Asgardian Stones Slot

The land of Asgard feels dark, full of Norse mythology and deities playing in the underworld with big stone symbols and runes around you. In this underworld lies the city of Asgardanians, which is facing total ruins. You are their hope as you get underway to play with big symbols and special features to save the city.

In this Asgardian stones slot review, you will get help to earn good rewards. You will get to understand the symbols, bonus features, and characters of the game. Again you will have to understand the game’s visuals, graphics, soundtracks, and theme setup of the slot game.

Above all, you will discover how you can combine the powerful symbols, the RTP, and the bet amounts to earn decent payouts during the play.

Please read to the end as we unearth the hidden treasures hidden in the Asgardian city.

About The Asgardian Stones Slot Game

The NetEnt never disappoints when creating slot games for their players. Indeed, it is evident with the Asgardian stones slot game. Asgardian Stones is a video slot game with many intriguing characters and symbols. They have blended well with the fantastic and thrilling background sounds. 

The Asgardian stones are set on a five-reel, three rows, and 20 fixed paylines. The game features ten bet levels with the coins set as low as 0.01 up to 10 coins on every bet you place. The game is playable on a 2×2 and 3×3 grid with the colossal symbols attached in the game. 

This NetEnt creation comes with lots of bonus and colossal symbols to bring out the Norse theme, mixed with lots of graphical images. As you walk through the Asgard gate, you notice strong faces carved out of stones on both sides of the gate. 

Looking at the Asgardian stones slot’s reel, you will notice the following symbols, A, K, and Q. On a closer look, you will see stones carved into faces. 

These symbols have values attached, with the highest one paying up to 25 times the bet amount if you land 5 across the pay line.

For the lovers of the Gonzo slot game, you have a chance to enjoy the avalanche feature. Now, for you to trigger an avalanche, you must have symbols falling on the reel to form a winning combination. 

So, once the combination forms, then you begin an avalanche. The symbols explode and disappear on the reel giving rise to another round of explosion of symbols. 

The advantage of the avalanche feature is that you keep winning decent returns on every spin you make on the reel.

However, apart from the avalanche feature on the reel, the game has other symbols. They include the wild symbol, denoted by the letter W, and the bar symbols in blocks of 2×2 or 3×3 symbols on the reel. 

When the symbols fall on the reel, it crushes any other symbol below to win the decent payout. Besides the win, the multiplier increases to 4× when the stones fall to crush all other symbols on the reel. 

Again, the game builds its wins on the bonus wheel feature that triggers when the 3×3 block of symbols lands on reel 3, 4, and 5. When the bonus wheel stops after the spin, you will win 5 times your bet, or the wheel might win free spin rounds. 

With the free win feature in mind, the game has a bunch of free spins. They range from 3 free spins feature, 5 free spins feature, or 15 free spins feature on the higher side. But, it is the bonus wheel that has the highest rewarding free spins. 

That is to say, during the bonus wheel spin, you get to win yourself up to 25 rounds of free spins, which translates into large wins during the gameplay.

To sum it all, it is a game worth the hype for any player who is generous enough to stake reel money on the colossal wilds. The symbols and other features lead you to win a maximum return of up to 2000× the bet on a single spin.

How To Play Asgardian Stones Slots Online

When you get down to play the Asgardian stones slot, consider that it is a game with 20 fixed paylines, 5 reels, and 3 rows. The paylines play from left to right on a 2×2 or 3×3 grid. Don’t forget the colossal symbols attached in the game during the play.

  1. When you hit the spin button, the colossal symbols fall at the base of the displaying screen, forming a combination. When the symbols fall, other symbols remain at the top of the screen.
  2. You need to form a line of winning combinations at the base of the screen, which in turn will burst and disappear to replace the symbols above.
  3. However, you need to be aware of the colossal symbols which appear as your regular symbols, but eight in total. The symbols can form a grid of 3×3 blocks that can cover all four spaces on the reel. This is so common with the super symbols like the Odin symbol.
  4. Once the symbols on the reel crush, they give rise to an avalanche feature. Now, this is a feature that will earn you massive wins, in that every symbol replaced on the reel gives a new round of the avalanche spin.
  5. If you manage to land continuous wins, the multipliers will increase, leading to 2× or 4× the bet amount.
  6. Pay close attention to the royal symbols K, Q, and A on the reel. When the three symbols fall on the reel, and they are five of a kind, you earn yourself 30× your bet on the pay line.
  7. However, other symbols earn you between 100× to 500× your bet if they land a winning combination. These are the Norse gods and goddesses. These payouts make up for the jackpot amount. Above all, the Odin symbol earns you the highest amount of up to 2000× your bet amount.
  8. Besides the above symbols, of interest is the bonus wheel that earns you decent cash. It is less of the fortune wheel. For you to have big bonus wins, the wheel has to land on the last three reels, 3, 4, and 5. When the bonus wheel spins on these reels, you have a chance of winning cash or the free spin rounds. 
  9. Finally, you win a total of 15 free spins when the wild symbol turns into a colossal wild during the wheel bonus spin. Yet you will earn extra 25 spins if the wheel bonus spin re-triggers during the bonus round.

Interactive Features

Any seasoned player always looks for extra features to earn more payouts during gaming. These features are what we call interactive features, and these include a progressive jackpot, bonus games, and paying symbols.

Progressive Jackpot

This is a jackpot that keeps growing every round of play if it is not won by any player. Similarly, most slot games by the NetEnt Company feature the progressive jackpot, and unfortunately, that is not true with the Asgardian stone online slots. 

The casino game does not have the progressive jackpot. But, that should not lower your spirit of winning good cash during play. There are other bonus games, free extra spins rounds, multiplier features that keep unfolding during play. 

They earn you a maximum of 20,000 on a single bet line. However, the game’s coinciding win, both on the main game and the bonus win, is £400,000. This is a decent win that any player will happily pocket without much complaint. 

Bonus Games

The Asgardian stone slot machine has a bonus game you can trigger when the bonus wheel appears on the reel. Do you remember the fortune wheel? The bonus wheel works exactly like the fortune wheel. During the bonus game, the players will earn some cash or free spin rounds.

The good thing about the bonus wheel symbol is that it can appear during the main gameplay or the free spin round. However, when it re-triggers during the free spin round, you earn up to a maximum of 25 free spins. 

Remember, for the bonus game to trigger, the bonus wheel has to land on the far right reels, reel 3, 4, and 5.


There is no slot game without symbols. The Asgardian slot features slots that are visible from the start to the last spin of the game. In fact, it is how you combine these symbols on the reel that earns you a decent win.

The High-Value symbols include the following.

 The wild symbol. Represent any other symbol on the reel bar, the bonus wheel symbol.

• Colossal symbol. These are symbols that fall across the reel crushing other symbols at the bottom of the screen. They, in turn, boost the multipliers to earn you more cash.

 Bonus wheel symbol. This is a symbol that triggers the bonus game to earn you free spins.

 The card symbols. These rows of symbols with letters drawn on the face of the cards. These letters are K, A, and Q.

• The avalanche symbol

All the above symbols burst and land on paylines to form a winning combination to earn profits on the stake amount.

However, for those who love to earn money while doing other things, you have the autoplay option attached to the game. You can make 100 to 1000 spins in one round, and if the reel makes a win, you are the lucky guy.

What Symbol Triggers The Asgardian Stone Slot Bonus Free Spins?

The Asgardian stone slot has a wheel bonus symbol that triggers the bonus free spins. The symbol might appear either in the main gameplay or during the free spin round. But one to earn free spins, the bonus wheel has to land on reels 3, 4, and 5. 

Therefore, when you win on the wheel, you will start the free bonus spin. However, you can still re-trigger the bonus wheel during the free spin round. When the re-trigger occurs, you will add a maximum of 25 extra free bonus spins.

Pay Lines And Stakes

Pay lines

The Asgardian slot falls on a 20, fixed pay line. 

What does that mean?

When playing a game with fixed paylines, the bet amount spreads across all the paylines on the reel, and you will have to spin all the paylines at the same time. Similarly, you cannot adjust the bets on any pay line once the spin begins. Therefore it is a game that caters to people with low bet budgets or those with good money.


The lowest amount you can stake per pay line is £0.20 and a maximum of £200. With this betting range, you have a chance of making a decent win of up to £400,000 per spin. All you have to do is land 5 of the high-paying symbol on a pay line.

Asgardian Stones Slot Software

The NetEnt Company that started in 1996 and is headquartered in Sweden is the creator of this amazing slot game. Thanks to its experience of over 20 years in operation. Indeed it is a company known for the amazing adaption of high graphics and visuals that leave the gamers looking for more.

Some of the known online casino games that the company has created include

Apart from these games, the company boasts of several awards it has worn during its operations. The awards include the following.

  • EGR Nordic awards 2019
  • Global gaming awards London 2019
  • EGR Italy awards 2018
  • Live casino award for 2019

Their major achievement came when they were listed in the Guinness world book of records. This was for the highest progressive jackpot worn during the gameplay. The jackpot was for the Arabian nights: mega fortune. 

What Is The Asgardian Stone Slots RTP?

The slot game offers its player a Return to Player percentage of 96.40%. That means that for every £1 you bet on a pay line per spin, you will earn back £96.40 if you make 100 spins. So, the game’s RTP is above average and falls on the higher side of your payout.

Slot Volatility

The Asgardian slot game is an average volatile game. Therefore you will have to be patient when you wage your amount. The payouts for your game when you stake may not be frequently forthcoming. However, when they do, you earn yourself decent amounts.


The NetEnt Company might have included too many features in the game, but they are worth the investment. 

It is not an easy game for a beginner. So, to learn the rules and understand the winning process, it is good to try the free mode online or play an autoplay mode to win cash prizes.

It is a game you can play on the go because it is compatible with your desktop and all mobile devices. Remember to take advantage of the free spins and the amazing colossal symbols that tumble down the reel to earn you more money.

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