Trio Bingo

One of the reasons why Tombola is the biggest bingo operator in the UK is the fact that they constantly find new ways to shower their customers with value and fun little gimmicks to keep their gameplay interesting.

One of these little additions is their Trio Bingo game, launched in January 2020, that was supposed to replace the offer called Worlds. Trio is not actually a bingo game, but rather a free, SMS-based game resembling a scratchcard, in which the player is encouraged to match three identical symbols to win a prize.

Whichever theme you choose out of the nine – Retro, Lantern, Pinata, Chests, Snapshot, Lamps, Western, Pharoh or Aloha! – the rules are the same.

How To Play Trio Bingo

If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, you will need a registered account with Tombola Bingo. In your player account, set up your mobile number, and the bingo operator will send you a daily SMS with a code you can then enter on the website and play the free game of the day.

Swipe or click over a symbol out of nine possible options on the bingo card to reveal the symbol. Three matching ones will declare you a winner of one of the cash prizes. These range from £5, to a neat £1k, for a total of £3.5k, which is given out to the Tombola club each day.

While certainly a simple game, this format is a ton of fun, and it is free, which means your potential winning ticket comes with only rewards and none of the risk. It closely resembles a raffle promotion in that aspect.

Trio Bingo Verdict

If a regular player had to buy a ticket to participate in this game, our review might have been different. But considering that participation is free and the potential cash prizes are pretty appealing, you can’t really go wrong with Trio Bingo.

The promotion is obviously in place as a marketing gimmick to obtain more traffic sources for the main bingo site, but I doubt Tombola’s audience minds that aspect.

The chance to win some serious money for logging into the site alone is appealing for many players, and the added benefit of being able to play it from any mobile device ensures that most players will take part in the game.

Moreover, considering the vast number of promotions and special offers on Tombola, such as birthday deals, frequent free tickets and their massive collection of quality game, I think Trio is an amazing addition that lets us know Tombola really cares about their customers.

But, you know – keep this information to yourself. The fewer players are playing Trio, the bigger the chance you grab that meaty prize.