Crazy Time Review

The Crazy Time Slot Game gives you exactly what you expect; a crazy time! With the giant brightly coloured wheel filled with great prizes, get ready for a thrilling game based on the luck of the spin!

Are you a lover of money wheel gambling? Crazy Time is another fantastic opportunity to enjoy what you love most.

This is one of the most popular games at live casino sites and is a game that utilises the mix and match idea. You have to match symbols with a certain number of multipliers, and then you have a chance to win some bugs if you get it correct. 

This review will look at the bonus rounds, the symbols used in the game, and the game’s RTP. Also, volatility and other exciting metrics are applied by Evolution Gaming Company.

Ensure you read to the end of the review to get all the necessary information. 

About Crazy Time Game

If you have had a chance to play the dream catcher by Evolution gaming, you have not seen more from them. Crazy Time is a vibrant yet entertaining live casino game that brings out the experience on the money wheel.

Crazy Time ushers you into a world of pomp and colour. You start right from the host who is vibrant, hyperactive, and cheerful for you to enjoy your time on the wheel.

The game opens its doors to more bonus rounds and games to allow you to have more impressive wins on the wheel. If that is not enough, there are generated multiplier features that you can take advantage of as you place your bet.

The game has characters that keep you on your toes as you get down to spin the wheel and win some cash for yourself.

Better still, the game has a top winning price up for grabs by the gamblers. You can win up to 160000× your bet amount.

The theme of the game is all about an amazing wheel of fortune. You wage your money and end up with impressive wins on every bet you make. The wheel has up to 54 winning slots, four bonus rounds, and a bonus game for you to discover. 

Of the 54 slots, nine slots have four bonus rounds for you. The good thing is that you can win a maximum of 20,000× your bet amount on a bonus feature.

The bonus rounds in the game are

  • Coin flip bonus round
  • Crazy time bonus round
  • Cash hunt bonus round
  • Pachinko bonus round

You can start by staking as low as £0.10 as you climb up to the highest bet amount of £5000.

Evolution Gaming has had a chance to bring out its ability to create a simple game that is easy to understand and play. The keyboard of the game has easy shortcut buttons for you to use.

They include the repeat bonus button, the bet on all controls, and the start button.

Considering the game analysis in totality, it is a game for gambling addicts, and the game brings out a different experience of money wheel games. Finally, Evolution Gaming has this game available both on your desktop and mobile platforms.

How To Play The Crazy Time

Playing the Crazy Time slot game is straightforward, with not many betting complications involved. The following is a guide on playing and winning with Crazy Time.

1. When the crazy time game starts, you are to place a bet on the part of the wheel that it will land. You do that by placing a chip on the tab.

2. Once you have placed your bet, the host of crazy Time will spin the wheel. As a gambler, you win your bet when the wheel lands on the segment where you placed your chip. But, the payout segments that the wheel lands on have different payout wins that you get. 

They range from 1×, 2×, 5× and 10× the bet amount you placed. If you set a bet of £100 and the spin wheel lands on a segment where you placed your chip with 3×, your payout will be £300.

3. The different segments that the wheel lands on generate the bonus games. You can choose to take part in the bonus games to win higher rewards

4. When spinning the crazy bonus wheel, it can also land on four bonus rounds. The four bonus rounds trigger a bonus game for you. But you only play the bonus game if you place a bet on the winning bet spot. 

5. The wheel can land on the pachinko bonus round. In this bonus game/round, the puck lands on the wheel to award you with the prize. But, the pack may land on a double value.

Then that becomes your lucky win because the multiplier number at the bottom of the slot will double. The puck keeps dropping until you realise the highest multiplier of 10000× the bet amount.

6. Another bonus round that the wheel can land on is the cash hunt. The cash hunt is in the form of a shooting store with random multipliers disguised in various symbols. 

You can pick one of these shooting galleries that you think has the highest multiplier as your target when the countdown starts. The target gets shot at, and the multiplier is revealed when the timer stops.

7. You also can play the coin flip bonus round, which is the easiest round on the crazy time game. You have to choose between two coins of different colours, one blue and one red. The CoinFlips and the multiplier are revealed on the Coin chosen.

8. Apart from the bonus rounds in Crazy Time, the game comes with a bonus game. The bonus game generates the highest multiplier of up to 20000× your bet amount.

The crazy bonus rounds you play allow you to win between 10× up to 10000× the bet amount. 

To participate in the bonus game, you have to choose one of the flappers on the giant money wheel hidden behind a door. Immediately the bonus game comes into play, and the host will press a red button to start the rotation. 

Once the wheel stops spinning, you win the multiplier number you chose when it was in its initial stage.

Interactive Features

The Evolution Gaming team has a thing for their clients. They know the only way to keep their customers glued to the money wheel is to include exciting features in the game.

Progressive jackpot

There is no progressive jackpot attached to the Crazy Time slot game. But the game can earn you more money without requiring complicated strategies and betting ideas.

The game has fantastic bonus features and actions to focus on to earn good payouts. Each bet type has its payout rate that puts more money in your pocket. Take a look at the following. 

  • slot 1×has the highest payout rate of 96.08%, 
  • slot 2× payout rate of 95.95%
  • slot five x a payout rate of 95.78%
  • slot ten x a payout rate of 95.73%
  • pachinko bonus round attracts a payout rate of 94.33%
  • cash Hunt bonus round 95.27% payout rate
  • Coin flip accumulates a rate of 95.70%
  • Crazy time 94.42%

You are better positioned to win hefty amounts on your wage by the above trend.

Bonus Games

One of the interesting interactive features of the Crazy Time Slot game is the bonus game. The player can choose where the flapper will point when the bonus game round triggers.

When the host opens the red door, you get to play on a large money wheel. The game presenter will press a red button to start the spin. Once the spin ends and the wheel comes to a halt, you win the multiplier that the flapper has pointed.

If you are lucky and the flapper points to a double or a triple amount on the wheel, then the multiplier worn will double or triple with the bet amount.

Once again, the wheels will re-spin until you achieve the maximum amount of 20,000× the multiplier.


Great symbols have been incorporated into the Crazy time slot game. They range in colours, each holding a significant feature in the game.

The game has eight symbols in total for you to stake your bet amount and win some cash. They include the following characters.

  • A blue tile denoting 1×
  • A yellow tile representing the 2×
  • The pink tile indicates 5×
  • Purple tile showing ten ×
  • The coin flip symbol
  • Cash hunt symbol
  • Crazy time symbol
  • Pachinko 

The first four symbols above (1×, 2×, 5× and 10×) show the multipliers that appear after each round.

What Symbols Triggers The Crazy Time Slot Bonus Free extra Spins

Any slot game that offers you free bonus extra spins puts you in a position to increase the rate of payout returns that you make on a bet.

The crazy time slot game does not feature free bonus extra spins. But the game has re-spin features that appear in the crazy time bonus game. 

When the flappers point on the doubles or triples, a re-spin will occur until the highest amount of 20,000× the multiplier amount on the bet amount.

Pay Lines And Stakes

Pay lines

The crazy time slot game does not bring out paylines like other slot games. However, the Evolution Gaming team compiled the eight symbols to replace the standard paylines. So all you have to do is place your bet on those eight things, and you end up with an encouraging amount.

The payout symbols that represent the paylines in Crazy Time include the following.

  • The yellow, green, purple, and pink tiles each contribute to a multiplier of the total bet amount.
  • The four-coin flip symbol in blue
  • The two cash hunt in green
  • Two pachinko symbol in purple
  • One crazy time symbol in red colour


The crazy time slot game has manageable stake levels that you can start building on as you increase your stake in every round.

The minimum stake you can place is £0.10 on every bet, and the highest chance you can stake goes up to £5000. When you combine your stake with other bonus features in the game, you win an impressive amount that goes up to the highest amount of £160000

Crazy Time Slot Game Software

The crazy time slot game is powered by Evolution Gaming, a B2B firm based in Sweden. The company partners with other software providers in the market and leads in providing live casino games that started way back in 2006. Some of the other slots games they provide include Lightning Roulette and Live Dream Catcher.

From the Time of its formation, the firm has grown into a giant software provider in domestic and global online casinos solutions. The company has a wide range of products listed under its name. The products include

  • Live Roulette
  • Live Poker games
  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Baccarat
  • Game shows
  • RNG game
  • mO

Moreover, the company has had a success story seen in the number of awards it has won during its existence. Some of the notable awards the company has won so far include the following.

  • Live casino supplier of the year at the EGR B2B awards 2020. It is an award that the company has retained for the past 11 years.
  • Online casino supplier of the year
  • Innovation in casino entertainment award at SBC awards 2020.

You can visit their online website and discover more awards that the company has won over other companies.

What Is The Crazy Time Slots RTP?

The Crazy Time slot machine game offers you a return to player of 96.08%.

An RTP is the percentage average that a game is likely to reward the gambler on the bet amount placed in every game.

When the player combines the RTP with the bonus rounds and other multiplier factors, the player will love the game more because of the payout returns.

Slot Volatility

The Crazy Times Slot is a highly volatile game with a winless round chain. However, the secret to hefty payouts lies behind the four beautiful bonus rounds and the Crazy Time bonus game.


The Crazy time slot game stands to be one of Evolution Gaming’s best games that it has created. 

The game builds on a money wheel platform that is easy to play for both die-hard gamblers and beginners. The bonus rounds, the multipliers, and other colourful features make this game more attractive. With the payouts that you win while you are playing.

Finally, when combined with game bonuses, the RTP of the game gives you no reason to stop playing. The fun-free online mode allows you to try the game for free before staking with real money.