Sweet Alchemy Slot Review

Do you want to spice up your online slot experience with a new game? If that’s the case, Sweet Alchemy is here to help. A visually appealing slot adventure with magic, sugar, colour, and a friendly magician to assist you in making the most of this calorie-dense slot game.

Sweet Alchemy is a high variance cluster pays video slot launched in 2018. The game is powered by Play’n Go and has a 96.5% RTP.

This video slot is played on a 5×5 grid and features free spins, extra wilds, multipliers, bonus games, and cascading wins. Sweet Alchemy Slot has a mega payout of 3000x initial bet, and you can play it on both desktop and mobile devices.

This comprehensive Alchemy Slots Review provides you with information on how you can play the game, tips for enhancing your winnings, the game’s interactive features, and volatility. 

Read on to see if this Sweet Alchemy suits your gaming needs. 

About Sweet Alchemy Slot Game

Sweet Alchemy is a cluster pay video slot on a 5×5 grid with one pay line. 

This slot is based on the sensational Candy Crush Saga, but with a twist.

Play’n GO added a little magic and introduced a young alchemist called Candy. When you start the game, you’ll find Candy sitting to the right of the grid, and she conjures up spells casting them over your spins to give you extra winning chances. 

As you play, our protagonist can throw extra wilds in the game, remove non-winning symbols or shuffle all the characters on the grid when the spin ends to make your day. Candy also acts as your guide and narrator, looking pretty in pink and donning a candy-striped witch’s hat.

In Sweet Alchemy, you win when you line up a cluster of four or more identical symbols. When you get a winning group, the winning symbols explode and are replaced with new ones, giving you a chance to get multiple wins from a single spin. 

As you win, the Sugar Rush meter gradually fills up, and the higher it fills up, the more rewards you’ll receive. When the Sugar Rush is full, you get the Free Spins round, packed with many level-ups.

Sweet Alchemy slot has incredible symbols. The low and high-value reel symbols are all different gleaming candied treats, ranging from jelly beans, sugar cubes, doughnuts, cones, pastilles, hearts, nuts, and stars. If you get eight stars in a cluster, the stars pay most handsomely with a 30x payout.

Unlike most slots, Sweet Alchemy has terrific wilds. The Wild symbol in this slot can be one of three types – Dotted Wilds Chocolate cookies, Striped Wild candies, and Regular Wild candies. Each wild has its value, as we shall see below.

The Sweet Alchemy slot is visually stunning with sharp graphics and brilliant colours. The game follows the magical candy land theme set against piles of puffy purple coloured candy floss clouds!

Also, you will get whimsical and light-hearted music playing in the background to keep you riveted to the game. Sweet Alchemy Slot is your game if you love Candy Crush.

How to Play Sweet Alchemy Slots Online

When you open Sweet Alchemy on your browser, you’ll see many screens explaining the enjoyable game’s bonuses and additional features. These can confuse you at first, but the game’s mechanics will drop into place once you spin the reels a couple of times. Besides, plenty of help is available should you get mixed up.

The game’s friendly young alchemist, Candy, provides a few lessons before you begin. Click on the book symbol just below the playing area to relaunch the lessons if playing on a desktop. But if you’re enjoying your mobile games on a mobile device, you can access them from the game menu.

Place your bet, then press the spin button and see what mouth-watering treats await you.

Sweet Alchemy takes some time to grasp – though it is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. You can start by using the autoplay feature, and you can spin up to 100 times in autoplay mode without having to keep pressing the spin button.

Once you have understood how spinning works, the next thing is to know how you can enhance your winnings in the game. 

You’ll need to unlock the bonus rounds to win good prizes. Of course, the spin outcomes occur at random, so you can not guarantee a win, but here are some important events to look out for to increase your winning odds.

Keep an eye out for the Mix the Elixir Bonus Round. If you land big cluster wins of 38 or more winning symbols in a spin, you will unlock this round.

Also, it would be best to look out for the Alchemist’s spells because they will give you more winning potential.

However, you activate the hugest wins in the Elixir of Power Bonus. So aim to activate this round to its third level. Be sure to utilise the Sugar Bombs and Sweet Surprises that pop up. Plus, remember the Map feature can boost you by 15% on your base game wins.

Interactive Features

Sweet Alchemy is jam-packed with tasty bonus features. And that’s what makes this slot stand out from the crowd. 

We highlight the unique features below and how they make the game super exciting:

Sugar Rush Meter

The potential for some massive payouts is excellent, but you can only get a winning combination if you land four or more cluster symbols – the larger the cluster, the better the payout! Every victory powers up the Sugar Rush Meter. 

As you progress through the levels, you activate a unique feature that will help you string together winning combinations. 

If you top the Sugar Rush Meter with six candies, two wilds will replace two random symbols on the grid to help complete the winning combos.

And collecting 13 candies transforms two symbols into Striped Wilds that remove all sweets horizontally or vertically.   

If you collect 25 candies, two symbols will transform into Dotted Wilds to clear the board of all candies of a randomly selected type. 

But what you need to aim for is to garner 38 symbols in a spin. They fill the Sugar Rush meter and activate the Mix the Elixir Free Round.

Mix the Elixir Free Round Feature

The Elixir Free Round Feature is your Free Spins Bonus Round, and unlocking it brings extra challenges, features, and level-ups. To start with, the play area changes from a 5×5 to a 9×9 grid. 

Below the Alchemist, a Bonus board will show you the candies you’ll need to collect and how many of each will increase your prizes in the Mix the Elixir Free Round! 

In this bonus round, all winning combinations add to your balance.  

However, only completing winning paylines with the specified symbols will help you collect the three stars required to activate the Elixir of Power Bonus round. 

When playing the Mix the Elixir round, the Alchemist will use her special Magic Potions on your seven spins to assist you in completing winning combinations. She will cast one of the following spells on the reels at random on any non-winning wheel:

  • Sugar bombs – drops cherry bombs to blast off 7 to 15 regular symbols on the reels and replace them with new ones.
  •  Mixed Candy – shuffles the characters on the grid after the spin
  • Sweet surprise – the candy Witch will drop cake boxes on the reels containing 7 to 12 random Wild symbols

Elixir of Power Bonus

You’ll trigger the Elixir of Power bonus feature after completing your seven spins on the Mix the Elixir bonus round. A massive 5×5 chocolate screen is placed in front of you, and select the tiles you want to consume to reveal the portion hidden beneath them. The game is over once you find three matching potions. 

The Elixir of Power bonus feature has three levels, each awarding you free spins at an increasing multiplier.

Prizes are as follows:

  • Level 1: 5x your bet plus 3x your win from the free spins
  • Level 2: 10x your bet plus 5x your winning from the free spins.
  • Level 3: 10x your bet plus 10x your win from the free spins. 

On your lucky day, this is the point at which you can bag that top 3,000x payout.

The Map Feature

The Map feature is another fun game to play within the Sweet Alchemy machine. 

You move up one position on the Map each time you complete the Elixir of Power feature.  

For every third level you complete on the Map, you’ll reveal the scattered Treasure Chests.  

The chests give you a cash prize equal to 15% of the winnings you got from the base game since the last Treasure Chest you collected.

Paylines and Stakes

Sweet Alchemy slot has no paylines because it uses the Cluster Pays system. So you win by forming clusters on the reel board. Gamblers and gaming fans love cluster pay slots because they allow vertical and horizontal symbol matching anywhere on the grid, giving players multiple winning options. 

With a cluster pay game, your only option is to wager a certain amount per spin. This is where you’ll find a wide variety of choices, making the game suitable for players of all skill levels and bankroll. 

You can bet as little as 10p per spin to a whopping £100 per spin. The wide stake range means the game is suitable for new players who may want to wager a little money as they get to know better how the game works. Experienced players with a constrained bankroll will also find the low wagers appealing.

Sweet Alchemy Slot Game Software

Play’n GO software powers the Sweet Alchemy slots.  

Play’n GO is an award-winning provider of high-quality, innovative machines with attractive special features, unique plots, and exclusive wins. The company provides online casino games to many of the world’s most prestigious online casino brands.  

The company creates games in HTML5 to provide a better user experience and seamless gaming experience across all platforms and devices. Some of their most outstanding hit titles include Gemix, Monster Smash, Leprechaun Goes Egypt, Matsuri, Energoonz, Tower quest, and Super Flip. 

Play’n GO received the IGA Slot Provider of the Year 2017 title award to recognise the supplier’s comprehensive portfolio. Gambling fans expect high-quality gaming entertainment whenever this software provider is involved.

What is Sweet Alchemy Slots RTP? 

The Return To Player for Sweet Alchemy slots is 96.52%. This means Sweet Alchemy pays back £96.52 for every £100 wagered. 

However, don’t let this fool you into believing that this guarantees what you’ll get when you play the game. After months of research, the figure was calculated into the numbers involved in many players betting on the game. Some gamblers will have won colossal sums of money within this time, while others will have lost all of their bankrolls. 

On average, a 96.52% RTP is excellent for such a game, with a home edge of below 3.5%. Therefore, this is evidence that the Sweet Alchemy slot is entirely fair to play.

Slot Volatility

Volatility or variance is the second most crucial aspect of playing video slot games is as it determines whether you win big or win small. 

New players are confused by the term, but it’s critical to understand it if you want to enjoy the game. 

Volatility enables you to select games appropriate for your playing style. For instance, if you are a high roller and a risk-taker, you need to choose high volatility games. The wins take time before they appear, but the prizes are incredibly generous once they do. 

It is best to choose low volatility games if you are a novice player or are naturally cautious and prefer to play with low stakes. Low Volatility games will rarely dish out large real money payouts; instead, you will find many small wins with meagre cashouts. 

Between the low and high volatility games are the medium volatility games. These games straddle both worlds, and they offer sufficient small wins to keep the cautious players happy and significant wins for the high roller players on rare occasions. 

Sweet Alchemy slot is a high-volatility game; hence may take a while to trigger the wins. However, Candy, the Alchemist, is always there to assist, especially during the bonus feature rounds. 

Further, the game has a wide betting range, making it available to many players. So as you spin the reels, there’s a good chance you’ll win a sizable jackpot. 

Assessing the volatility of the game is critical for players betting real money. You don’t have to be concerned about the game’s volatility if you are a new player or are playing for free.   

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Sweet Alchemy is a top-class cascading slot game but can be confusing at first. So much goes on in the gameplay, including loads of features and the many level-ups. We recommend you take it easy and learn the ropes first before diving into serious gaming. 

Once you get to grips with what seemed confusing, Sweet Alchemy will quickly become a thrilling, fast-paced slot game. You will find the game both highly entertaining and real cash rewarding. 

In Sweet Alchemy, Play n Go’s have moved the needle in on-screen interaction with the principal character, quests, and bonus features to give you the most incredible gaming experience. 

This review gives Sweet Alchemy slots thumbs up all around.