Super Marble Slot Review

Super Marble is a slot inspired by the game of marbles you may have played as a kid and remains immensely popular among children today.

Booongo Gaming, to their credit as a reputable global online slots developer, created the Super Marble slot in a classic style with a bell, fruits, and a wild dice symbol but gave it a modern easy-to-play form to entice both seasoned and new gamblers. The slot has a 5×3 reel layout with 25 paylines. 

The company released this online slot in 2020. The game came with the Hold and Win feature that took the online gambling scene by storm. The Hold and Win feature charms gamblers because it grants players the chance to win a massive 1000x the initial wager on a Grand Jackpot, besides Mini jackpots, Minor jackpots, and cash prizes.

Super Marble video jackpot slot has low to medium payouts, thus easy to bankroll even with a modest budget.  

In this Super Marble slot review, you will find out more about the product features, bonuses, and RTP to help you decide if the game fits your gambling interests.

About Super Marble Slot Game

Super Marble is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot with 25 paylines. The slot has a Hold and Win feature that gives you the chance to win up to 1000x your initial stake through a Grand Jackpot. For a chance at this prize, you need to get six or more marbles on the reels filled with classic fruit machine fixtures such as melons, oranges, plums, and bells, as well as dice which act as the wilds.

The design is simple and looks like the classic fruit-themed slots that make Booongo famous.

Like all new Booongo games, Super Marble has excellent graphics, a beautiful atmosphere, and immersive sounds. The game resembles a refined version of classic fruit machine slots but has clean and crisp visuals. The icons are brightly coloured black reels in a golden frame and a purple-coloured abstract background image.

The symbols are also fairly basic. Apart from the Hold and Win symbol, others are Respins, Sticky Symbols, Jackpot, Collect Symbols, Stacked Symbols, and Stacked Wilds.

You can get all excited at specific points of the game. For instance, whenever you can get enough marbles to trigger the bonus round, flames will border the reels. And the bonus round is quite galactic, too, opening and closing with a swirling starfield. 

In the background, some jazzy casino music is just right. The soundtrack is appropriately laid back, not to be jarring, but it is also energetic enough never to become monotonous.

How to Play Super Marble Slots Online

You are ready to game if you know how to play classic slots because Super Marble is also a classic slot. But it’s still easy to learn the game, even if you are new to online slots. All you need to know is the winning combinations, jackpots, how to place your bet, and how to spin the wheel.

Booongo Gaming created the Super Marble slot with HTML5 technology. This means it is compatible with all mobile devices. You can play the video slot on the go, on your tablet or smartphone, and it will be as good as on your desktop. 

Besides, you don’t have to download any app. All you need is to open the game on your browser, and you are good to go. You can play the games on all devices, platforms, and operating systems compatible with Android, iOs, PC, Mac.

Follow these easy steps to play Super Marble Slots.

  1. Open Super Marble Slots on your browser.
  2. Press the letter “i”. It will bring up the paytable. The paytable displays all possible winning combinations for the Super Marble slot. You will see information on the symbol values, paylines, and bonuses.
  3. Place your bet. Look for the bet controls at the bottom of the screen. You can set your stake where you see – and + buttons.
  4. Ready to start the game? First, look for the pair of arrows above the spin button. This is the Turbo spin. Activating the Turbo will make the reels spin faster.
  5. Press the spin button to start the game. You can spin in auto mode or manually.
  6. You use the autoplay function if you don’t want to press the play button after each spin. Autoplay is the automatic spin of the wheel until you switch it off. The autoplay button is on the right-hand control panel above the play button. The “A” icon denotes autoplay.
  7. After spinning, you can now wait for the winning combinations to come up. When 3-5 identical matching symbols appear in a line, that’s a winning combo, and you get paid as per the assigned multipliers.
  8. You trigger the bonus game if you get six or more purple balls. If balls continue to appear and you fill the entire field, you win the Grand jackpot. 

Interactive Features

The Super Marble slot machine contains fascinating elements. Read on to discover more about this game.

Progressive jackpots 

Three jackpots are drawn simultaneously in Super Marble: Mini, Minor, and Grand. This reward is progressive, and you can watch the amount of each increase in special windows above the reels throughout the game.

Bonus games 

The bonus symbol in the Super Marble slot is the game’s logo – the marble. The marbles are purple-coloured with gold numbers painted on them.

Although the marble symbols show up regularly on your reels, you can trigger a Bonus game only if you get six or more marbles.

Once you trigger the bonus game, you win three free spins. And this is when the game gets more fascinating. The marbles that start the bonus game become sticky, which means they lock into place and remain in their position on the screen for the entire bonus round. 

For most players, this is where adrenalin starts to pump hard. Because if you get more bonus symbols during the respins, the free respins counter resets to the original three. It will continue until you run out of luck and the respin counter resets to zero, where the game will end.

However, if your lucky streak persists, you can continue respinning until you fill all the 15 reel positions with the marble to win the Grand jackpot. 

Meanwhile, a new symbol, the red Super marbles, may appear as you play the bonus round. When it appears, the red Super marble sums up the bonus symbols’ values and then becomes sticky. This red Super marble will pay you out at the end of the round. The payout can be a cash prize or a fixed jackpot. 

A green marble awards a Mini jackpot worth 20x your initial bet, while a blue marble will grant you a Minor jackpot worth 50x your bet. 

However, the Grand jackpot takes the crown with a winning worth 1000x your initial stake.

As you can see, it’s possible to make loads of money playing the Super Marble slot, so do your best to get the reels to heed your command and win big.


The Super Marble online slot’s five reels carry ten much-loved symbols with different pay rates, as you will discover below.

The first symbols to attract your eyes are the four classic playing card symbols – A, J, K, and Q. These card symbols are the low-pays and are the most likely to give you a winning combination.

The high-pay symbols are plum, orange, melon, and golden bell symbols. A little challenging to line up, but the slot’s high RTP gives you a fighting chance. 

Then there is a pair of dice, which are the wild cards. As wilds, the dice can substitute for any other standard symbol when stacked on the reels. The only exception is the Bonus symbol which the wilds cannot substitute for.

And besides matching the other regular game symbols on your reels, the wilds can also form combinations to give you hefty winnings. 

Pay lines and Stakes

The minimum bet on Super Marble slots is £0.25, which equals £0.01 per pay line. However, the maximum bet allowed is relatively high at £60, which translates to £2.40 per win line. This wide range of the stake amount is convenient to players with varying skills, temperaments, and bankrolls.

For instance, if you are a learner, you can bet small amounts as you learn the ropes. Or if you want to have an excellent gaming experience yet risk little money, you place small wagers.

Now when it comes to payment, Super Marble slot offers two types of winning payouts. The first is available in the bonus feature, where you can grab up to 1000x your initial bet. This means if you stake the maximum amount of £60, you walk away with a handsome amount of £60000.

The other wins come from the regular win combos where if you line the correct symbols, you can bag up to 250x your initial bet, which would translate into £15000.

In the Super Marble slot, the bell is the highest-paying symbol. A complete five bell symbol on a pay line is worth 10x your initial bet. The melon comes in second at 8x your stake. In contrast, the cherry and melons are worth 6x and 4x of your bet, respectively.

The royal card denominations are the lowest paying symbols, all worth 2x your bet. As such, you will get the biggest payouts from the bonus round where you can win the Mini jackpot worth 20x your bet, the Minor jackpot at 50x, and the 1000x Grand jackpot.

But that is not all. You can get more wins from the marbles’ values, increasing even more by any red Super marbles. 

Super Marble Slot Game Software

Booongo Gaming powers super Marble slot.

Booongo is a global online slots developer renowned for innovative gameplay and exciting features. The company creates premium HTML5 games with cutting-edge gameplay and stunning art. You are assured of great excitement every time you play their games. 

What is Super Marble Slot’s RTP? 

The RTP for Super Marble slots is 95%, which is higher than the average for slot machines. Return to Player (RTP) is a metric that indicates how likely you are to win a return per spin.

RTP is a percentage of all the betted money the Super Marble slot will pay you back over time.

For instance, if you make a hundred £1 bets on the Super Marble slot where the RTP is 95%, you can expect to get back about £95 in wins.

RTP is a critical aspect for online gamblers. If you know what makes the winning combinations and the player RTP you will play your game with more confidence, have better odds of winning, and better plan your gambling budget. 

Slot Volatility

The second most important aspect of playing video slot games is volatility or variance, as it determines whether you win big or small.

Slot games fall into three categories. Low variance is a higher chance of winning but lower jackpots. High variance is a lower chance of winning, but you bag bigger jackpots. Medium variance is in the middle.

For example, the Super Marble slot has medium-high volatility, which means a slightly lower chance of winning, especially the Grand jackpot, which is hefty, 1000x your initial bet.


More and more online slot developers are falling into the trap of attempting to replace style for substance. They prefer dramatic and complex bonus features over solid gameplay or graphical elegance over solid gameplay. 

That’s what sets Booongo Gaming apart from other slot makers. Super Marble keeps things simple, resulting in a super-smooth, super stylish product that shines in every category.

Simply put, this retro-themed slot looks great, plays great, and has enough fascinating features to hook you for a long time. The jackpots are the star attraction, and it’s a real thrill to watch those marbles slowly fill their spots in the reels.

It’s rather disappointing that the Super Mable slot offers no free spins. This is one area the developers can refine. However, it’s a minor irritation when you have four different jackpots up for grabs. 

If you want to try something new and relax while also winning big, we recommend trying this new slot from Booongo Gaming.