Blood Suckers 2 Slot Review

Vampire hunter movies are not only thrilling, but they are scary to many. NetEnt came up with an incredible vampire-themed game to bring out the game’s rush and thrills. It is a game that has by far surpassed the original Blood Suckers.

In this comprehensive Blood Suckers II slot review, we dig deeper into the vampire world. You will help Amilia seek revenge on her ancestors. It is during this quest that you will earn yourself rewards. We will look at the rules and how you can play the Blood Suckers II slot game. 

Again, you will understand the features, symbols, characters, and other combining symbols. Moreover, you will also understand the RTP of the slot game and the slot volatility. 

About Blood Suckers II Slot Game

Blood Suckers II slot game follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, Blood Suckers 1. It is a product of the NetEnt Company. However, you get to play with the 25 paylines on five reels and three rows during the spin. 

Also, you get to enjoy the free spin feature, lots of the wild symbol, and the multipliers. Don’t forget about the bonus casino games in cooperated and the click me a bonus when playing the Blood Suckers II slot.

This vampire-themed video slot game features impressive graphics and visuals. More so, you get hunting and shooting down the killer vampire, who in turn translates into killers cash that is decent for you as a gambler.

But, you will fall in love more with the Blood Suckers II because of the free spin and multiplier features that fetch the highest win. The casino game has a click me bonus that earns you from 10× or 20×your bet amount on the pay line. 

Apart from the click me bonus, the Blood Suckers has two extra features for you.

The hero vampire called Amilia strikes with the mighty sword on the reel’s right to trigger the free spin or the cash wins. However, it is essential to understand that they don’t appear quickly. 

The betting range covers the minimum coin of 0.1 to 1 coin per spin on each reel. Therefore, you can stake up to 25 coins on each bet line as you keep increasing your stake to £250 if you make up to 10 spins.

As if that is not enough, you have a chance of making ten free spins or a 3× multiplier if you activate the scatter symbol on the reel. But you have to make a winning combination of 3 scatter symbols on the reel before you earn the free spin bonus.

So, the Blood Suckers II slot has random win features that play on the screen during the spin. These are

• The free spin

• The click me bonus 

• Blood rose free spins

Besides these win features in the casino game, another bonus game will earn you extra cash. It is the Hidden Treasure bonus game. The game triggers when there is three or more castle door symbol that show on the reels that range from reel 1.

It is a five-level bonus game where you get to win cash prizes. The cash price attached with a key will unlock higher returns. In the same way, you win yourself a demon symbol that ends the hidden treasure bonus game and the wild symbol to help you strike the free spins.

The NetEnt Company uses the HTML5 technology that makes the Blood Suckers II friendly to almost all platforms. You can play this game on your desktop, mobile phone, or your tablet. Indeed it is a game you can play on the go.

To sum up, the Blood Suckers II slot game is a simple game with basic but excellent graphics. It will not disappoint if you are a fan of the original Blood Suckers slot. It is likely you won’t win lots of money, but the symbols in this game will land you good returns on your bet.

How To Play Blood Suckers II Slots Online

For starters, the Blood Suckers is a game set on five reels, three rows, and 25 fixed paylines that run from right to left. 

However, you have to make a combination of symbols and wilds that land across the paylines for you to land a win. For you to play the slot game, you have to understand the following.

  1. The game has fixed paylines that you spread your bet across all the bet lines with the bit of coin of 0.1 to 1 coin. That means you will have 25 coins on the reel in a single spin, then hit the spin button.
  2. Once the reel starts to spin, the symbols start to fall in place. Then if you land three or more matching symbols on a pay line, you land a win. Therefore you can place a bet from 25 coins, or you can stake up to £250 on every round of game spin.
  3. During the gameplay, some unique features and symbols are synonymous with the play. Take note of the random feature that pops up to aid at the right spin. The Amilia vampire fires an extra scatter whenever you land two of a kind on the reel. When the extra scatters land on the reel to make three, you will trigger a free spin feature. But of interest is the boosted multiplier round. 
  4. The Blood Suckers II slot game has a bonus game that will add flavour to your gaming experience. So, you can activate the hidden treasure bonus Game when you manage to smash three or more bonus symbols on reels. The reels must follow each other, starting from the left to the right on the reel. It is also known as the pick-me bonus round that carries the other five levels. Amazingly in each level, the Amilia vampire will help you pick different symbols that have hidden treasures.
  5. During the pick me bonus round, you get a chance to pick items in big chests and scary coffins. But, in these scary chests and coffins, you discover cash prices, scatter symbols, wild symbols, and demons. Once you pick a reward, then they stop the pick-me bonus round.
  6. Here is the catch. Some players are lucky during the pick-me bonus round. If you manage to start the hidden bonus round with four bonus symbols, your payouts multiply by 2×. And if you have five bonus symbols, you get a 3× multiplier.
  7. However, the game has more surprises for the gambler. Two more features can trigger at any point of the play. These are the bonus shot feature and the scattershot feature.
  8. Watch out for the free spins, also called the blood rose free spins, which triggers when two scatter symbols drop anywhere on the reel. Any additional scatter symbol that lands on the reel will trigger ten more free spins.

Interactive Features

Progressive Jackpot

Most slot games have a jackpot that increases by a margin anytime it is not worn. Any serious player of a slot game will choose a game that has a progressive jackpot. Surprisingly, Blood Suckers II does not have the progressive jackpot. 

But, there are plenty of winning options that add up to earn you decent cash during the play.

For starters, being a game with fixed paylines, you will need 25 coins for each betting round you make. Now, with each level of your stake varying, you can go up to a level of 10. That means you need 250 coins to stake a decent wage. 

When you combine these bet amounts with the wild symbol, you will likely win 10000× your bet amount. So the highest amount that the game will offer is £100000. That is a perfect amount to win in any slot game, more than the regular jackpot.

Bonus Games

Surprisingly in these scary coffins lies the cash prices, free bonus spins, scatter symbols. Also, many more features that add up to your payouts and increased multiplier factors.

The Blood Suckers two online slots have bonus games and a bonus feature incorporated in the play. It is the hidden treasure bonus game. With the help of the vampire Amilia, you get a chance to dig deep in big and scary coffins and chests to pick hidden treasure. It is a game known as the picking me bonus game. 

Apart from the hidden treasure bonus game, another bonus feature adds spice to the game. These are the bonus shot feature and the scattershot feature.


Symbols in any slot game deliver the winning combinations on the reel to earn a player’s returns on the bet amount. Blood Suckers II has unique symbols though some designed with scary visuals. 

Scatter symbols. The Amilia vampire activates the blood rose free bonus spins when you land three or more on the reel.

Wild symbol. These are in the form of blood-sucking vampires. They substitute other symbols on the reel to land you a win.

Other paying symbols are garlic, holy bibles, crossbars, and the scary elixir.

Watch out for more symbols that keep popping up on the screen to deliver a combination that will lead to a win on your bet amount.

What Symbol Triggers Blood Suckers II Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Paying attention to the scatter symbol is essential in the Blood Suckers two slot game. The Amilia vampire is the scatter symbol. Two or more of these symbol lands on the reel to earn you different prices. 

When two of these scatter symbols land, you get a multiplier of 2× your bet amount. However, when you have three, your bet amount will be 4× with ten free bonus spins. Besides, if there are five scatter symbols, you pocket decent amounts of 100× your bet plus ten more bonus free bonus spins. 

Moreover, during the free bonus spins, any win you will make will give you3×the bet amount. So you end up with decent wins in any gameplay.

Pay lines And Stakes

Pay lines

The Blood Suckers II, unlike its predecessor, has 25 fixed paylines that run from left to right on the reel. That means the bet amount spreads equally across the paylines in every spin.

For example, if your stake is one coin, then the coin will spread on all the 25 paylines in one round of your spin. So you end up with 25 coins per spin.


The lowest bet amount you can stake per spin is £0.25, which you can increase to a maximum bet of £250 per spin. 

More so, the coins to stake range from 0.01 coins going up to 1.0 coin on each pay line. So with these amounts combined with other symbols and features, you end up with a decent maximum win of £324,600.

Blood Suckers II Slot Game Software

NetEnt Software Company is not your new kid on the block. It is a company that has been consistent in the creation of the top online Video slot games since its formation in 1996. The company has its headquarters in Sweden, and it has a license to offer slot games in many countries across the globe.

Some of the show stopper slot games that the NetEnt have created include

  • Starburst
  • Twin spin
  • Böb: The Epic Viking Quest for the Sword of Tullemutt Slot
  • Gonzos Quest
  • Dead or Alive

However, apart from the top games, NetEnt company has recognized their talent, passion, and hard work. More importantly, the success it has had over the years. Some of the prestigious awards include

• Global gaming awards 

• EGR awards 

• International gaming awards

For more information on this giant clever slot and casino game provider, you can visit their websites to learn more about their work.

What Is The Blood Suckers II Slot RTP?

The Netent software company gave the Blood Suckers II a RTP Rate of 96.94%.  It is a game with above-average industry ratings.

Slot Volatility 

Blood Suckers II is a low volatile payline slot game. Therefore you have a high chance of winning frequent returns; however, the maximum or the jackpot win might not be that encouraging. 

In other words, if you are looking for a game that will keep winning for you some cash, then this is a cool slot sequel for you.


If you fell in love with Blood Suckers, you will fall in love more with the Blood Suckers II slot features. It is a game full of symbols and characters that are a bit confusing but rewarding.

Moreover, the bonus free bonus spins and hidden treasure bonus game are additional elements to make the game more attractive.

The fact that the game does not have a progressive jackpot might not impress the gambler. However, as you get down to real gaming, you will discover the game has more decent wins that will keep you on the reel for long.

But, if you are a beginner, you can use the autoplay option to help you win some cash without much effort. Indeed it is a simple game but full of surprises for you as a gamer.