Imperial Colours Slot

Imperial Colours Slot is one of the latest gambling games for you developed by Golden Hero Software. The game is quite simplistic in terms of features and how to play it. Consequently, it is among the best options in the market.

Imperial Colours Slot combines a Chinese theme with a traditional touch in terms of the look, gameplay style, and a classic setup. Suppose you have ever interacted with the earliest of the gambling machines. In that case, you will realize a duplication of the same on a virtual platform. Its classic setup presents only three reels and a single pay line.

The game has sevens and bars in its simplistic nature, which present three main special features only. The features include Multipliers, Wilds, and Gamble Game (also referred to as Risk Double Game). The features, when well-played, can increase by 2x or 3x your stake.

This slot review will help you understand this game’s symbols, rules, RTP, and volatility. Also, you will get to know how to create winning combinations for the slot game.

About Imperial Colours Slot Game

The Imperial Colours Slot game takes pride in impressing a wide range of players. It gets into the basics of Imperial Colours that depict an old but royal Asian theme.

The colours represent land-based machines while the game’s catalogue takes a video slot. The Golden Hero Software developed the game.

Making it relevant as a basic slot game does not make use of any sophisticated symbols. Additionally, the game does not contain many features. It takes a 2D design with bright but blocky colours. The backdrop takes the shape of a diamond, and it is purple.

Moreover, the theme display uses only three types of symbols: Sevens, Wilds, and Bars. The sevens are beautified by letters of King, Queen, and Jack. The three are the highest-paying icons. Additionally, there are those icons of the colour blue, red, and green that gives one time your stake.

Symbols used in this game include the wilds, multipliers, and gamble game. These features are vital in determining your chances of winning in this slot game. For the theme to bring out the intended meaning, old-fashioned music audio is attached, which you listen to as you play.

Every online game will always appear in these categories. Some of these themes include the following:

  • Cartoon
  • Horror
  • Traditional
  • Superhero
  • Movie

The Imperial colours slot game brings out a traditional and movie theme in its setup. As you play this game, you will realize that the creators only provided three reels and one pay line. For you to win, at least three similar symbols must land on the reel at the centre. Single, Double, and Triple Bars appear at the bottom of the paytable.

Each will award you 5x, 7x, and 10x your respective bet. Additionally, if you have 3 symbols of low value occurring on the central real, you will be awarded twice your bet. You will receive the highest awards if you have any three Sevens with King, Queen, and Jack letters. The award is 25x, 15x, or 12x your stake, respectively.

Note that your bet can range from a minimum of £0.2 to a maximum of £100. Another significant factor you should note about this game is that its volatility is not defined; neither is the hit rate. Imperial Colours slot game, however, has a 96% RTP.

How to Play Imperial Colours Slots Online

The Imperial Colours Slot game is exciting and easy to play. If you are a newbie, please start with free online demo games provided for you on the site.

Playing the demo game will increase your speed of learning the rules of the game. It will also help you understand which features to use in doing what. As such, you need to be on the watch out to grab these free demos to enhance your skills for competitive games.

The buttons that are crucial in playing this game are displayed on the screen. They include:

  • Bet settings
  • Spin buttons
  • Autoplay button
  •  Information (I) button
  • Win screen

The game is not complicated to play. The following are the steps on how to play it.

1. After the game loads on your screen, adjust your bet amount for every spin.

2. Click the spin button.

3. Activate Autoplay if you need multiple spins for a single bet placed. Click the button left of the spin.

4. Adjust game settings after viewing the rules and pay tables for the game. You can do this by clicking the ‘I’ button at the bottom-left of the screen.

Winning this game will require you to select at least three symbols. Each symbol is attached to a specific winning margin. Be keen to make combinations that will award you with the greatest of rewards.

The game structure is basic. Consequently, you can play it on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Interactive Features

Providing highly interactive bonus features is one way online slot game developers ensure gamblers get attracted to the game. The Golden Hero has serviced the Imperial Colours slot game with such features as discussed below:

Progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots have been the most important tools for attracting gamblers. Unfortunately, the Imperial Colours Slot game does not provide you with this feature. Nevertheless, a jackpot wins at the end of the game whenever three symbols land on the reel.

Bonus games

The structure taken by the Imperial Colours Slot game is different from the normal structure other online slot games take. For instance, the game takes a 2D design with three reels and just one pay line. As such, it does not have any bonus games, nor will you find free spins provided by the game.  

Although it lacks bonus games and free spins, the Imperial colours slot offers much more.

The game supplies you with two separate wild symbols to kick you off. One carries with it a 2x multiplier while the other carries a 3x multiplier factor. If you spin the two together, you end up with a 5x multiplier factor on the win. An optional gamble feature is provided for you. Most risk-takers and players of high stakes always go for this feature.

Kindly note that for this feature, unlike in other online slot games, you need to choose the colour of a Chinese coin. The reason behind this is the Asian theme that the game takes. It would be best if you were a little bit more careful here. If you choose the wrong colour for the coin, you will forfeit the win you had, but you hit the jackpot if you get it right. 


For the theme to make meaning, this slot game makes use of several symbols. The Imperial Colors Slot game has three key symbols. They include the BARS, Sevens and Wilds. All three have helped to maintain the feel and touch of the Asian theme across the game.

The three symbols here fall under these universal symbols of slot games, including the wild symbols and the Autoplay.

What Symbol Triggers Imperial Colours Slot Bonus Free Spins?

As stated above, this game does not have bonus games; neither does it have any free spins. However, the symbols involved have a multiplier effect that they cause to any single win you make. Below is a breakdown of how this happens:

  • BAR symbols (Any) award 2 times your stake
  • Three single BAR symbols award 5 times your stake
  • Three double BAR symbols award 7 times your stake
  • Three triple BAR symbols award 10 times your stake

For the sevens, the awards come, as shown below:

  • Any three Sevens award you 10 times your stake.
  • Three Green Sevens award you 12 times your stake
  • Three Blue Sevens award 15 times your stake while
  • Three Red Sevens awards a lucrative 25 times your stake.

To hit the jackpot, you will need to have at least three wild symbols that will award you up to 500 times your bet.

Paylines and Stakes


While some online slot game developers will give you the privilege to choose your most preferred paylines, some have opted to have the paylines determined for you. High paylines will award you massively for every win you make, while low paylines will award you meagerly for every win made.

Imperial Colours Slot game is one of those games that determine for you the paylines. The game provides you with three reels and one pay line, fixed for that matter. You must carefully decide how to make winning combinations to land amazing wins.


You need as low as £0.2 for a bet to play this game. You can increase this bet to a maximum of £100

Imperial Slot Game Software

The Golden Hero Software is what powers the Imperial Colours Slot game. The software company only started in 2017 but has gained fame and popularity over time.

It has its headquarters in Nassau in the Bahamas Island. Though new on the market, you should not be worried about its legitimacy and authenticity because it is a partner with the JPJ Group that owns JackpotJoy Brand. 

Golden Hero Software is a very new brand in the market. For this reason, it has not yet earned or won any awards yet. However, it carries great potential, which is a clear sign that it will not take long before starting these awards.

In addition to the Imperial Colours Slot game, the company has developed several other captivating games for you. You do not want to miss out on its other games because the company prides itself on diversity. Diversity in this context means that no game is similar to the other. Some of these games include:

  • Double Luck
  • Mystery Box
  • Jewel Race

Additionally, Golden Hero is yet to have a game that has won a major jackpot. However, watch this space because there are all signs that Mega jackpots’ winning is just about to happen.

What is Imperial Colours Slots RTP?

The Golden Hero Software Company has given the Imperial Colours vibrant Slot game a return to player (RTP) of 96%. The RTP is averagely good considering how new the company is on the market. Usually, the RTP varies from one casino to another, but you still possess higher chances of winning big if you played this machine.

Game Weighting

What does an RTP of 96% mean? It means for every 100 spins, each is valued at £1 per spin. You have the chance of winning £96. Another important piece of information for you to note is that an RTP average is reached after taking several spins from a player. It is almost impossible for any person to win payouts that much at this rate.

Slot Volatility

Though volatility is a key aspect of gambling, the Golden Hero Software Company has not yet determined this game’s volatility. It, therefore, stands undefined at the moment.


Imperial Colours Game is a unique payline slot game that depicts a rich culture within a Chinese and Royal theme. Consequently, all its symbols, graphics, and music fit this theme.

The classic slot game is a 3-by-3 reel with only one pay line. Symbols involved in the game include Bars, Sevens and Wilds. Different BAR symbols are the lowest award-winning symbols, while wilds are the highest award-winning symbols.

What’s more! You do not need to go to a physical casino machine to play the game. Because of its simplistic design, you can install it on your mobile device and use it at your convenience. Devices upon which you can play include mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, and desktops.

Hopefully, the developers could be adding bonus games and free spins soon to attract more players. They may also be determining the game’s volatility soon to make it more attractive in the same vein.

Lastly, if you are a beginner, you need not worry since an Autoplay button will guide you into learning the rules. The demo games are also there to offer you adequate practice before you get into the real thing.

With this traditional slot game, both beginners and slot experts can earn some perfect money and have a fantastic experience.

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