Live Dream Catcher Review

Live Dream Catcher is the perfect place for all Wheel of Fortune lovers to experience a colourful wheel full of prizes for themselves. With exciting multipliers to quickly bump your winnings, will you walk away with the big cash prize of your dreams?

Bonus wheels are not a new notion in the gambling world. You must be familiar with the famous TV show Wheel Of Fortune, where the host spins a colourful wheel full of prizes. Evolution Gaming made a game called Live Dream Catcher, based on a famous TV show, for casino players.. 

The rules and gameplay of the game are straightforward. This game requires players to familiarise themselves with certain features. This Live Dream Catcher review will inform you of all the details about multipliers on the bonus wheel and how to play this simple bonus wheel game.

The winning chances on the game are high, as it’s a low volatility game with frequent winning chances on every spin. You may win thousands with a single spin or nothing; it’s a luck-based game that does not include much in terms of bonus rounds. 

About Live Dream Catcher Slot Game

Dream Catcher is powered by Evolution gaming and was presented at the 2017 ICE industry gaming event. It’s the first of the kind developed by software providers in the Money Wheel category. Before Dream Catcher, Evolution Gaming got famous for its live casino games. Dream Catcher is a recent addition specially designed for players who want to try something new besides online slots, table games, and bingo.

The Dream Catcher game has simple rules, big prizes, and a friendly atmosphere that makes it a unique live gaming experience. The live game show attracts all ages and experienced casino players. Live Dream Catcher is not only a favourite fan game but has also won the title of Digital Product of 2017 at the Global Gaming Awards

Players spin a large wheel with 54 colourful segments in the fun game. Fifty-two of the rainbow segments comprise numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. The remaining two segments include the two multipliers, 2x and 7x, giving players the chance to boost their winning. Players can place a bet from a wide range. Dream Catcher streams on high definition quality from the Riga specialised studio. Evolution Gaming has done a remarkable job giving a player a view from angles with multiple cameras and close-up settings.

The studio has a vibrant colour theme, which gives the overall atmosphere a lively vibe. The punchy SFX with flashlights adds to the entertainment factor of the innovative game. The croupiers keep the energy level high by chatting with players and celebrating their wins. Combining the visual and sound effects of the Live Dream Catcher, you will get a perfect bonus wheel game that is high in energy and winning potential. 

How to Play Live Dream Catcher Online

Sign up at a casino website that has this game. A list of casino sites with this game is listed above, with some basic information about the casino.

Let’s talk about the gameplay of Live Dream Catcher. It’s the most accessible casino game you will come across. Place a bet, choose the number, and wait for the leather pointer to stop at your desired number. 

Before getting into the gameplay details, let’s understand the bonus wheel’s rules and mechanics. As mentioned earlier, the wheel has 54 equally divided segments, and each segment contains the number except the two, which have 2x and 7x multipliers. 

  • The number 1 is present in 23 segments
  • The number 2 is present in 15 segments
  • The number 5 is present in 7 segments
  • The number 10 is present in 4 segments
  • The number 20 is present in 2 segments
  • The number 40 is present in one segment
  • 2x multiplier present in one segment
  • 7x multiplier present in one segment

You can understand the gameplay of the Live Dream Catcher in these easy steps:

  1. Choose an online casino that features a live Dream Catcher in their game lobby.
  2. Click on the game and read all the rules and regulations.
  3. The first step is to place the table limits displayed on the screen for the player’s convenience. 
  4. You can start placing bets when the light turns green, the amber light indicates the betting ending time, and the red light means players can set no stakes for the ongoing round. 
  5. Select the chip value to place the bet. Once you have your desired number, place the bet by choosing the number on the screen. You can increase the bet range with an additional click and wager between 1 and 6. 
  6. Click on the BET ON All tab to cover all bet spots instantly.
  7. The dealer spins the wheel once the betting time is up.
  8. The wheel spins, and the pointer on the top of the rotation points out the segment that wins. If it stops at your selected number, you win.
  9. After every spin, players get a chance to place another bet, repeat their previous bet, or double the bet they selected previously.
  10. That’s all! Enjoy the game; we hope you win some exciting prizes.

Evolution Gaming has marked the gambling world as a developer for high-quality casino live games. Keeping its reputation, Live Dream Catcher is a user-friendly and intuitive casino game. The best part is you enjoy the game on the compact screen of your mobile devices and tablet devices as they develop the game on HTML5 technology. It plays seamlessly on both Apple and Android devices with fully optimised functions and features. 

You won’t require particular knowledge to place bets, and the variety of options and settings make playing the ultimate game enjoyable.

Interactive Features

Live Dream Catcher is an impressive bonus wheel game that includes interactive features like:

Progressive jackpots 

Live Dream Catcher is not a slot game; instead, it’s a bonus wheel game based on players’ luck and strategies. There are no progressive jackpots or jackpots in the game. The higher you bet, the better your chance of winning big based on the number the pointer chooses.

However, the maximum amount you can win on the wheel is £500,000.

Bonus Games 

Live Dream Catcher is not like ordinary slot games where we match symbols to trigger bonus games, nor is it like table games where cards decide fate. The wheel spin, and the pointer decide what bonus prize is in our future.

The highlight of the game mode is its two multipliers, 2x and 7x they offer players the potential to win big on the game. If the pointer lands on any segments, they remain in the same position, and you get another try on the wheel. If the pointer stops at the winning number, all winning bets multiply by 2x or 7x. According to your multiplier value in the previous spin.

Let us explain with an example:

  • If you place a winning bet on the number 10 worth £10, your payout will usually be £100
  • If the pointer stops on a 2x multiplier, your payout will be £200
  • It’s a simple dynamic where the spins continue until you land on the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40.
  • If the bonus wheel stops on 7x on the first spin, then on 2x the next and last 10, your calculation will be about 140.
  • If you have placed a £10 bet, then your payout will be worth £1400.

There is no restriction or limitation on how many multipliers you land in a row unless you reach the maximum amount of £500k.


Live Dream Catcher has a straightforward payout system that is simple to understand. The winning segment includes numbers representing the odds based on one on one. 

There are no exclusive symbols, just the number representing every 52 segments. Only two multiplier segments, 2x and 7x, display on the reel, and these multipliers are the only symbols that offer the potential to win big. 

What Symbol Triggers Lie Dream Catcher Bonus Free Spins?

Live Dream Catcher does not have conventional bonus rounds as other slot novelty games. However, players get a chance to spin another if they land a multiplier segment under the pointer. 

If the pointer stops at 2x or 7x multipliers, you get another spinning chance until the number falls under the pointer. You will get an opportunity to bid the more multipliers you land in a row and the higher your bet.

Paylines and Stakes

Live Dream Catcher is an entertaining game designed to engross payers in a fantastic gaming experience. It’s a fast-paced game where each round takes about 45 seconds to complete. It becomes challenging to watch your bankroll with such a fast action game. We advise beginners to set a limit before starting the exciting game and stick to it till the end. It’s important not to lose sight of your spending, and we guarantee your experience will remain fun. 

Live Dream Catcher has a wide betting range that starts with a minimum of 10p, and the maximum bet you can wager is £5000. Considering the bet size, it seems suitable for lower and high bankrollers, but such a vast range often gets players carried away with the budget. It would be best to balance your budget and fun playing time. 

We help beginners plan a strategy that will keep you on the safe side without exceeding your budget. An optimal strategy to wager on Live Dream Catcher is to bet with a higher frequency on numbers. No doubt, the payout with such a bet will not be higher.

We already know that numbers 1, 2, and 5 have 23, 15, and 7 segments simultaneously; their possibility of winning is more elevated than betting on 10, 20, or 40 numbers which only have 4, 2, and 1 pocket value. If you bet on numbers with lower payouts, you will win more frequently and be able to play longer without overspending.

Live Dream Catcher Game Software

Evolution Gaming powers Live Dream Catcher, one of the leading companies in the live gaming world. The gambling market is full of gaming software companies creating live dealer games. However, few can offer as innovative and high-quality live gaming experiences as Evolution. 

Since its inception in 2006, Evolution Gaming has featured its products on some of the biggest gambling platforms. The company has alliances with top-notch operators like Ladbrokes, William Hill, Paddy Power, and 888. 

Evolution gaming stands out because of the balanced combination of quantity and quality in its products. The software company not only produces live spin wheel games but also specialises in developing many other casino games. Some of the popular Evolution Gaming dealer games are:

What is Live Dream Catcher RTP? 

Live Dream Catcher does not have fixed RTP (Return To Player) like other casino games. The RTP ranges from 90.57% to 96.58%. However, the game’s optimal theoretical RTP is 96.58%, close to the slot RTP percentage. 

The two multipliers on the wheel increase its RTP compared to other bonus wheel games that lack the multiplier feature. 

Live Dream Catcher payout is straightforward to understand. The bonus wheel RTP is between 90.57% and 96.58%. The casino gets the house edge from 9.43% to 3.52%. £9.43 per spin is a huge profit for the online casinos, but there is a chance of lowering it with huge wins.

Game Volatility

Live Dream Catcher is a low volatile bonus wheel game as the slot players get to win on almost every spin. Both experienced and casual players can win often in the game, but the payouts are not very high.


Live Dream Catcher may be a fresh addition, but it soon became one of the most exciting and enjoyable casino games globally. It contains the most straightforward rules that make it ideal for beginners or newbies to live casinos. This game is enjoyable and interactive, making it a good fit for experienced casino players..

The Money Wheel game looks fantastic with its various immersive camera angles and the sounds of TV shows. It also has some of the busiest and most entertaining actual dealers. Considered everything, this is a perfect casino game dependent on luck that you cannot resist purchasing.