The Shadow Order Slot

The Shadow Order Slot is among the latest creations in the gaming industry. The slot dwells more on codes and mystery and has a more ancient organization lying below the veneer of the modern community. This slot by Push Gaming, also the creators of Wild Swarm Slot, has a variety of modern features.

Shadow Order Slot presents you with a 5×5 reel that you can play along with cascading symbols. You can only get a win if you match three or more symbols vertically or horizontally. If you’re lucky to win, the rest of the winnings are retracted from the wheel, and the new ones are placed. This chain creation goes on as long as you keep winning. 

The game comes with a brim of features and delivers a load of extra modifiers while you’re playing. The features include Sticky premiums, lower-value symbols, and additional wilds. 

As an avid punter, you’ll get help from four friends of the secret order Amarillo, Molly, Archie, and Billy. As these friends come to give an extra hand, they come with some extras as well.

The Shadow Order has games that you can play with free spins bonus. The games’ multipliers increase with the possibility of getting big wins. You can play them on any device, anywhere, with as low as 10p to £100 per spin.

The slot is intentionally presented with extra attention to detail. It also comes with a soundtrack that mixes scary mystery twists and suspense. The Shadow Order is designed in a garden with a grand, beautiful mansion. 

The slot comes with several reels. This includes golden rings, Chess Pieces, coins, and cryptex cylinders. 

The golden ring is among the most rewarding symbols, and it offers up to 120 times your stake with five matching symbols. 

The wild symbol is presented in a golden star with eyes that see everywhere. And it can give you rewards of up to 300 times your stake, only when you match five symbols. 

About Shadow Orders Slot Game

Shadow Orders Slot machine with a 5 x 5 reel with a bunch of cascading symbols. The slot features three wild orb modifiers, three spin rounds, collectable symbols, and four character modifiers.

The online slot has a secret society you can join from your mobile or desktop. You can win anywhere between 10p to £100 for each spin. The slot’s RTP is 96.1% and can increase to 96.98% when you unlock at least four symbols. This means that it’s a high volatility slot.

Upon starting your spin sequence, the slot will have 25 symbols fall onto the grid. You must match at least three to five symbols, landing either vertically or horizontally, to get a win. Other symbols are retracted from the Wild Orb, and the rest are dropped to fill up the vacated space. 

The sequence will continue if you keep winning and hitting a new cascading symbol. Once the spin is complete, anything left on the orb meter will be reset. 

Alongside the mansion of a secretive community, the slot has three meters. The meters light up to trigger symbols the entire time you’re playing. At the top, it has wild orb symbols that charge cascades continuously, and it also drops relevant orb meters once the grid is ultimately charged. 

The left side of the slot is a free spin bonus meter that illuminates the slot progressively. This happens to collect the orbs that drop from your right corner. It also has a pleasant soundtrack that creates the best atmosphere as you unfold the mystery. 

The symbols are designed with intricate icons and excellent attention to detail. On your lower end, the slot has royal cards Q, A, and K. They come in ancient forms that seal the wax. It also has five adjacent symbols that pay up to 2x your bet. 

The symbols are then followed by a three chess figure on a medium level. The Figures include King, night, and queen, and they pay between six to ten times your stake for five matching symbols. 

The medium-level symbols include cryptex, golden coin-ring, and codebook. Wins for symbol A and K increases up to 120x your stake. 

The Shadow Order medal symbol is the wild and most paying, and it substitutes the rest of the orb bar symbols. If you’re a lucky punter, hitting five spins in a row will give a win of up to 300x your stake. 

The purple, blue, and green orbs drop down the grid and represent wild symbols when unlocked. The slot’s reels don’t have scatters because the free spins bonus is activated by gathering the three Orb throughout the gameplay. 

How To Play Shadow Order Slots Online

Once you join this secret society, set your bets, and you’re good to go. Here is how to choose the betting ranges. 

  1. An arrow before the total bet pops up a betting sequence from where you can select your chance.
  2. Once you choose your stake, the spins will make the reels start twirling
  3. If you don’t have the patience to keep spinning, you can select an autoplay feature mode and choose the number of times you’d wish to spin the reels. 

You can play the Shadow Order on tablets, desktops, and smartphones. The developer’s present players with an all-size screenplay for a fantastic gaming experience. Whether you’re playing your games from the palm of your hand or a PC, be sure to create memorable experiences. 

Unfortunately, up to now, the slot doesn’t have a mobile app. However, you don’t need any software download to play a game. The Shadow Order is powered by HTML5 software, which helps it load directly to any browser. So your gameplay will be compatible with Windows, Android, Blackberry, and iOS. 

Interactive Features

The most exciting thing about Shadow Order Slot Machine is the features. It has three base features and four icons you can unlock while in their secret places. It’s also packed with free spins features and the ever glorified cascading symbols. 

Free spins features symbol

Whenever you land at least three matching symbols on a reel, it’s considered a win. The symbols can be either horizontally or vertically. Progressively, the cascading feature is triggered as well. 

After a win, the symbols are removed to give space for even more symbols that fall to fill up the reels, creating more chances to get more winning combinations. 


The orbs and the Order Medal’s Wild symbols represent all the symbols apart from the orbs. 

The Shadow Order comes with three orbs, Purple, Blue, and Green. They’re all set on the left part of the reels and filled with cascading symbols. Once they fall, they automatically represent the Wild. They will then move to the right with every new cascading symbol until you have matching symbols. If an Orb symbol lands in any of the three spots, the Orb feature is activated. 


You can unlock Icons two, three, or four by collecting the Ring symbols that appear as you’re spinning. Once the Ring symbols gather and fill the reels, it will show other symbols below.


Once one of the three orbs gets in either of the hotspots, it activates a particular feature. The blue Orb represents destruction and destroys low-value symbols with low pay to create space for new symbols. 

The green Orb is used to represent creation. It randomly increases from three to six wild symbols and positions symbols on the grid. The Purple Orb stands for preservation. It holds the most high-paying symbols on the reel grid. It clears the remaining game symbols apart from the Orbs and retains the rest of the reels’ symbols. The gameplay will end when there’s no feature to lock up.


The character feature can only be activated at the end of your gameplay. Shadow Order Slot has four characters in place. Billy is a gambler that converts the low-paying symbols into a high ticket. 

Molly is the messenger that makes the orbs drop down the grid quickly. Archie is the spy that rewards wild symbols for every column on the reels.

Free Spins

When you collect all three orbs, a particular Tile feature will be in action. The Orbs will retain their charge during the whole gameplay for as long as it’s active, and they may act like sticky Wilds as they remain between the spins. 

Once the Orb lands on the Tile collection feature, a couple of multipliers are added on every win; if all your Orbs land the Tile collection feature, you’re given two extra spins. 

What Symbol Triggers Shadow Order Slot Bonus Free Spins

The free spins bonus is activated when three orbs of symbols drop to your screen button. The Shadow Order has three orbs waiting to be fully charged at the upper part of your screen. 

If you land three cascades progressively, one Orb is charged and then dropped to the reels to act as a wild symbol. If the Orbs fall on any hotspot, it triggers a free spin bonus from Green Orb, Blue Orb, and Purple Orb.

Payline And Stakes

To play a game at Shadow Oder Slot, you don’t need a leg and an arm to make it happen. You need as little as £0.10 to £100 per spin.

The game has enormous potential, and the payouts could be as high as 24,000x your bet on a good day. As rare as this is, it’s good to prepare yourself for possibilities about other aspects of the popular slot like the RTP. It’s above 96.60%, very close to 97%. The game is even exciting because of its high returns. 

If you have to write down the list of the best things about the Shadow Order, don’t forget its high volatility. It will make you win what you truly deserve. 

Shadow Order Slot Game Software

Push Gaming software provider powers Shadow Order traditional slots. Apart from the fantastic features, you can play the Shadow Order online for free, and you don’t need to register an account or deposit to play. The video slot comes with free spins bonus feature, 5×5 reels, and 0 lines.

To play for real money, you must learn about the bonus round gameplay and the volatility. 

Like most Push Gaming Slots such as Jammin Jars Slot, the Shadow Order is thoughtfully designed to hook you up. You can deny the magnetic push. Push Gaming developers are professionals at what they do, and that’s why they’ve won several awards like the Best Video Slot Award and the Award of Excellence. 

What Is Shadow Order Slots RTP?

The Shadow Order has a relatively high RTP of 96.51%, increasing as more characters are unlocked. 

  • Two characters have an RTP of 96.63%
  • Three characters have an RTP of 96.75%
  • Four characters have an RTP of 96.98%

More Info

With an RTP of 96.51%, you wouldn’t be expecting anything more. But to your surprise, there is more. 

Unlike other slots with a constant RTP, the Shadow Order increases its RTP as you unlock more icons. This means that the payout will also increase. 

Slot Volatility

The Shadow Order operates from medium to high volatility. You’ll get an average return of £96 for every £1 stake for 100 spins. The slot has many bonus features to enable you to win regularly, even on low-paying symbols.

The most normal win will come from getting five wild symbols to give 300x your bet. However, if your multipliers keep increasing, you can win up to 24,000x your total bet. 


Given all the meticulous designs and intricate features, you can say that it took a lot of effort to put everything together. It’s one of the complicated slots provided by Push Gaming, another being the Razor Shark Slot. If you want to know what’s going on, you have to read the paytable. 

If you don’t have time for all that, don’t worry. You don’t have to make an active decision or analyze anything as a gambler to play a game, and you can spin the wheels and pray that everything goes well. 

If you stay on the site a little longer, you might start getting the Play’n GO vibe. From the orbs’ behaviour, you can easily predict if the symbols are going to activate the bonus round or not. 

Shadow Order Slot represents Push Gaming at its best. It’s very crucial gameplay in the industry because it inspires many developers. However, if you’re an ancient type of player, you might not like it because it has several modern features. 

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