Lightning Roulette Review

What’s better than standard roulette? Lightning Roulette! With electrifying chances to win big cash prizes, every roulette fan will have endless fun with these live dealers.

Evolution Gaming has once again come up with a terrific product. The software company has provided an enriched and extended version of the standard roulette. Though the game includes the basic roulette features, you can increase your winning chances with other betting options like Lucky Payouts and Lucky Numbers, and both features offer generous multipliers. 

The authenticity and intensity of the whole setup enhance by the futuristic and glamorous background. It takes the roulette to another level, providing a unique gaming experience that others are still struggling to match. Read this Lightning Roulette review to know how to play this spectacular game. 

About Lightning Roulette Game

Lightning roulette by Evolution Gaming is the improved version of standard European roulette. You won’t see anything resembling the live roulette studios. The game gives you a vibe of a TV show, and the dealer pretends to be a game show host. 

The rules are not the same as regular roulette, but they are easy to understand. There is nothing extraordinary about the game theme, but the way Evolution transforms the traditional roulette table game with a spark of colour and excitement is pretty impressive. Imagine yourself enjoying the typical boring roulette games, and suddenly, a lightning bolt strikes your screen; what will you expect next? Something thrilling and exciting always comes after a blast. It’s a single zero game type with bet ranges between £0.20 and £500. The special lighting multiplier is the main feature of the game to increase your winning potential 

A lightning thunder lightens up the colours in the background displaying the winning numbers. It’s a brand new studio promising a top-notch gaming experience with the latest technology. The latest black and gold combination gives the studio a royal look, and the best part is you can choose any dealer of your choice. 

How to Play Lightning Roulette Online

Lightning Roulette gameplay is similar to standard roulette but with some more excitement. This roulette is the supercharged version of common roulette with live dealers and exceptional HD video graphics. This section will lay out the guideline for the game and suggest some winning strategies for beginners. 

You can play Lightning Roulette on the standard wheel with 37 pockets where the 0 number is coloured green while 1 – 36 numbers are coloured red and black. Let’s walk you through how the lighting roulette gameplay works:

  1. Register to an online casino that features Lightning Roulette in their table game or live casino section
  2. Click on the game and wait for a few seconds or minutes if another betting round is already underway. 
  3. An immersive roulette table will pop out digitally on the screen. 
  4. Lightning Roulette is all about straight bets. You need to pick ten random numbers and place a bet on them for between £10 and £500 for each spin.
  5. The dealer will announce the closing window for placing bets. It would be best to be prompt in placing the bets because once the time ends, the wheel spins automatically.
  6. The dealer will not spin the wheel like classic roulette games but will pull a gold handle.
  7. Up to five numbers will appear on the screen behind the dealer, and each number will have a multiplier of up to 500x.
  8. The camera switches to an overhead view when the dealer releases the ball, giving the customer an aerial shot.
  9. The dealer will settle all the bets. If luck is at your side and you have the lucky numbers behind the screen, you will win the associated multiplier to the number. The remaining straight bets on the game pay 30:1.

Evolution Gaming is a remarkable gaming software brand. The software house is famous for creating high tech live dealer games. The highlight of the vendor games is their compatibility with almost all iOS and Android devices. You can play Lightning Roulette on the compact screen of your device or tablet. The gaming experience on desktop and mobile phones is the same, giving the customer an excellent opportunity to win cash.  Mobile lightning roulette allows the same roulette strategies and the same innovative version as the desktop site.

Interactive Features

Lightning Roulette is easy to play, like standard roulette, and has some exciting features, which we will evaluate in this section:

Progressive jackpots 

There is no fixed or progressive jackpot associated with Lightning Roulette. However, if a player places a straight wager and the number turns out to be the lightning number, then the game’s maximum winning potential is 500x the original stake. 

Bonus games 

Lightning Roulette is a table game and doesn’t feature bonus rounds as slot games. However, you can boost your winnings with the multiplier from 50x to 500x of your original bet. Every number is random, and every win is based on luck; however, we have some strategies and winning tips for beginners to play smart on this spinning wheel game.

It’s best to keep one thing in mind: the Martingale system, aka progressive betting system, is a no go on Lightning Roulette. We won’t say you can’t use them to win real money bets, but what will be the case if winning multipliers requires picking the correct number. We think you will be happy playing European Roulette in this case. We have some winning strategies for lightning roulette that may help you score a big win. Let’s look at those:

Neighbour Bets:

A racetrack will help you place bets on the game with a single tap or click. For instance, you can cover the 17 numbers by Voisins bet, such as 22, 29, 18, 35, 3 12, 0, 15, 32, 4, 19, 2, 25 and 21. You can also use other neighbour bets like Orphellins and Tires to cover a considerable table portion.


Are you a roulette aficionado? If yes, you will know the standard bet successfully covers 12 numbers. To give yourself the best big multiplier winning chance, bet on single or double columns. 

Black or Red

This strategy has nothing to do with even cash black or red bet. Instead, this time you either bet an all reds or all blacks. It’s the best way to cover at least half possibilities except the zero. This strategy is the closest 50/50 chance to win the maximum multiplier on the screen.

Random Selection

This one is more like a blind stab than a strategy to the winning multiplier. Select at least half of the total numbers randomly. We don’t guarantee you a winning chance will be above average. 

Every Number Bet

Oh Yes! You can bet on every number on the screen, and you can only win if the roulette ball stops in your selected number pocket. The total cost will be about £37 if you place a £1 bet on each number. Worst-case scenario, the chances are you get back £30, but if you hit the multiplier, that will be another story but with a happy ending.

All the lightning Roulette strategies are just tips, and there are no guarantees that you will win with any of these plans. You could constantly lose even when you have covered almost all the numbers on the wheel. But focus on the golden light that if you win 100x or 500x multiplier once, you will forget all about your loss with a single win. 

Besides these strategies, this world-class live roulette has two unique features:

Lucky Multiplier:

This thrilling Roulette uses the RNG technology for the random multiplier in every round. The machine selects 1 to 5 random numbers from the wheel and displays them on the screen. The multipliers linked to each number are also arbitrary and have nothing to do with any casino or developer. The multipliers on the game are:

  • 50x
  • 100x
  • 200x
  • 300x
  • 400x
  • 500x

Recent Number Statistics:

This feature is more to help you in strategising than a particular part. You can draw the 500 spin history to evaluate your betting strategy and betting limits. You can use these statistics to place quick bets, which could be your lucky number.


When it comes to symbols, Lightning Roulette doesn’t feature any special characters. The advanced effects and graphics give players an immersive gaming experience close to reality.

The only symbols you will find on the wheel are numbers 1 to 36. They are divided into segments with only 0 in green colour while the rest are red and black. 

Paylines and Stakes

Lightning Roulette casinos by Evolution Gaming is the European online Roulette advanced version. Unlike the regular live version, where the dealer spins the wheels at Lightning Roulette casinos, things are intuitive.

You can place a bet on single or multiple numbers or the basis of colour. When the wheel stops spinning, the number board is struck by a lightning bolt, and the random lucky number is displayed on the screen. 

The Straight Up Bet win payout is not only 35:1, but it also has an additional multiplier between 50 to 500x player’s original bet. The rest of the payout of the bet includes:

  • Straight Up Bet: 29:1 and 499:1
  • Street Bet: 11:1
  • Split Bet: 17:1
  • Line Bet: 5:1
  • Corner Bet: 8:1

The Straight Up bet range of the Lightning Roulette is £0.20 to £500, giving low and high rollers equal opportunities to try their luck.

Lightning Roulette Game Software

Lightning Roulette casinos are powered by Evolution Gaming, famous for its B2B Live Casino solutions for the online gaming industry. Players can play their casino games at the international best online casinos. The products of Evolution Gaming have high-quality live streaming never seen before. This provider’s strength lies in creating innovative games and developing new Live Casino games that take our breath away every time. In recent years, the company underwent several changes and flourished to become an industry leader.

In 2020 the vendor was named the Live Casino of the year at the EGR B2B Awards. Some popular live casino games from this provider are;

What is Lightning Roulette RTP? 

This immersive roulette site is a riveting live table game where you can spin the reel with a minimum wager of £0.02. The RTP of the game is 97.3%, but it is good to note that the Straight Up Bets with no multiplier have a reduced payout ratio of 29:1.

However, many experienced players share their experiences and report that they had benefited significantly from the multipliers at frequent intervals. It means that your bankroll will get a boost when playing a Lightning Roulette with patience.

However, do not expect the maximum multiplier of 500x on you every other spin. Because it’s hard to get a winning multiplier if you get two to three multipliers in the five Lightning numbers, consider yourself lucky.

More Info

The Return To Player of the Lightning Roulette is 97.3%, which means that the house edge on the game is about 3%. However, if the straight-up bet payout is reduced, it will significantly increase your house edge. If you gamble a £100 bet on the spin, you will get £97.3 in return.

Lightning Roulette Volatility

There are some mixed statistics on Lightning Roulette when it comes to volatility. A luck-based game player can win on every spin, making it a low volatile table game. However, the 500x multiplier is rare in the roulette wheel, which puts Lightning Roulette in a high variance video slot game. We evaluate the game’s volatility between medium to high with all the special features and winning frequency.


Lightning Roulette may be an excellent option for those looking for big winnings, thanks to the 500x multiplier that is not found on any other Roulette variant.

You should nevertheless expect several spins without a multiplier. If you consider the lower payouts for straight-up bets on the multiplier, the result is not that different from the standard roulette when you play a few rounds.

However, the excellent dealers in Evolution Gaming, the beautiful studio behind this exciting game, and the fantastic visual interface and sound effects you get while Lightning Roulette are incredibly entertaining, offering above par casino experience.