Divine Lotus Slot

The Divine Lotus slot game was released in 2019, and it is a unique creation of Thunderkick that combines Chinese culture and fantasy. This makes it different from other Chinese culture themed slot games in the online gaming industry.

It has amazing features that are rewarding to its players. Divine Lotus has free extra spins feature that rewards you up to 7 free spins bonus when 3 lotus flowers land on your reels. It also has a bonus features game that rewards you with one free spins bonus every time lotus gems fill your symbol meter.

In addition to that, it has a unique Mystery Lotus Feature you can’t find on any other slot game in the industry. It is triggered by the mystery lotus symbols and can transform into any other symbol on your reels which boosts your winning potential.

Divine Lotus slot game also has a favourable return to player percentage that gives you a higher winning edge. Plus, high volatility gives you a golden chance at bigger jackpot sizes.

We bring you all you need to know about the Divine Lotus variance slot game in this slot review before joining the magical spinning action.

About Divine Lotus Slot Game

Divine Lotus is a beautiful slot game that transports you to an amazing magical garden. It’s about magic and fantasy, and it gives you a whimsical feeling as you spin the reels. 

Divine Lotus slot machine game’s theme is a combination of Chinese culture with some fantasy that leads to a colourful and outstanding end product.

It has amazing symbols that include vibrant lotus flowers, glowing dragon heads and cute baby dragons that are not only attractive to your eyes. But also have great payouts in store for you when they land 3, 4, 5, or 6 on your reels.

The symbols also create a cohesive design on the game that immerses you in the magical Chinese culture theme of Divine Lotus. More so, the floating islands suspended above in the air serve as lovely backdrops to the reels. 

The Divine Lotus slot machine game has a majestic and fairly-tale-like scene plus stunning graphics that enable you to clearly see all the game’s symbols no matter your device. Whether you play the game on a desktop or mobile device, it looks great.

On top of that, it has a slow and calming soundtrack with some sounds of classic Chinese instruments. This boosts your concentration as you spin the reels, which increases your winning chances on the slot game.

How To Play Divine Lotus Slots Online

Playing the Divine Lotus slot game is easy because it has a few gameplay basics you need to learn within a few minutes, and you are good to go. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the game because you can learn to play it fast.

Your main target on Divine Lotus should be to land a matching symbol combination on your reels. Matching symbols must appear 3, 4, 5, or 6 times on your reels to form a winning combination. 

But the slot game has premium symbols that pay more than others, and you should look forward to having them land on your reels.

Determine your bet. This is the amount you wish to bet per spin during your gameplay, and it must be within the maximum and minimum bet limit of the slot game. You can embrace the bet button to help you place your bet, and it allows you to adjust to your ideal bet whether you increase it or reduce it.

You can spin the reels. After placing your desired bet, you can click on the spin button to set your reels into motion. The reels move to determine your luck whether you win or lose and if matching symbols land on your reels, you win. 

If no matching symbol combination is formed, you lose, and you have to place another bet to spin the reels again.

You can also use the autoplay button on the video slot game to allow your reels to move automatically for a given number of times. It allows you to set a given number of times you want to have a hands free game, but it must be within the given range.

However, you need to ensure you have enough balance on your account to finance your set auto spins. This is because the reels stop during the auto-spins when your account balance is over, affecting your gameplay.

You can also play the Divine Lotus slot game on both desktop and mobile devices. It has a mobile version optimised for smaller screens of various mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The mobile version is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows-powered devices.

Well, you also don’t have to download the Divine Lotus slot game as many online casinos provide it via your chosen browser or the casino’s dedicated app. All you need is a device and an internet connection to embark on the magical spinning adventure.

Interactive Features

The Divine Lotus slot game has various interactive features that make it interesting and rewarding to players.

Free spins feature. This is a rewarding feature on the slot game that gives you up to 7 free spins when 3 or more scatter symbols land on your reels. It rarely occurs, but when it happens, it has a higher rewarding capacity, and you can hit the jackpot during the free spins round.

Bonus Game Feature. It is a special feature on the slot game and rewards you with 1 free spin for each of your reels filled with lotus gems on the symbol meter. The more symbol meters filled with lotus gems, the more free spins you earn.

Mystery Lotus Feature. This amazing feature happens when lotus gems fill the symbol meter and turn into the mystery lotus feature. It can transform into any icon bar on the variance slot game, whether the wild or the scatter. 

It can’t also transform into low pay symbols and symbols removed by the symbol meter from the game. For example, if the symbol meter changes a green baby dragon to a lotus flower, then the green baby dragon won’t exist in the game and can’t be transformed.

Progressive Jackpot

The Divine Lotus slot game doesn’t have a progressive jackpot. It has a maximum win, and you can’t win anything beyond it.

The maximum win on the slot game is 8,709x your initial bet. But you earn it after landing the needed matching symbol combination on your reels.

Bonus games 

The Divine Lotus slot game has a bonus game for its players. It is unlocked when lotus gems fill the symbol meter, and you are awarded 1 free spin.

When more lotus gems fill more symbol meters on your reels, you continue earning the 1 free spin for each.

It also rewards its players with free spins during the free spins feature. You have to land 3 or more lotus flowers on your reels which are the scatter, and you earn 2 free spins. But the free spins are continuous because you earn an additional 1 spin every time a new scatter lands on your reels. 

Many online casinos also provide bonus games on Divine Lotus slot game in their various promotions. You only have to identify the casino with the best offers on the slot game and embrace the opportunity.


The Divine Lotus slot game has various rewarding symbols that have different multiplier values when they appear 3, 4, 5 or 6 on your reels.

It has 9 that rewards you with 0.30x, 0.50x, 1.50x, 2.10x, 10 gives you 0.30x, 0.50x, 1.60x, 2.40x, J rewards you 0.30x, 0.70x, 1.70x, 2.70x Q 0.30x, 0.70x, 1.80x, 2.90x, and A gives you 0.40x, 1.10x, 2.30x, 3.40x your initial stake when they appear 3, 4, 5 or 6 on the reels.

Divine Lotus also has the blue baby dragon that rewards you with 1.00x, 1.60x, 3.00x, 4.20x, green baby dragon 1.00x, 1.80x, 3.40x, 4.50x, orange baby dragon 1.10x, 2.30x, 3.60x, 4.70x, red baby dragon 1.20x, 2.60x, 4.00x, 5.00x and the dragon head gives you 1.00x, 2.40x, 4.50x, 6.50x, 10.00x your initial bet when they appear 3, 4, 5, or 6 on your reels.

The dragon head and the baby red dragon are the highly rewarding symbols on the slot game, while symbols 9 and 10 are the lowest rewarding.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol on the Divine Lotus slot game is the glittering W with floral decorations. It can substitute any other symbol on the slot game except the mystery lotus symbol and the scatter.

It helps you complete a winning combination if it appears on your reels, and it substitutes the missing symbol needed in your combination.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol is the lotus flower, and if it appears 3 times on your reels, it unlocks the free spins feature and an extra free spin in the slot’s bonus game.

What Symbols Trigger Divine Lotus Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Divine Lotus slot game’s free spins feature is triggered when 3 or more scatters appear on your reels which triggers a free spins round.

You are rewarded with 2 free spins, and 1 free spin for each scatter that appears on your reels during the free spins round.

You can earn up to 7 free spins in this round. The free spins help boost your gameplay as you play them free of charge without placing another bet.

Paylines And Stakes

The Divine Lotus slot game has 6 reels, 4 rows and 4096 paylines.

To win on the slot game, you must land 3 or more matching symbols on your reels to form a winning combination. For example, 3 or more dragon heads, blue baby dragons, green baby dragons, orange baby dragons, among others.

Each symbol on Divine Lotus has its own value multiplied by your initial bet if a particular symbol forms a winning combination on your reels.

The highest paying symbol to look forward to on the slot game is the dragon head, and the lowest paying symbol is 9.

The minimum bet on the game is 0.1 GBP, and the maximum bet is 100 GBP per spin. Well, the more you bet per spin, the higher are your earnings.

The maximum win is 8709x your initial bet.

The Divine Lotus slot game has a payback percentage of 96.14%.

The matching symbol winning combination on the slot game is formed from the left to the right of your reels.

Divine Lotus Slot Game Software

The Divine Lotus slot game is powered by ThunderKick software. Thunderkick is among the industry leaders in the online gaming industry, popular for powering top-notch games. Despite joining the industry in 2012, it competes with the industry giants.

Thunderkick has its own Remote Gaming Server and innovative slots with state of the art graphics. It is also licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. So it legally operates in the industry.

It powers many other slot games such as Arcader, Barber shop uncut, Birds On A Wire, Carnival Queen, The Falcon Huntress, Flux, Frog Grog, Fruit Warp, Jaguar Temple, Pink Elephants, Tiger Rush and many others.

What Is Divine Lotus Slots RTP?

The Return To Player percentage of the Divine Lotus slot game is 96.14%. This is a favourable percentage for an online slot game because it is above average. 

It gives you a higher winning edge than that of the casino, and the casino has only a 3.86% house edge.

More Info

The 96.14 return to player percentage of the Divine Lotus slot game means that you earn 96.14 GBP  on every 1 GBP  you bet per spin.

This is a great earning opportunity because if you bet more per spin, you earn more.

Divine Lotus Slot Volatility

The Divine Lotus Slot game has high volatility. This means that you have low winning chances but bigger jackpot sizes on the slot game.

The good news is that one big jackpot won compensates for all you lost on unsuccessful bets as it has lots of cash involved. 


Divine Lotus is a wonderful game with unique symbols that have great multipliers in store for you with their cartoon-like designs that boost the look of the game. Thunderkick never fails to impress its players in its slot games, and Divine lotus is a great addition to its portfolio.

You can play the slot game on various online casinos by registering on a particular casino site and finding the game. All you have to do is look for the best online casino to enjoy the game and have great payouts as you enjoy the magical gaming experience.

However, the Divine Lotus slot game doesn’t have a progressive jackpot that is normally appealing to the high rollers. Its free spins feature also rewards players with a few free spins compared to those given by other online slot games.

According to our review of the Divine Lotus slot game, we highly recommend it to you for a Chinese themed and magical spinning action.

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