GLMS Releases 2019 Monitoring & Intelligence Report,

Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) has released its 2019 Monitoring & Intelligence Report, along with a comprehensive report on its operations, partner views and a message from its Chairman, Ludovico Calvi.

GLMS has alerted its partners to 157 matches during 2019. The vast majority of the notices went to the FIFA and UEFA football partners (98 alerts). These totalled 787 in terms of warnings to participants, of which 32 went to North America and 65 went to South America. In comparison, the highest number of warnings received by the European members was 570.

There were 11 warnings for soccer, two for basketball, four for tennis one for sports, eight for ice hockey and six for American football, breaking down the numbers for North America. The 65 warnings from South America were divided between soccer at 59, basketball at 5 and tennis at one.

Calvi wrote in his letter to associates and members: “As you will read from our report, we were quite operationally active throughout the year, flagging early warning signs based on evidence and data related to sporting events across countless categories to our partners; as well as collaborating and delivering critical analysis and intelligence in our reports to our GLMS stakeholders, upon request.

“As we look ahead to 2020, we will continue in our effort to expand our global membership base. We are also planning to open a new Integrity Hub in Canada, following Hong Kong to further consolidate the process of globalisation of GLMS targeting North American jurisdictions.”

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