Wild Dragon Slot Review

Wild Dragon Slot is a game with an appealing atmosphere that makes it unique. It is built up for you to not only have fun but also to make money. Amatic designed the Wild Dragon Slot to be the ultimate place winning jackpots. However, you need to know a lot about it before proceeding.

The Wild Dragon Slot is a video slot game that exposes the players to the beautiful ancient Chinese culture. By choosing to play, you brace yourself to enjoy an interesting journey into the depths of how much the culture offers.

This game could be an eye-opener to you on how much you have missed out on if you are new. The game consists of distinct reel symbols with many treasures hidden in the palace walls.

What this means is that you can win big in this game. The only issue is that you are not certain just like any other game. As such, you must make smart and right moves.

Wild Dragon slot is served with many features that are important to the player. To begin with, it does not provide a bonus game though it is an online gambling game slot for gambling lovers. The jackpot as of now is at 50,000 coins.

The application has been enabled on all mobile devices, tablets, and computers. As long as the device has Android or iOS, you are good to go. The game revolves around a mythical theme, covering Chinese and Asian cultures current stories revolving around dragons, no wonder the name.

Additionally, it is a multi-currency gambling company with a 96.00% RTP and low volatility.

This Wild Dragon Slot Review provides you with a step-by-step guide on what to expect, what the game is all about, and how you can join to play it. This is what the site is all about.

About Wild Dragon Slot Game

The theme upon which the Wild Dragon game builds is a well-known and liked Chinese theme that is coupled with massive wins and a mix of an amazing décor. As a result, the game falls under the video slot category that entails 5reels and 10 fixed paylines.

However, it is usually not interesting to have only 10 paylines, and so you might be forced to play all the ten at every spin. One interesting feature about this game is you can play it with ease and simplicity.

Also, you can play the Wild Dragon Game for real money as you are provided with the option to customize it to fit your desire so you can get started as fast as possible. 

One key reason why many people choose the Wild Dragon game is how it is designed to take gamers on a trip virtually and to ensure they safely land at the most luxurious destination in the East. In its entirety, the game screen is bright in colour with ornaments of gold. It has rills fixed on the silhouette of an imperial palace.

The set of reels occupies all available spaces within the pointed roof, leaving some space for a few command buttons at the bottom of the screen. Lastly, the slot machine is endowed with wonderful graphics and a light melody in the background.

Worth noting is that this game could fit as a textbook example for all slot games inspired by China. This aspect makes it hard to classify them as the original. However, the atmosphere it provides is true, and if that is what may have attracted you to the game, you are guaranteed satisfaction.

How to Play Wild Dragon Slots Online

Engaging in a game slot you do not know how to play can be quite challenging. Here, you are provided with six easy steps to follow while playing the Wild Dragon slot game.

  1. Launch the reels by pressing either of the two buttons: Start or Auto Start 
  2. Press the Bet Key to select the exact amount you are using for the game
  3. Press the Line Button to activate lines from 1-10 lines
  4. A player will receive the payment when 3, 4, or 5 similar symbols appear on one of the lines.
  5. Press the Question Mark Button to find out the size of each symbol from the payout tables
  6. You can select a risk game once you have made a winning using the Gambler key to multiply the winnings (the amount used for the bet will burn if you make a wrong choice)

The Wild Dragon Slot Game can be accessed and played on mobile and computer devices with either iOS or Android-enabled software.

Interactive Features

Progressive jackpots 

A progressive jackpot implies a jackpot whose amount increases whenever the game is played. However, the jackpot is usually not won easily. There is a predetermined margin of increase with which it increases every time the reels are spanned.

The advantage of the progressive jackpot is higher payouts. Also, the randomness at which it can be hit without necessarily having to make complete combinations of symbols. The Wild Dragon Slot Game has no progressive jackpots.

Currently, the jackpot is at 50,000 coins, which is a constant amount. However, there is a possibility of it rising with time. Most slot game companies have ensured that their products contain progress jack points because of their many advantages to the players and the owners.

Bonus games 

Bonus games occur in various categories such as video slots, multi-pay line slots, and classic slots. However, the Wild Dragon slot game does not have any bonus games. What it does is that it provides a player with a risk round whenever a successful rotation is done. It allows the layer to guess a hidden colour to double the win.

Also, it provides the user with a profitable symbol. In the Wild Dragon slot game, a phoenix symbol has the most profit, giving the player 200 credits. Also, the Dragon, the most powerful symbol plays magic in the game and can be used in combination with other symbols to maximize profits.


Wild Dragon slot game features several symbols. Such include the following:

  • Wild symbols
  • Scatter symbols
  • Multiplier symbols
  • Stacked symbols
  • Sticky symbols
  • Autoplay  

What Symbol Triggers Wild Dragon Slot Bonus Free Spins?

The Dragon is the symbol that will generate a free spins bonus. It, therefore, can be used to replace any basic symbol in the game to increase the winning chances. Essentially, dragons have advantages over the other symbols.

For instance, they are larger than any other symbols and can occupy space up to an entire reel. A single dragon can earn you up to 1000 credits, and creating a combination featuring it automatically doubles the value.

Paylines and Stakes

Minimum and Maximum Bets

To play the Wild Dragon Slot Game, you need to invest in betting a minimum of 0.02 credits to a maximum of 0.5 credits. With this, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of online gambling.

Information on paylines

You need to note that each symbol has its value and a predetermined winning associated with it. The following include the average value of each winning and the maximum worth of the symbol used. 

Symbol vs Maximum bet Winnings

  • Scatter 10, 50, and 250
  • Wild 25, 125, 500
  • Bird 10, 25, 100
  • Frog 5, 20, 75
  • Turtle 5, 20, 75
  • Gold Bar 5, 20, 75
  • Carp 5, 20, 75
  • Flower 2.5, 10, 50 

Wild Dragon Slot Game Software

Wild Dragon Slots is powered by Booongo 88 Wild Dragon Software. 

Booongo game studio was founded in 2015. It is a highly progressive studio whose headquarters are in Curacao and Taiwan, but the development office is based in Ukraine. Their most famous slots include Imperial Colours Slot, Poisoned Apple, 88 Wild Dragon, and Secret Of Nefertiti.

Booongo is a small company that has not won any awards yet. However, it has been nominated for the Rising Star in Casino Innovation at the SBC Awards 2020. Also, they do not have any mega jackpots on their videos.

Booongo is a young but very progressive software developer for online games. With this speed, it is going to sweep the market by storm. Paying closer attention to the kind of game slots they have released, they match ahead into a fortune.

What is Wild Dragon Slots RTP? 

The RTP (Return To Player) for Wild Dragon slots is 96.0%

Based on this RTP percentage, Wild Dragon has an average rating, probably because it is young on the market. Compared to the above-average of 98.4%, it is slightly low but not as low as 94%, which is the lowest rating.

More Info

Usually, RTP is the percentage each slot site must return to the player. It is necessary for every player, especially the one reading intensively about slot games and researching, to understand.

Each slot machine bears a different RTP whose range is between 94% and 99%. For instance, a game slot site with a 97% RTP means an average return of £97, supposing a slot player invests £1 per spin for 100 spins.

It is also important for the player to note that RTP only applies to a good number of game plays and not for every occasion of playing the slot. 

Slot Volatility

Volatility, referred to as variance, is the second most important facet of playing video slot games. Volatility will point out whether you will win big or small. Slot games are classified into three categories based on volatility.

Low volatility or variance implies easy and fast winnings. On the contrary, high variance low chances of winning, but when they occur, they are massive. On the other hand, middle volatility refers to winnings with middle-level difficulty with returns a little higher than that for low volatility.

The Wild Dragon slot game has low volatility. It means that players in this game have a high chance of winning, but the jackpot is a little smaller. Also, in as much as you will frequently win, the winnings can never surpass the wager.


As stated above, this is a new but highly progressive game slot, and soon it will be the talk of the market. It offers you an opportunity for lovers of gambling, especially those who love mythology.

The game slot is mind-engaging as it takes the players on a virtual trip, as discussed above. The ancient Chinese palace is a nice place to visit, especially through this game. Not only will you gain money but you will have a great experience.

Also, the features provided by the game are out of this world. They are designed to give you a wonderful journey through game slots. The experience with the wild Dragon is something you do not want to miss. With its average RTP of 96.00%, players are guaranteed a reasonable return as they play.

The game slot’s low volatility ensures that chances of winning are high, especially for starters. This is a good way to start. It could be very disheartening for you to start playing from high volatility.

It is almost unbearable to keep losing your bets all the time because of the low chances of winning. With these features and the great future that Wild Dragon has portrayed, it qualifies for further recommendations.

However, as discussed above, the game slot does not contain a progressive jackpot that makes the game more competitive. This is a good area for calling for improvement. Also, introducing bonus games can stir up the spirit of competitiveness.

Among other important features that could be considered to make the game more interesting include free spins and stacked symbols. Generally speaking, anyone who has not tried out this online game slot casino should strive to do so because it means you have not yet played any online slot.

When you combine an awesome combination of adventure and thrill, you will be dying for more from the site.