Online Bingo Software

It is safe to say that the gambling industry is one of the biggest and fastest-growing industries in the world right now. At the heart of every one of your favourite bingo sites, there’s a piece of software that was specifically designed to make your gaming sessions as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.

Several huge and indie studios are working tirelessly to provide their users with the best possible options in software so that players worldwide can enjoy a veridic casino experience from the comfort of their own homes.

Let us take you through the most important particularities of the biggest and most well-known software out there in this bingo software review. You will be an expert in no time, and you’ll be able to choose the perfect fit for you, armed with the knowledge we’re about to give you.

What is Bingo Software

Like the case with many industries in the technology era, gambling has almost completely moved online. This is probably a direct result of studios investing a lot of time, effort, and money into perfecting their platforms for an optimal experience on new bingo sites and also existing ones. 

If you are an experienced online bingo player, you might recognise some of the names in this article, and you might have some knowledge about how these platforms work and what they have to offer. 

However, if you’re starting to dabble your toes into online bingo, you might quickly become overwhelmed with the technical terms, the multitude of options you have, and you might miss important information on what each of these pieces of software can do for you. 

If you allow me an analogy, think of a popular bingo site. If you don’t know any, there are many examples I’ve provided for you below for each of the listed software providers. On this type of sites, the games they host are like fruit. As the payment system, the site’s functionalities, the comprehensive chat feature, the categories, and ways to navigate the site are the foliage. The bingo/casino software’s code is the trunk and branches that keep the tree together and allow you to enjoy the fruit. 

Bingo software ensures some of the biggest player requirements are met. The code behind your favourite casino makes the games run smoothly and allows for a seamless gaming experience. The bingo software is also responsible for several features you might have used in the past, such as in-game chatrooms allowing you to connect to other players mid-game. 

Some other perks you get when playing on a well-made platform are improved visuals – the graphics run smoothly and are of the best quality, the clarity is great, and the sound effects are more and more realistic. 

It would be best if you considered several things when choosing your provider, and sticking to a reputable, big studio is generally advised. If you’re not sure what you’re supposed to look for when taking your pic, I’ve let you in on my personal system I use to rank them and assess their value to the player. 

How to Compare Bingo Software

There are several bingo platforms out there, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Most bingo software that comes from big studios doubles as a platform for other casino ventures as well – most will host other kinds of table games and slots. This is a great addition for players because they can enjoy their bingo practices and swiftly switch to slots, within the same site, if they feel like it. 

Most bingo sites recently started adding more gaming options for their customers, with popular slot machine games, such as Rainbow Riches, Starburst and Fluffy Favourites being present on classic bingo sites. 

In essence, there are 2 types of bingo software available – downloadable and instant play software. 

The downloadable kind is a piece of software you need to – obviously – download and install on your device. Once the software is downloaded, you will see a shortcut on your desktop, take you to the games, or open a little widget with more functionalities.

This used to be the norm with most bingo sites until the technology advanced to such a level that this is barely needed anymore. For a while, this was the only option to play games smoothly, but that is no longer the case since most households have access to high-speed internet. Flash technology used to feature heavily but has now been phased out and replaced by HTML5.

Instant Play software uses the latest HTML5 technology, through which they can bring your favourite games in the cleanest way possible – directly in your browser. With this, the rise of the gambling industry began as people were given a chance to game on mobile devices to play bingo on the go using their smartphone or tablet. 

If you’re not sure what provider does your casino run with, you can head to the page’s footer, and you will generally find this piece of information on their About Us page.

Now, when browsing for your next bingo software platform, there are a few things you should take into account. Each of them should be carefully analysed according to your personal priorities. 

Here I’ve listed a few things to keep in mind when pondering this choice. 

What To Look For 

There are some common things to look out for when researching which bingo software is the best we list the most important ones below.

Mobile Compatibility

It is imperative to know if bingo software allows mobile play. Most software these days do, but you should still check before committing to one of them, as this is a necessary functionality, especially if you’re an avid mobile user. Platforms that support mobile play will generally let you know. Look for banners on the sites that promote playing on a mobile phone, mobile promotions, or mobile app advertising. 

Community Features

Everyone knows bingo is a lot more fun when you’re able to interact with other players. While this was not a possibility in the beginnings of online gambling, it should now be the norm as the technology allows this has been here for a while.

It would help if you looked for chat functions – in-game chatrooms, waiting lobbies, or other community-building channels and solutions, such as leaderboards or person to person messaging. The social element is a vital part of playing bingo nowadays, and I feel that people who played bingo with fun chat features will never look back to their solo days. 

Performance and Speed  

A huge aspect of playing online bingo and other casino games is the speed and software performance. You definitely do not want a small platform hosting multiple casino sites because this will slow down the network and become annoying before long.

It would be best if you looked for established studios with big projects, which do not sacrifice speed for the sake of their number of players. Generally, sticking with a reputable studio is a great idea, as these provide the most value, given their resources. 

Graphics and Visual Quality 

I might be a bit of a snob, but I certainly do not enjoy brands that do not put effort into their visual products or sacrifice the site’s visual aspect and friendly atmosphere for the benefit of speed. As the online gaming industry has done beautifully over the years, delivering both performance and high-quality graphics is a must.

Of course, the layout and design of the site one chooses should cater to their particular tastes, but a good base should always be laid out. This means educated design choices, banners and ads that do not look out of place, and, of course, games you like looking at. 

Selection of Games 

If your software ticks all of the above boxes, a good way to differentiate a bingo operator from another is by looking through their collection of games. Many bingo software providers will have all of the classic bingo games under their belt while also hosting various casino games such as roulette, jackpot, and slot games.

As I mentioned above, many bingo providers will also support most casino games and provide bingo players with slot games to play, so it’s up to you if you want a pure bingo experience or enjoy some casino action on the side.


Lastly, the most important thing to consider is the security level you get with each software provider. You should always check a providers licence – they should have a direct link to their certifications and licences, or at least openly display the number of the licence so you can look it up.

A fair and trusted bingo provider should also have a certificate proving they were tested to use a Random Number Generator (RNG) by a competent Gambling Commission. This ensures that the gambling authorities have audited the games and they have decided that they are not fixed in any way and will fairly payout the players. 

A great thing you can do to check the company’s safety level is also checking for the reputation. A quick search will bring you a lot of info about the present and past complaints, and you can steer clear of companies with unresolved scandals or have been involved in non-payment complaints. 

Bingo Providers Worth Their Salt

Now that you know what to look for when choosing a provider, I’ve compiled a list of the biggest, most respected bingo software providers out there. When it comes to these, performance is not an issue, as they run the biggest bingo/casino networks with millions of players, running at the highest speeds you will find. 

These studios run the latest technology and are very safe as they have been in the public eye for a while. They are also responsible for most hyper-popular titles, and they offer some of the best offers and features out there. 

For each of them, we will cover a brief history, trust level, game selection, functionalities, and networks they run and reasons why they’re a good choice, despite the competition. 

Dragonfish Software

Dragonfish is such an imposing name in this industry; I’d be surprised if you’ve never heard of them. They are the bingo software providers for all bingo sites on the 888 Holdings and some other third-party sites. 

Their platform is easy to use, has some very nice features such as great chatboxes, promotions and a very complex loyalty scheme, and comes with a leading operator’s reliability. 

Dragonfish are, obviously, highly regulated and audited for quality, and you can rest assured that they are careful with your data. 

If you’re looking for a bingo platform where you can play a wide selection of games, with little to no fuss, and get some nice promotions in the meantime, Dragonfish might be for you. 

Playing with such a big operator comes with its advantages and disadvantages, such as lack of customization options and the same platform being used across many sites.

Playtech (Virtue Fusion)

Playtech is also here to prove its rightful place between industry-leading studios. With over 40% market share in the UK, and a game portfolio surpassing the thousands, this studio has accustomed us with top quality, day in and day out. 

While they are not solely focused on bingo software, their platform is used across a wide range of bingo sites and is well known for the quality and ease of access. 

Their game collection is pretty impressive, and it is made available to all sites on their network. This ensures a comfortable range of motion between bingo, table games and slots, for those moments when bingo rooms are not able to scratch that itch single-handedly. 

Playing with Virtue Fusions sites also comes with the peace of mind that you are not being scammed, and your trust will stay intact for the entire duration of your online gambling practices. 

If you’d like more details on this provider, you can find our extensive review here. 

Bede Gaming

Bede Gaming definitely has a horse in this race with over 3 million registered players and some very innovative software pieces under their belt. They are not as well known as other giants on this list. Don’t let this fool you, though, as when you deliver quality services, the marketing budget should not be through the roof. 

Bede Gaming is a reputable studio, and its software is being used on qualitative sites, complete with fantastic promotions and engaging functionalities for their users. 

Their patented “HUB” technology brings together titles from several providers, offering their sites one of the biggest game collections you’ll be able to find online. 

They also have a stellar track record, with little to no scandals or negative press attention. Way to go, Bede gaming!

B-Live Gaming

You might want to purchase some bingo tickets early, with this one. B-Live Gaming had made a name for itself in bingo operators’ world by bringing forward and never seen before technology, which allowed players to level up their home bingo nights to some entertaining parties. 

Their business model revolves around their patented technology, which allowed players worldwide to connect their webcams and have interactive bingo sessions with other players worldwide. 

The experience they offer is one of the most personal you’ll find. At this very moment, they are still operating one of only two webcam bingo sites. Their groundbreaking bingo games brought back the excitement into bingo, and it shows. Their site brings many players back every night for their innovative bingo games, competing for enticing prizes with their friends or total strangers alike. 


Microgaming is such a big name; it needs no introduction (I’m going to make one, though). One of the oldest names in the industry offers gaming solutions ranging from bingo to poker, table games, slots and other titles to a massive network of bingo venues and online casinos, to name a few. 

Their in-house developed titles are featured everywhere on the internet, and their bingo variants are full of fun opportunities. You can enjoy massive bingo bonuses, some very lucrative possible winnings, and all the tools you need to make for a great experience out of your bingo night. 

Their game selection is also the jewel of their crown. Not only do they develop entertaining games, but they also bring other branded titles on their network to create the most complex game collection and keep all their players happy and engaged. 

Jumpman Gaming

One of the fastest-growing casinos around, Jumpman Gaming is featured on a plethora of online casinos. Their games are of the highest order of quality, complete with striking graphics and innovative functionalities. 

Across their sites, they offer more than 600 slots, classic bingo rooms, a complex collection of table games, poker, and more. 

One of their most boasted features is its features and promotions cabinet. They offer real daily cashback and prizes, as well as an engaging trophy display for all your in-game accomplishments. 

Their journey began in 2009, and they’ve been going at full speed since then, offering services to more than 100 brand names in the industry and developing games loved by players worldwide. 


They are a small studio established not too long ago – in 2010. Since Gamesys Bingo sites came on the market, they’ve made some waves, providing a small number of exciting games and some never seen before features that helped open the bingo market to a large number of players. 

They were the first to bring bingo and slots to Facebook with their Bingo & Slots Friendzy app, and since their launch, they’ve paid out some serious prizes. 

The biggest jackpot that was paid by their network stands at an impressive £1.9 million!

Sites such as Heart Bingo and Jackpotjoy on their network come with a collection of enticing features, such as instant wins, slots, chatboxes, free spins, deposit bonuses and more.

ElectraWorks (Cozy Games)

This studio was the one that paved the way for an internet filled with small and quirky online casinos. When they launched, their products were affordable and targeting small start-ups. 

I think they can be considered responsible for the large number of online casinos we now see out there. If you wanted to start a bingo site as a hobby, Cozy would have been your best bet, as they offered accessible solutions to people just starting. 

This, in turn, helped the industry soar higher than any of us would have ever imagined, as the power was taken from big casino fish with deep pockets and put back into the hands of the people. 

Currently, the things are slightly different, as Cozy has specialized and is no longer catering to hobbyists, but full-fledged casino companies. However, we need to recognize their role in the popularization of online gambling. 


Please keep these studios in mind as a guide only, and do your own research before choosing a platform to spend your time (and money) on. 

As long as a studio is fully licensed and regulated, the only things you need to look out for are their features. Will they keep you engaged day after day, or are you likely to abandon your account after a couple of weeks? 

Do the promotions seem generous to you? Are they likely to convince you to spend more time on the site? Are you excited to get a break every day for your bingo games? 

Most of all, is your desired site or platform fun to use? Easy to navigate? These are all questions you should be asking yourself before even putting your e-mail address into their registration page. 

We advise taking a look around their About page, and reading some (if not all) of their Terms and Conditions before joining. These pages will have the vital information you’d otherwise miss, regarding things like payout times and limitations, promotional info, what happens with your data, and what are your rights and obligations when playing with a certain provider. 

Above all, do not forget to have fun and listen to your intuition! If your gut has already chosen a site, you should probably listen to it. But not before you’ve presented it with some good options.