Blood Suckers Slot Review

Blood Suckers is a super popular slot game that offers an exciting video slot experience. This game consists of five reels and 25 paylines with an appealing high payout ratio to its players.

This has been one of the most played slot games for years, including the newer version Blood Suckers 2 which is also a fan favourite.

That said, this video game has a vampire-slaying bonus feature. This feature allows the player to select from coffins to win the prize, and one still benefits from a free spin feature to access a 3x multiplier. Keep reading as we aim to assist you in understanding this game better.  

Gamers will undoubtedly appreciate its compatibility with various environments. Such include Linux laptops, Mac, Windows, and computer operating systems. 

About Blood Suckers Slot Game

Blood Suckers slot game comes with some bonuses to allow the player to try out more slots. It has three rows, five reels, and 25 paylines while boasting bet levels of between £0.25 and £50 cash.  

This online video slot machine game has various themes such as movie, horror, traditional and more. Others are cartoons, fantasy, and superhero. In this case, this slot uses a horror theme to strike the enemy.

There is a soundtrack that plays in the background to compliment the theme. It also improves your gaming experience.  

This game has transparent reels placed on a dark background. There are impressive symbols on the reels aligned with the game’s theme. Some of these symbols are playing cards symbols, demons, vampires, hunters, and more.  

The slot theme focuses on a young female winged vampire and three male vampires. One of the male vampires holds a goblet of blood.

Other male characters has grey skin, a red jewel turban, and long black hair. The last is green-skinned with exceptionally long and pointy fingers and ears.  

Such a brave vampire decided to return to the ancestors to search for hidden treasures. The slot machine game has an incredibly detailed vampire-themed design with an eerie soundtrack. There will be a dramatic organ that plays with wind-blowing sounds. It becomes active when you land on a winning combination.  

How to Play Blood Suckers Slots Online

This game enjoys groundbreaking graphics, which offer outstanding opportunities for one to win. The cool thing is this game is available on both iOS and Android devices. This mobile version is also as entertaining as the desktop variety. 

Whenever you use a phone or a tablet, turn it into landscaping to see all the rows make the game ever interactive. There is a desktop version to allow users to play it on a computer or a laptop. You can do the following while playing this Blood Sucker game: 

  1. Place an amount: You can begin by staking a specific amount which should range between £ 0.25 and £50.
  2. Press the play button:  After wagering your amount, you can now press the play button to trigger the reels to spin. 
  3. Opt for Autoplay: The game has an auto-play button for spinning the reels in your behave. Such happens when you place the required amount within the range. One can still set the limit for the autoplay to get a chance for winning some prizes. Whenever you want to avoid the automated function, press the spin button to get the reels in motion.  

As you begin to play the Blood Sucker game slot, you interact with various characters. They include a female Vampire, two male vampires, and a demon. These characters are representatives of paying symbols in the slot. 

The unique aspect is that they offer various payouts depending on the icon landed. For example, if you match five symbols, you get a payout of 500 coins. On the contrary, matching three symbols gives you a minimum payout of 10 coins.  

Another set of characters are generic card suits of spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. Such symbols represent some of the low payouts per icon landed. 

For instance, by matching five symbols, you get a maximum payout of 150 coins. Also, matching three of these symbols awards you a payout of 2 coins.  

Before you redeem the prize within this popular slot, you must set your preferred stake. Begin by adjusting the bet by pressing the buttons at the slot’s bottom. Depending on your bankroll, you can set the best to range from 25 and 250.  

Interactive Features 

It is always rewarding and interesting to play this game. This video slot comes with unique interactive features for an exciting experience. Here are some of these features to use. 

In-Game Bonus 

Blood Sucker is an exciting game slot with unique interactive features. The most enjoyable ones are the stake and hammer bonus. You can only trigger such a bonus by landing at least three or more in the line.

Such a feature takes you as the player into the ancient burial chamber of the vampires. The chamber has some scary coffins. 

Your mission here is to open these coffins and slay every vampire. If you succeed in your mission, then you get a cash reward. For instance, players can still get 178 times their stake.

For every vampire slay, you secure a coin win. The feature comes to an end when the bats fly out of your desired coffins. Unfortunately, if you find a bat in the coffin, the feature ends instantly. 


Here, the player encounters different vampire-themed symbols. They range from garlic to creepy-looking vampires. 

  • Wild card: Wild card substitutes all symbols apart from the bonus or scatters symbols. By drawing five vampire symbols, you may earn the highest possible payout of 7500.
  •  Scatter symbol: Scatter implies that the vampire has all the power. The scatters symbol triples the wins. You can only trigger them by landing at least three or more on the reel. There is still a free spin feature that offers you an allowance of ten spins.
  • Multiplier Symbol: It has a crucial role in increasing your winning margins. 
  • Bonus symbols: It is an exciting symbol represented by a sledgehammer and a bloody bat. The easiest way to activate the bonus game is by landing three or more of these. 

Blood Suckers Auto-Play

You can switch to an auto-play mode. This mode allows the reel to turn automatically, and the reel will turn for a preferred number of times uninterrupted. It can be exciting news for those players who do not like spinning reels manually. 


Blood Suckers has more than thirty thousand coins that are up for grabs, and that alone may translate to a hefty win if you become a lucky winner. Another exciting news about this jackpot is that it has a rewarding RTP.

Graphics and Sound

There is usually no music playing in the background part from striking sound effects. These remarkable sound effects with creepy animation promote and convey the theme excellently.

The art style suits the theme as with vampire references. Every button, symbol, and the border has contrasting and dramatic shadows. Furthermore, they have muted colours to enhance an eerie feel. 


It is a clock used as a timer to count when reels are at work. It allows you to know when you have free spins. 

What symbol Triggers bloodsuckers Slot Bonus Free Spins?

You can unlock free spins by collecting scatters. A free spin feature is the main attraction in this slot game. This slot game offers the user an allowance to enjoy major bonus features. Among them is the hidden treasure bonus feature. You can activate this bonus by landing three or more bonus symbols. 

These scatter symbols show up as vampire brides, and you get different prizes. For instance, two vampire brides have a payout of 2x your stake. Three unlocks ten free spins with a payout of 4x your stake. 

Additionally, having four scatters guarantees ten free spins. Similarly, it gives you 25x your stake. Lastly, five scatters give you ten free spins and 100x your stake.  

Paylines and Stakes

Blood Sucker is a flexible slot game that has a coin range of 0.10 to 0.50. This game allows the player to stake any amount that ranges from £0.25 and £50. The maximum win can be £45,000. The cool thing is that you can still set other limits to suit your preferences too.  

Above all, this slot consists of 25 paylines. As such, one may get a guarantee of receiving a payout as the reel reveals lucky symbols. It would be a coincidence that one gets ten free spins while playing this blood Sucker video slot online. 

Blood Sucker Slot Game Software

Blood Sucker slot is powered by Micro gaming software from NetEnt. NetEnt Games is a renowned game software company that provides incredible gameplay, such as Arabian Nights which produces fantastic gameplay. 

Blood Sucker dates back as early as 2009, packed with ghouls, gore, and ghostly happenings. Since then, this iGaming Company has been winning various awards. One is the best casino website award.  

This software company has more than four licenses, an affirmation of its credibility. Among its licenses comes from the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. 

Also, this company produces various casino games to maintain the gaming industry. They include such games as Kaboo, Cashmio, and Bitzkings casino, etc. 

NetEnt is a competent software gaming provider to improve your gaming experience. It provides great games with innovative features to win instant prizes. The game includes various bonuses to keep in play. You can enjoy your favourites as you select some of the products from this company.  

What is Blood Sucker Slots RTP? 

RTP stands for Return To Player, and it indicates a theoretical return that a player can expect when the game ends. For instance, this game has an RTP of 98%. 

Unfortunately, it may not guarantee that one may get at least 98% of the funds back. Typically, a higher RTP may guarantee a high payout and vice versa. As such, it offers one higher winning chance.  

By taking advantage of 25 paylines, the chances of winning as you play this Blood Sucker video slot are high. 

For instance, the slot offers a high return to the player with a whopping 98%. In other words, for every £100 wager, you win back £98 while the online casino has only a 2% margin. 

More Information 

This Blood Sucker slot game is popular because it harbours many benefits to the player. Such incentives range from free spins to high RTP. 

Precisely, one can receive ten free spins as three scatter symbols to display on the reels. One can still use these free spins to increase the chances of triggering more wins.  

One great advantage of a high RTP is to allow the player to maximize opportunities in every game. By spinning the reels, you increase the chances of multiplying your win.  

Slot Volatility

The Blood Suckers slot game enjoys low volatility. As such, it becomes a perfect game for beginners, and the risk involved is low while providing small quick wins over time. 

One best example is the player expects a winning combination of 41 out of 100, which implies that the hit frequency is about 41%.  

Similarly, low volatility comes with lower jackpots than progressive jackpot slots. You’re mistaken if you believe that the player cannot win considerable amounts. Depending on the frequency, you have chances of winning great prizes. 


By playing Blood Sucker game slate, you can be lucky to get ten free spins. Such can only happen if you land the scatter symbols on the reel. The purpose of free spins is to increase your winning chances.  

The player gets entertained by a rhythmic soundtrack to enhance your gaming experience. The good news is one can play this game on both the PC and the mobile platform.  

This game has an RTP of 98% with low volatility. This is a responsive game with organized symbols for better visibility and play. By hitting the correct symbols, you can increase your chances of winning a big prize.  

Many people prefer to use their free time by playing video games. You can take advantage of this game to spend your time fruitfully. However, caution is key as it could be addictive.