Joker Troupe Slot

Joker Troupe Slot is a fanatic and wild game from the Push Gaming gallery. The slot represents a group of fun jesters, Push Gaming’s favourite. The game is made of an appealing mix of modern aesthetics and a complimentary fruit machine.

Joker Troupe is from Push Gaming Slots. It’s one of the few online slots that have 4-reels. It’s not surprising that it gets plenty of traction because of its unique design. You’ll barely remember this slot because of the number of reels, but you’ll enjoy the great features. 

Joker Troupe Slot comes with three different fantastic bonus features. One of them is called the Hypermode free spins feature, which is incorporated carefully to give you free spins bonuses every 20 seconds. The pace frequently increases as well.

Apart from the four reels, the slot has ten ways to win rewards with just three rows. You can put a stake from £0.20 to £200 on each spin across every device and platform. 

It has 96.68% RTP, slightly above the industry average. This makes it high volatility, and having high volatility is great because you can trigger any bonus feature with one spin.

The game has three unique jokers scatter features. Each feature triggers a different symbol. 

Its main feature is responsible for a free spin bonus round. The second feature does this, as well. It is also responsible for increasing the paylines. And the last feature is an excellent wheel of fortune packed with multipliers. 

Joker Troupe is the definition of balance and having it all. Its wheels spin faster than a sports car. If you want to have fun and boost your bank with some bucks, all you need is the Joker Troupe. 

In this Joker Troupe Slot Review, you’ll learn about the slot in detail. You’ll know where and how you can play it, software providers, RTP, Volatility, and all the features. 

About Joker Troupe Slot Game

The fruits featured here are not your typical fruits. Usually, you would think of lemons, oranges, or cherries, but that’s not the case with Joker Troupe. They feature star fruits and dragon fruits. 

Generally, your first encounter with the game is going to be a memorable one. It’s very appealing, and once you’re inside, be ready to have a different kind of experience in the casino. 

Most avid slot players always go for games with exciting themes. So, having a clear description of them on the slot’s website is a plus. Other than that, they have a perfect illustration that baffles most players. 

Joker Troupe Slot’s design is classy yet simple. Once on the site, you’ll notice a retro background that’s plain, minimal graphics, and a tiny reel set. At first, you’ll be surprised because it’s not similar to any Play’n Go series of games released a few years ago. The games include Inferno Joker, Fire Joker, Star Joker, etc. 

The reels with a square design have a solid purple colour. The colour is complemented by neon light across its borders and accompanied by some shimmer floating at a distance. The background has a lighter purple colour that’s a bit transparent with simple diamonds and a floaty rhombus shape on the screen. If you enjoy the bright and fun colours in this slot why not try out Jammin Jars Slot, another great slot game created by Pragmatic Play?

A classic yet tranquil soundtrack accompanies the background to make you even more interested. 

The site has symbols with low values, like blue and red orbs, and the symbols with medium values include Dragon fruits and Star fruits. 

The high-value standard symbols include eight red and gold, and purple dice. 

The figure of eight is the only symbol that pays the best returns, and it comes with four reels and 100x rewards of your stake size. The three jokers include Red Female, Green bearded, and Red with gold chain Joker. 

How To Play Joker Troupe Slots Online

You might be an avid or novice player. However, in both ways, it would be best if you start playing on free demo slots. This is a great way to approach things because you’ll have a taste of the inside before you decide to invest your time and hard-earned cash. 

On any of their sites, you can play Joker Troupe for free. You don’t even need to be a member. All you need to do is

  1. Open your browser, start the mobile-optimized game and select your stake size.
  2. Make a winning combination. To do this, you must land a minimum of three identical symbols in a row.
  3. If you have more symbols, it equals higher paylines
  4. Since the fantastic slot has four reels, they are the only ones that will come on the reels

Joker Troupe online slot game doesn’t have a mobile app yet. You don’t need an app because you can play on any mobile device without installing software. The site has just one version, but still, it’s very mobile and desktop compatible. 

This means you don’t need to worry about your operating system or device, and you only need to log into their website, click the ‘play’ tab and start the game despite the platform. 

This review would be unfair without mentioning that it fits even on the tiniest screen. And that’s why they don’t have the 5th reel out yet. When playing this popular slot, your mobile gaming experience is as remarkable as that of the desktop; to be precise, it’s even better.

Interactive Features

Bonus Feature

Joker Troup Slot Machine has mainly three bonus features. The features are activated whenever you get three joker symbols that match the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. 

Blue Joker

This feature is responsible for the re-spins of the red jokers and the blue hats on the reels. Once you land a joker or three hats, you’re given more re-spins. Your multiplier also increases up to 25x. 

Once your bonus round is complete, your symbols’ entire value is increased, and that’s a win. You can as well activate the red joker spins at this point. 

Green Joker

This bonus is the one responsible for awards. You’re advised to continue spinning the reels until you get a blacked-out sector. The section has multipliers and prize values on the wheels, enabling you to win big prizes. 

Red Joker

If you’re checking out Joker Troupe for the first time, you’ll be baffled at how fast the bonuses are awarded. Its process is relatively more superficial than the rest. 

The Red Joker free spins feature is also called the Hypermode. It’s triggered when you land three Red Joker symbols on the reels. It gives free spins bonuses for 20 seconds rather than a certain number of free spins. 

Once you collect enough Red Joker symbols, the frequency and quantity of the spins will automatically increase. If you’d wish to restart the free spins timer, you must fill the Red Joker Meter. As soon as the time is out, the session will end. 

You can play the games with infinity re-triggers. If you manage to make at least six re-triggers, the game will move at lightning speed, and it’ll make your head spin as well. Your jackpot will also rise. 


Joker Troupe’s most paying symbol is the infinity symbol made in gold. You’ll also get some fun fruit symbols on the wheels. All the symbols are graphically appealing to any player, and the blue and red orb have symbols with the most negligible value. 

You need at least three or four matching symbols on the payouts to win. Here is the Joker Troupe’s paytable:

  • Red/Golden infinity symbol – 4 symbols, 100x
  • Purple dice/gold – 4 symbols, 50x
  • Dragon fruit – 4 symbols, 3x
  • Star Fruit – 4 symbols, 2.5x
  • Blue Orb – 4 symbols, 1x
  • Blue Orb – 4 symbols, 1x

What Symbol Triggers Joker Troupe Slot Bonus Free Spins

The Red Joker symbol triggers free bonus spins. This happens when you land three matching Red Joker symbols on the reels. Instead of awarding you with a certain number of free spins, they give you 20 seconds’ worth of free spins. This is also called Hypermode.

Paylines And Stakes

When placing a stake on Joker Troupe Slot, you can choose the total amount you’ll like to bet with. Unlike other slots, you don’t need to select the individual line stake. The available option for any player is from £0.20 to £200 for each spin. The range is fair because no is left out, especially with the high volatility feature.

Once you settle in, you’ll realize that you have a chance of winning big rewards as a Joker Troupe player. The rewards could be as high as 25,000x your bet. 

Joker Troupe Slot Game Software

Joker Troupe Slot is one of the Push Gaming slots, which Microgaming and Playtech power. 

Joker Troupe is from the Push Gaming Slots collection. If you have played any game from their gallery, you know that the developer has excellent taste, and it’s attractive to both novice and veterans in the gaming industry. Other slots by Push Gaming include:

The slot was launched a couple of years ago. It’s a video slot with four reels and ten paylines in a row. The graphics are brilliant and colourful, and the soundtrack is also one of a kind. The theme is mixed with cubes, jokers, carambola, spheres, dragon, and star fruits. 

Having a free spins bonus, multipliers, and the fortune wheel on board has given this fantastic slot quite the traction. If you want to try out the games for free before you commit, you can do it on a demo account. 

Microgaming and Playtech are both big companies and have both won outstanding awards like excellence awards. So when they present software to the industry, it’s probably the best. 

What Is Joker Troupe Slots RTP

The slot RTP for Joker Troupe is 96.68%. 

This is for the online slot. It simply means that for every £100 stake, you’ll win an average of £96.68 back. 

More Info

The Return To Player is what will determine how much you’ll win from a stake. In short, the RTP slots machine pays you back, so the higher the slot RTP number, the higher the prizes. 

Once you become a member of Joker Troupe, you’ll be impressed by their fantastic RTP figures, which it’s higher than the gaming industry’s average. 

Slot Volatility

Joker Troupe is a high volatility machine. You can play a game at Joker Troupe slot with a stake worth £0.10 to £100. Your budget is not the issue. Just bet. This becomes more exciting, especially when you land a winning combination. The payout is usually lucrative. 


Sorry if you have had too much to take in. Your head could probably be spinning right now. But, it’s best to know everything about Joker Troupe before investing. 

But you haven’t wasted your time because the Joker Troupe slot is an excellent machine with excellent games. Push gaming has a gallery of classy yet straightforward games with high rewards simultaneously. 

It comes across as a sophisticated slot when you load it for the first time. However, after a short while, you’ll find the groove. Joker Troupe doesn’t have high volatility like Razor Shark, which is Push Gaming’s previous release. 

Joker Troupe’s volatility makes the bonus session drop frequently, and sometimes you must wait for them for a few minutes. But it’s worth the chase because you can win up to 25,000 times your total stake. 

The central traction point is the features. The tension and the pace that the slot builds are pretty irresistible. The infinity re-trigger and timer ability of Red Joker is a significant innovation, and it has never been seen before.

Push Gaming Slots is well known for its ability to take time when developing a game. They strive to perfect it in every aspect, and it’s evident. Their fun creativity, thoughtful attention to detail, and potential make the slot unique, and that’s why most players value it. 

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