What Is 75 Ball Bingo And How To Play It

Chances are you have already heard of this bingo variation. Millions play it around the world, and the jackpots are high! But what is it, exactly, and how can you make sure you win at it?

Online bingo has seen a massive increase in popularity with the rise of online bingo. Playing bingo has never been quite as easy and fulfilling as it is in the age of technology, and this bingo variant has definitely taken profits from the surge in the number of players.

As one of the most popular games to be played socially in the U.S., 75 ball bingo is quite different from the 90 ball bingo game or other newer variants, especially through the opportunities for customizations.

Bingo operators can run multiple bingo rooms with this game, changing the winning bingo pattern for a completely new experience for the players. Let’s take a look at how this game is played, so you will be armed with all the knowledge you need to bag a juicy bingo jackpot.

How To Play 75 Ball Bingo

This bingo variation was originally introduced in the United States online, taking after a popular lottery game played back in the 1500s in Italy. For a more comprehensive history of bingo, you can check our master guide How To Play Bingo.

The rules are pretty straightforward, as with the majority of bingo games. The player buys their bingo card and waits in the lobby for the game to begin. The bingo caller will announce each bingo number out of 75 being drawn out at a time.

The players have the option to manually daub their card whenever they have one of the called numbers or let the software auto-daub them and sit back and relax. The objective of the game is to mark off all numbers on the card in the specific winning pattern for the game they’re playing.

Of course, the prize will be awarded to the first person completing the winning pattern.

How Does The 75 Ball Bingo Card Look Like?

The 75 ball bingo card, or the bingo ticket, is the one that most people think about when imagining a bingo card. It comprises a 5×5 grid of squares, with the centre square being left blank. Each of the columns gets assigned one of the letters in the word Bingo, and the numbers on them will respect a certain pre-defined order.

  • B column contains numbers from 1 to 15.
  • I column’s numbers range from 16 to 30.
  • N column contains the blank square and 4 numbers ranging from 31 to 45.
  • G column has 5 numbers between 45 and 60.
  • O column contains numbers from 61 to 75.

There are 24 total numbers on a bingo card in 25 squares, and players can buy up to 96 bingo cards in a single 75 ball bingo game.

How To Win At 75 Ball Bingo?

In order to win the progressive jackpot, a bingo site will offer for their 75 ball bingo rooms, a player must be the first one to complete the pre determined pattern on a card. A lot of rooms will have wild required patterns, but the prizes will also be bigger.

This is where the fact that you can buy multiple cards comes in handy – with 96 bingo tickets and the option to auto-daub them, your chances of winning the jackpot prize increase dramatically.

Unlike speed bingo or other, newer bingo variants, this game offers the possibility to improve your playing skills and, as a direct result, your chances of grabbing the jackpot.

Here are some tips to sweeten your online bingo game experience and mark your first winning ticket.

  • Learn different winning patterns and be mindful of which ones are commonly achieved in which ones are not. This will let you assess your chances of winning better, and you will be able to focus your efforts and funds on the game rooms you know will yield the best monetary results.
  • Pick your bingo site well, considering their regular offers and bonuses. More added value from your bingo operators will mean more games and more chances to win with a smaller budget.
  • However seasoned you are as a bingo player, always check the rules of a certain bingo room before joining the game. This will offer you a slight advantage over players just testing the water.

How Is Online 75 Ball Bingo Different From Traditional Bingo?

One of the most important differences between online bingo and traditional bingo is the ease with which players get to mark off random numbers as they are being called.

Playing on a bingo website completely takes away the awkwardness at yelling Bingo at the wrong time, the stress of not being able to find bingo numbers as they are being called, as well as not remembering winning patterns.

Some games will have a lot of valid patterns to be played, whichmany can prove a bit overwhelming for bingo players at first.

Playing this bingo variety online assures that you never miss a winning card because each bingo ball is automatically marked off if you have it. Sometimes, the winning patterns will be highlighted on the ticket in a lighter colour, so players know what they are striving towards.

75 Ball Bingo Jackpots

Your regular bingo hall, along with most operators, will have running games of 75 ball bingo since this is one of the most popular variants worldwide. Considering the higher complexity of the game, the large number of possible players, and the difficulty at which players usually mark off unusual patterns, your average winner will get to enjoy a sizeable jackpot prize.

Each room will have a minimum guaranteed jackpot, but the actual size of your prize will vary according to the price of the ticket and the number of players in the room. There must be at least 3 players in the room for the jackpot to be given out.

The base jackpot is 250/50 of game currencies, while the maximum jackpot is 1500/150 of game currencies. Some bingo games will feature a special progressive jackpot, for which you will probably have to mark off the special pattern on a card in a given number of calls. This will translate into you winning the pattern prize, as well as the progressive jackpot.

The quicker a pattern is completed, the more real money will usually be won.


75 ball bingo is usually one of those long-winded types of games that you have more control over. Being one of the most popular kinds of bingo out there, there is no surprise that a lot of players are attracted to it, and so bigger jackpots are being awarded.

Whether you want to enjoy a social game with your friends or play to win some mouth-watering jackpots, you are now equipped to – at least – find the best variation around for your own needs. Happy playing!