Reactoonz Slot Review

Reactoonz slot is an exquisite creation of Play’n Go Gaming software. The 3D slot game comes with a unique 7×7 grid with one payline. Hold your horses because Play n’ Go creates innovative ways to win cash prizes on the slot.

The Reactoonz cute aliens on the slot game drop down on the grid to create winning combos. If you have played Moon Princess before, you will find similar features between the two. Do you know the slot game has no free spins? However, there are some bonus features that we will mention in this Reactoonz Slot review.

About Reactoonz Slot Game

Reactoonz is a Play n’ Go slot game with an unusual 7×7 grid. It’s an alien-themed slot using the cascading game feature, giving you a chance to win almost on all spins. Every win charges the meter that randomly triggers the Quantum features from 1 to 5. You will get low-value symbol transformation, wild symbols transformation, Gargantuan wilds, and low-value symbol destruction and intersecting wilds. That’s not all; you will also get a 2x multiplier on four matching symbols in a 2×2 grid shape. Random wilds and fluctuating symbols are responsible for giving wilds. The video slot is highly volatile and offers the maximum potential win of 4570x your total stake on each spin. 

Play n’ Go is famous for its exclusive slot designs, and Reactoonz is no exception. The slot game graphics are high quality, and the vibrant colour palette is visually appealing. 

The sound effects of the slot game create an impressive interstellar atmosphere. The game starts quietly, but the sharp music beats get interrupted by the blast sounds during explosions and reverberating background noise. 

When Quantum features activate its preamble of the excitement players will experience, the music changes and picks up its speed. 

How to Play Reactoonz Slots Online

Reactoonz is an impressive slot game with simple gameplay and bonus-filled rounds. Play no Go sets its slot layout very well with a functional and clean interface. To understand the gameplay of the slot, follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Choose the online casino with Reactoonz in their game lobby. 
  2. Click on the game, and the 7×7 reels will unfold on a neat layout with animated graphics and integration SFX.
  3. You will find four elements on the slot reel, and all the winning combinations create when symbols match from the cascading reel. 
  4. The slot’s bottom section includes all the features and functionality to control the game from bet to spin.
  5. You can see your quantum meter that recharges after every spin on the right side of the reel. The left side encloses the player’s winnings. 
  6. Adjust your bet through the sliding bar from 20p to £100 from the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. You can increase or decrease the bet amount with a + or – sign in the middle at the bottom for desktop users. 
  7. Spin the reels with the spin button in green or select the autoplay feature for uninterrupted gameplay of 10 to 100 spins. 
  8. The main objective of Reactoonz is to make a cluster of at least five matching symbols on the paylines. The matching symbol explodes when players form a spin. 

Reactoonz slot is available on tons of online casinos, and the HTML5 technology makes the slot compatible with all mobile devices. No matter which mode you are playing, free or real money, the game performs exceptionally on compact and widescreen with full functionality. To enhance the players’ gaming experience, the developers have to use outstanding graphics and SFX to suit users of all kinds. 

Reactions don’t have a mobile app, but the slot game is compatible with all iOS, Android devices, and tablets.

Interactive Features

Reactoonz is an exciting slot game with a unique reel system and bonus features. Play n’ Go has adopted an exclusive style for this particular slot for people bored of the same old 5×3 reels and bonus features. Here are interactive features of the slot game that will boost your payout.

Progressive jackpots.

Reactions have many features, but the slot does not have a progressive jackpot, which means players can’t win millions in the slot game. However, players can win up to 4570x their original stake per spin with the plethora of bonus features of the slot game.

Bonus games 

The central attraction of the Reactoonz slot is its cascading reel, where all the actions take place, and it enables players to win constantly with each spin. When you spin the reel, it will simultaneously charge the Quantum Leap meter on the right side of the reels. The Quantum meter leads to additional five bonus features of the game. 2 more bonus features occur during the base game, making the total bonus features up to 9. Let’s discuss each bonus feature in detail:

Cascading Reels

Cascading reels on the 7×7 spin of the Reactoonz slot means that the symbols will drop down. The winning combos form when 4 or 5 matching symbols land vertically or horizontally on the reels. 

When a winning cluster forms, it blasts off the reel and is replaced by new symbols on the cascading grid. Cascading continues until no more winning combos are made; however, there are chances of frequent wins with every spin.

Quantum Leap Bonus Feature

The Quantum Leap meter increases every win in the slot game. When this bonus feature activates, it charges the meter by one and queues the winnings randomly. The feature offer

  • Implosion Bonus Feature: In this feature, 3-6 symbols on the reels are transformed into wilds, and the adjacent symbols blast off the reels as well.
  • Alteration Bonus Feature: The computer chooses one low-value symbol randomly and transforms all its matching symbol into another. In case of no low-value symbols, the computer decides on a high-value symbol instead. 
  • Demotion Bonus Feature: All the low-value instances symbol blast off and removed from the screen 
  • Incision Bonus Feature: The wild symbol is divided into two halves creating two intersecting diagonal lines. 

When players successfully charge all the five bonus features, it will trigger the Gargantoon Feature and add it to the queue. This feature randomly adds the wild in a 3×3 grid on the reel, and the cascading feature then divides it into a 1×1 wilds grid again into nine. 

The Quantum meter resets when players cannot form a winning combination on the paylines. 

Instability Bonus Feature

The instability feature on the slot game is the one that happens when Gargantuan from 4-8 symbols randomly on the reel during no winning spin.

Giantoonz Bonus Feature

Reactoonz also activates the Giantoonz bonus feature when four matching symbols land on the reel adjacently in a 2×2 square grid. It forms the Giantoonz, which double the winning combinations by 2x.

Fluctuation Feature

The computer chooses a random symbol and marks it as a Fluctuating symbol. If it appears as part of the winning cluster on the reels, it will leave two wild behind.


The Reactoonz slot has nine colourful symbols on the reels. The low paying symbols are represented by orange, yellow, purple, and green eye blinking aliens. The premium symbols on the reels are coloured in green, orange, pink, and blue aliens. 

The glowing orb is the wild symbol of slot games. Pink is the highest paying symbol that offers 750x you originate bet per spin if 15 symbols form a winning cluster. Read all low and high paying symbols on the slot:

  • Two eye Pink Alien
  • Two Eye Green Alien
  • Two Eye Orange Alien
  • Blue Glowing Alien
  • One purple eye Alien
  • One Eye Orange Alien
  • One Eye Yellow Alien
  • One Eye Green Alien

What Symbol Triggers Reactoonz Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Reactoonz is a unique slot game in all manners, and the developer forgoes the free spins feature and replaces it with nine bonus rounds. Even though it’s a min-free spin slot, the quantum features, multipliers, and wild boost your payout. 

Paylines and Stakes

Ractoonz is a 7×7 reel unique slot game with the exclusive Cluster Pays engine. The winning combo on the paylines forms when five or more matching symbols align on the reels in a horizontal or vertical pattern. 

You can wager on the slot between 20p and £100 per spin. It makes the slot suitable for bankrollers with tight and extensive budgets. 

Reactoonz Slot Game Software

Reactoonz is powered by Play’ N Go software company known for its remarkable slot game in the casino world. 

When Play’n GO entered the online gaming world in 1997, they had to compete with well-established gaming vendors like MG, NetEnt, and Novomatic. As a relatively small company with limited resources, the vendor needs some remarkable game to kick their gambling world journey. One could contend that Play’ N Go’s first games were copies of other providers’ popular games. Still, one should also absolutely acknowledge that they generally gave their ‘Versions’ a little bit of innovation, at least: sometimes slight improvement additional time mixing different concepts in a single package. 

 These games became popular quickly and allowed Play’n GO to develop into a strong brand promptly. They have won various prestigious awards for:

  • Outstanding Mobile Products
  • Game Provider of the Year
  • Game of the Year

It should at least talk about the popularity of their games itself, and just as it is worth judging from the number of casinos in which their games are featured. You may see the vendors games in many reputable online casino’s game collections. The vendor stands out in the gambling world because of its creative slot themes and innovative bonus features.

Not only does Play’n GO offer great gaming for online slot players, but it has also ensured casino providers receive back-end support via software management tools. This has made its gaming module popular with a wide variety of online casinos and players. Play’n GO free spins, and wonderful jackpots take care of players’ entertainment by the company as it offers different games with different bonuses.

Some of the vendors best slot titles in the market are:

  • Aztec Warrior Princess Slot
  • Book of Dead
  • Ninja Fruits
  • Cloud Quest
  • Sails of God
  • 3 Clown Monty
  • 5x Magic

What is Reactoonz Slots RTP?

The RTP of the slot game is 96.51%, that is considered high for a slot game. The slot wins are evenly distributed throughout all the bonus rounds on the game, where the maximum wins cine from the bonus rounds rather than the base game. 

More Info

It’s good to know that games with high returns to players tend to lower sums from players than games with lower RTP. An RTP above 95% is considered above average, and you will get £96.51 per every £100 wager on the slot.  

Slot Volatility

The Reactoonz is a high variance slot game with a low hit frequency. You might need some patience and lots of wagering before hitting the big win or jackpot on a lot of fun.

Payouts of the game are high, which means that you can win small amounts regularly, but the more significant rewards take some time. 


At first glance, with all the bonus features Reactoonz slot game may sound difficult and challenging. However, the slot game is simple in gameplay and interface. It’s fun, fast-paced, and high variance as players can soon win up to 4750x their original stake. 

Your best bet is to collect the pink aliens, the reel’s highest-value character, to win big on the slot game. Giantooz features, and wilds also double your payout on the reels. 

The Reactoonz is your traditional or classic video slot with some voice, and it’s a fan favourite in many online casinos. 

It’s a fantastic slot game with a sequel Reactoonz 2, which is as remarkable as its original version.