Jammin Jars Slot Review

The game introduces you to a special theme of fruits, music, and band. An upbeat disco style is a piece of thrilling music you will listen to as you make your way to smashing the fruits presented to you, whose combinations will lead to winning.

Jammin Jars slot is a unique online game presenting a disco style in the background, following fruit symbols. It is the brainchild of Push Gaming Company.

This Jammin Jars slot review provides detailed information to help you fully understand the game. It will help you to understand the game’s background, symbols, and features. You also learn and understand the rules that you must follow to win and much more.

About Jammin Jars Slot Game

Jammin Jars Slot is an entertaining game whose main characters are fruits of different kinds. It is considered a smash game for the Push Gaming developers of software. The game features bonus games that are a result of free spins.

The Jammin Jars game ushers you into the theme of a musical band and fruits. All are dancing to the tune as jam jars crisscross the dancefloor after every win you make to increase the multiplier factor. 

The upbeat disco style as a soundtrack glues you to the game. The features involved, together with symbols, work harmoniously to paint out graphics. This harmony motivates you to spin the reels repeatedly to unravel the next happening. 

Jammin’ Jars slot is an 8reel by 8row game with reels full of fruits. The reels are placed just before a background of shiny balls. A sweet 1970s music plays in the background to keep you company as you spin the reels. 

Like many other online casino games, the Jammin Jars Slot machines feature two themes, and these are the movie and cartoon themes.

This game does not have the traditional reel set-up, where winning depends on the number of pay lines. For that reason, there are fixed minimum and maximum stakes you place as bets. The minimum bet available thus is £0.2 and with a maximum set at £100 for every spin you make.

How to Play Jammin’ Jar Slots Online

Playing the Jammin’ Jar slot game is very straightforward and does not contain complicated features that make it hard to manoeuvring. 

However, if you are a beginner, you may need to begin with the free games provided on Jammin Jars. The free games are crucial in offering you the exposure you need. By playing them, you will understand the game’s rules and guidelines. You will also meet and get to interact with the features involved in the game. 

The free games allow you to learn the game before placing your money as a bet. You will also understand the technique of creating combinations that lead to landslide wins.

The following are the steps to follow to play the game.

  1. Tap the “Grid Button,” which provides you with the paytables consisting of adjusted wins to suit your bet size and displays the game’s rules.
  2. Tap the “Settings Button” to select background music and which mode of playing you want to employ.
  3. Tap the “Arrow Button” that helps you select the size of your bet.
  4. Click the “Autoplay Button” if you prefer the system to play for you. You need to select the reel number to be used.
  5. Finally, click “Play” with a hopeful heart.

The Jammin Jars slot is a mobile slot game that you can play on your mobile phone and desktop. All you need is to ensure that your mobile device is compatible with Android or iOS. Any smartphone, PC, or tablet could comfortably support the Jammin’ Jars slot game.

Interactive Features

For any online game to entice and lure a player, the game developers must pay special attention to features that will woo their clients. Push Gaming Software developers are not left behind either. They created certain interactive features that benefit you as you play the game. Some of the features include the following:

Progressive jackpots 

Most gamblers are attracted to slot games bearing a progressive jackpot. Unfortunately, the Jammin’ Jars slot does not have a progressive jackpot. 

However, here is where the catch is for Jammin Jars: you could win up to 20000x your initial bet. This feature is one of this game’s most enticing aspects, attracting many gamblers. 

The win results from the reels falling on the cluster paylines provided. Additionally, several multiplier features could lead you to a massive win when well-played.

Bonus games 

The Jammin Jars slot is many people’s favourite game because it has several bonus features. Some of them include bonus games that create combinations that lead to incredible winnings on the beltline when triggered. 

The game consists of three bonus features. These are the rainbow feature, free games feature, and jam jar multiplier features.

Whenever you have a spin that does not win, the situation may trigger a rainbow-coloured symbol to fall on the reels. When this happens, it will deliver a colossal fruit symbol, which attracts all adjacent but matching symbols to create a cluster symbol that will land you a win.

On the other hand, the Jam Jar Multiplier feature happens randomly and replaces all existing symbols. Usually, they occur when during a spin win, they fall to fill available vacant positions. The jam jar multiplier effect begins from 1x your initial bet and can reach a limitless maximum.  

Finally, the free game feature is activated when three or more jam jar features are triggered—the feature awards at least six free spins whose multiplier effect will keep increasing after every collapse.


The Jammin Jars slot Game uses different symbols as part of its theme. The symbols include strawberries, oranges, raspberries, apples, plums, and blueberries. 

The six fruit symbols are crucial to winning. To win, land at least five similar fruits in the correct order. For example, the blueberry offers a little win of only 0.1x your initial bet. 

Of all the six fruits, the strawberry will grant you the highest number of wins. Placing twenty-five strawberries following each other will grant you no less than 100x your initial bet. The moment you land a win, the symbols will disappear from the screen to pave the way for other symbols to enable you to access multiple wins.

Occasionally, the game’s wild symbol, commonly known as the jam jar feature, will show up. If lucky, you will receive up to 6 free spins to enhance your winning ability.

Many slot games have a variety of symbols involved. Jammin’ Jam, however, has the following extra features. 

  • Multiplier symbols 
  • Wild symbols
  • Autoplay and or fast play options
  • Scatter symbols

What Symbol Triggers Jammin’ Jam Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Usually, you will need at least some free spins in your quest to enhance your winnings. Jammin’ Jam slot game provides you with these free spins you so much need. How does one land free spins? 

The wild symbol is what triggers the free spins bonus you need. The symbol is commonly referred to as the jam jar. 

Whenever the jam jars appear, they will raise the multiplier factors’ effect. The reason for increasing the multiplier factors is that Jam Jar Enhancements contain multiplier effects, and their occurrence will reward you a 1x your bet on every winning combination you create.

The free game’s unique features are activated when three wild symbols appear. Activation will win you six or more free spins whose multiplier effects keep rising after every collapse. Yours is to play, and you could take home 20000x your initial bet when lucky.

Paylines and Stakes


Most slot game developers will allow the gambler to choose paylines of their own. By this, you could settle on a payline that you can afford. What does this mean to you? You can decide to go with high paylines that award you richly when you win, or you could settle on a low payline and receive peanut payouts on winning.

Jammin’ Jars slot, nevertheless, does not have any specified number of paylines. It presents you with a cluster playline where your winning depends on your ability to cluster identical symbols together. In this case, at least five identical symbols must be clustered.


To participate in this game, you can place your bet from as low as £0.2 to a maximum of £100.

Jammin’ Jars Slot Game Software

Push Gaming Software powers Jammin’ Jars slot game and manages its operations. Push Gaming began in 2010, run by mathematicians and game developers. The company is based in London. 

Since the company has existed, it has created the most notable slot games for online playings, such as Joker Troupe Slot. Not only has the company provided the gamer with an enchanting gaming experience, but it has supplied numerous innovative and creative features to boost your winning.

One of the most important awards, Push Gaming, has won the Best High Volatility Game Award. It won this award during the Video online slots Awards. 

Apart from the Jammin’ Jars slot game, other slot games developed by Push Gaming include the following:

  • Wheel of Wonders
  • Jammin’ Jars 
  • Mystery Museum.
  • Razor Shark Slot.
  • Fat Rabbit.
  • Blaze of Ra.  
  • Fat Santa
  • Wild Swarm 

You can get all this information on the company’s website.

So far, it is essential to note that the company has not had a game that has won any recorded mega jackpot. However, because of the dynamism and advanced developments happening within the company, it will soon win mega jackpots.

What is Jammin’ Jars Slots RTP? 

The Jammin Jars online slot RTP is currently at 95.25%. This percentage is above average and means you have a higher chance of winning when playing the game.

More Info

RTP refers to return-to-player, which implies the rate at which a slot game is likely to return to the player at any given moment. For instance, the RTP of 96.83% means that for every 100 spins you make, each £1 will reward you with at least £96.

 Also, the average RTP is arrived at after performing an average of many spins performed by a player. You should also note that you can’t receive a payout matching this rate at any given point. 

Slot Volatility

Slot volatility, also known as variance, is an essential aspect of any slot game. Its importance is tagged on its ability to determine how much you spend on any reel and what returns you receive on winning.

Volatility is categorized into three:

  1. High volatility slot where the chances of winning are very few but are massive whenever you land one.
  2. Medium volatility is second, which means the slot game provides you with many winning opportunities with moderate returns.
  3. Low volatility. Here, you are provided with many winning opportunities that award you meagre returns.

Jammin’ Jars Slot game has been ranked to have very high volatility compared to other slot games. As a result, it received an award for being the game with the highest volatility during the recent Video slots Award. 


The Jammin’ Jars Slot machine game is an exciting game that Push Gaming developed. It was meant to propagate a musical and band theme for all those playing it. Therefore, features and symbols applied in the game were carefully designed to suit the theme.

The game is an 8×8 reel that does have cluster paylines. Key symbols include blueberries, plums, apples, oranges, strawberries and raspberries. Other vital symbols include wild symbols, rainfall, and free game features.

You will comfortably play the game on your mobile devices as on PC and tablets. The game has good jars bonus features that enhance your winning. The above-average RTP and high volatility are key attractions of gamblers to the game.

Finally, the game provides beginners free games to learn how to play before engaging in games with monetary value. The game is not only recommended for newbies and experts. If you enjoy Jammin Jars, why not try out Wild Swarm Slot, also created by Push Gaming?