a bingo hall, or you’ve only played the classic variations, such as 90 ball bingo on an online bingo site, 40 ball games will definitely surprise you with fantastic graphics and features, as well as its bingo bonus.

As this game varies greatly from traditional bingo variations, you might want to check how to play before jumping into a session. Here are some details that might help you get up to speed.

How To Play 40 Ball Bingo?

Since this game variant uses fewer balls than your regular one, the duration of a full game drops significantly, which means you can fit more games in a shorter amount of time. Combined with the many opportunities for winnings bonus prizes, players find that they can mark a winning pattern more frequently than other bingo games.

Fewer balls also mean shorter playing time, which can benefit those of us with less time on our hands. If you were put off by bingo because of its winded sessions, you will probably enjoy these shorter bingo games a lot more.

The 40 Ball Bingo Card

If you’re set on playing this game on the best UK bingo sites, you will quickly notice that its theme strays away from your usual bingo websites. The entire atmosphere, as well as the bingo ticket and special prizes, follow a very different layout.

Every detail closely alludes to the theme of the game, and the bingo card is not different. It appears as 2 distinct 4-leaved clovers, which leaves you with 8 spaces to mark off, and no free spaces.

To get a winning pattern, you will need to mark a lucky number on every leaf of any of the clovers. Marking one clover off will come with a prize, but you will win the big jackpot prize if you mark them both off.

The 40 ball bingo card

How To Start Playing

Whenever you’re ready to start playing, this game variant will be available to play on any of the sites managed by Virtue Fusion. Enter the Rainbow Riches Bingo room on your mobile device, desktop or bingo app (it’s 2021, after all), and prepare for the beginning of the session by buying your desired number of tickets.

When buying them, you will be prompted to choose a lucky number, which will be able to win you a £5 bonus on the Wishing Well.

After the game begins, the caller will start selecting numbers 1 through 40. You have 8 numbers in total to mark off, so wait patiently for your burst of luck. Most online gambling sites will give you the option to auto-daub your numbers, so all you have to do at this point is to relax. When you land all four numbers on a clover, it will turn gold from green, and you will be announced as the first winner.

How To Win 40 Ball Bingo

As mentioned, to grab a prize in Rainbow Riches Bingo, all you have to do is mark off an entire clover (or both, if you’re lucky).

Choosing a winning number at the beginning of the session will also allow you to make some extra cash with their special Wishing Well feature. Since it uses fewer balls than your usual bingo game, it’s a lot easier to adhere to the winners’ bingo club.

Buying more tickets at the beginning of the game will also increase your winning chances considerably. For 40 ball bingo you can buy up to 5 tickets, and since you can have the computer mark off the numbers for you, you will not get lost between all of your numbers. Only advantages here.

Certain factors could also influence the size of your prize. The number of players in the specific room will bring forward a bigger jackpot; as more tickets being sold, the bigger the prize. The price of the ticket will also have a say in how big the awards are.

All you need to do is look around and employ basic probability to choose the room that is most likely to pay out a prize you’re happy with.

Where Can I Play 40 Ball Bingo?

Since this bingo version is the exclusive creation of Virtue Fusion, it will be available to all the sites running their platform. This software developer manages a vast array of brands, some of them exclusive to the studio, some just using their platform while offering their own jackpots and bonus suits. Gaming with such a big studio gives players several perks, such as impeccable safety practices, as well as enticing bonuses and jackpots.

Some of them offer generous welcome bonus packages while also might shine through the simple fact that they provide free bingo games to their players. Whichever bingo website you choose, you will get the opportunity to play with other bingo fanatics and relax between games with new brand name slots and table games. Most of these will offer regular free spins to their players, along with their basic bonus offers.

Online Sites Where You Can Play 40 Ball Bingo

1. Sun Bingo

Sun Bingo offers players the possibility to play in one of their 3 Rainbow Riches Bingo rooms. Each of these has a different ticket price and, obviously, a different jackpot. They run up to £300 per game, and games run every 5 minutes.

You’ll find several other games when you’re bored of bingo, including a well-curated collection of slots, table games and scratchcards.

2. Gala Bingo

The jackpots for 40 ball bingo on this site are all around the £300 mark, with only the ticket price varying slightly. Apart from these, you’ll be able to enjoy numerous other bingo varieties, along with slots, table games and even Slingo. Gala Bingo has an unmatched Rewards scheme, which lets its players get more bonuses and other exciting features, such as exclusive VIP games.

If you’d like your boat rocked, you could also head over to their Promotions section, where you will see they run special games with massive prizes and other promotions such as giveaways and cashback regularly.

3. Rainbow Riches Casino

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It would have been weird for a casino branded like this not to carry the famous bingo game, so head over to their site to experience the thrill of playing for a £2000+ jackpot.

They also have an amazing collection of scratchcards and a live casino where you can enjoy popular table games with friendly dealers while waiting for your next bingo session to start.

4. Buzz Bingo

Buzz Bingo is known for offering some mouth-watering prizes to their several bingo rooms, such as the Fluffy Favourites Bingo, which comes with a £3,200 jackpot, or Link Room Bingo, that can make one lucky player £9000 richer every couple of minutes.

They host frequent tournaments with generous prizes, and they also have a great loyalty scheme in place that can help players get more bonuses, free spins and even cashback.

5. Heart Bingo

Slingo, Slots and other exciting games are also present on this heartfelt online casino, where you can play numerous themed bingo games, such as Superlinks and The Crystal Maze. Jackpots go up to £15,000 and they even offer free bingo games, with no deposit.

Obviously, you will need to make a payment to withdraw any winnings you might have gotten during a free session.

How To Choose A Winning Number

Having the ability to choose a specific lucky number that can boost your earnings in this type of bingo is a breath of fresh air. Having your bingo session online also lets you choose what kind of numbers you want on your tickets.

This is really exciting, as the experienced bingo player will know how to use probability to choose numbers more likely to be drawn, according to the total number of bingo balls employed in the game.

Depending on how many balls are going to get drawn, there is a uniform pattern you can spot and use to improve your odds at marking a ticket. British statistician L.H.C. Tippett came up with a theory about randomness, suggesting that the more numbers are being called, the bigger the chances that those numbers will gravitate towards the median.

This means that in longer games, to the likes of 90 Ball Bingo, it is a safer bet to choose numbers closer to 45, while in shorter ones, like 40 Ball Bingo, you would have more winning chances with numbers closer to 1 or 40.

Other Exciting Bingo Variations

If you’ve already dabbled in 40 ball bingo, and you’ve already made your first real money from it, you might be on the lookout for similar variants that play quickly and are very interactive.

30 Ball Bingo aka Speed Bingo

This is the fastest form of bingo you’ll ever encounter. The bingo card contains 9 numbers, and you will need to mark a full house to win the grand prize. The 30 ball bingo variant is most commonly found under the Cash Cubes brand.

Slingo Games

Slingo titles are a deliciously innovative mash-up between Bingo and Slots. The gameplay is fast-paced and comes with some very enticing prizes. You can play these on most big online bingo sites, and they come with amazing graphics and very engaging functionalities. They’re a lot of fun.

52 Ball Bingo aka Bingo Cards

This one is a neat little addition to the bingo world, as it employs a deck of playing cards instead of the classic bingo ball set. Hence the 52. It is still one of the fastest kinds of bingo, with games spawning over a few minutes. More prizes for everyone!

Why Play 40-Ball Bingo?

This kind of bingo differentiates itself from the rest with the exciting theme and brand that surrounds it. Rainbow Riches is a wildly popular game, and using this in a bingo variant is downright genius. Players get to experience the same thrills of standard bingo in a shorter game, with more prizes, and many little fun twists and bits to make it more exciting.

There is really no way around it; if you’re a bingo fan, you need to play 40-Ball Bingo at least once. I don’t make the rules.


Whether you enjoy long-winded games full of jackpot induced adrenaline or like squeezing a quick game here and there to earn your bus fare back, 40 Ball Bingo is the perfect combination of both of these playing styles.

They come with the added bonus of an already hyper community, an innovating theme and design, and more chances to win. These games usually offer up to 4 distinct prizes per game.

And if you’ve never tried a themed bingo room before, this is your best chance to be blown away by recent innovation. This version of bingo is a must for every aficionado of the genre, and there is no one out there that can change my mind.