Coffee Shop Bingo Review

Coffee Shop Bingo

Enjoying great coffee while chatting up with an old friend at a chic cafe close to the water – what can be more relaxing than that? Combine that with an exciting game of bingo, ready to offer you some enticing prizes, and you’ve got a recipe for success!

This is the exact combination you will be able to experience in the Coffee Shop Bingo room, available exclusively at Heart Bingo. And the best part is that you don’t even need to put on pants, as you can enjoy the room from the comfort of your own home, on a desktop or even in the Heart Bingo app.

Moreover, checking the cafe on TripAdvisor is unnecessary, as you’re going to have complete control over the menu. Keep reading to learn how to play this exciting bingo variant.

How To Play Coffee Shop Bingo

A new game kicks off every five minutes, which means you don’t have to wait in line. Seats are available for this bingo game whenever you’re ready to play. The price of the bingo card will vary from 10p to £1, and you can buy up to 60 for each game.

After buying the tickets, the game can start. The number of tickets you own is clearly displayed, and the numbers are marked off as they are being called automatically. All you need to do is drink your cup of tea, have fun in the chat with your bingo buddies and wait for the winners to be announced.

Since this game employs the regular rules of 90 ball bingo, each bingo card will have three rows and nine columns, with 15 total random numbers on display.

To win a prize, a player must complete either a full line, two lines, or the full house – mark off all numbers on a given ticket.

Coffee Shop Bingo Jackpots

Long gone are the days where grandma would go to church for her Saturday bingo game and compete for a £5 prize. Several online operators offer a taste of some mouth-watering prizes to their players, and Heart Bingo makes no exception to this rule.

Some Coffee Shop Bingo rooms on this site will offer a progressive jackpot. This can be won if the full house is won within 38 calls. This is definitely not an event that happens often, so the prize pool goes up with a percentage of every bet until it is won.

The “seed” of this jackpot, that is, the amount at which this jackpot starts to raise is a neat £1k. Whenever it is won, half goes to the winner, while the other half is split between all players participating in the winning game. It’s like watching a proposal in a restaurant, where the newly engaged couple gets a complimentary meal, and everyone witnessing it gets free drinks.

Coffee Shop Bingo Verdict

Taking place in a virtual cafe with delightful graphics and a socially focused layout, this bingo room is the perfect avenue to enjoy your regular games of bingo and chat up with your online buddies.

The coffee shop atmosphere is expertly painted, making for a really relaxing experience and a fun bingo game. While there is not a special offer or other features to keep players engaged, chat hosts use their creativity to build an enticing atmosphere, and we’ve noticed people join this room to relax rather than experience fast-paced bingo thrills. For that, we would rather recommend Speed Bingo.

If having a hot beverage while playing in a beautiful bingo room sounds nice to you, you should definitely head over to Heart Bingo and try out their popular Coffee Shop bingo!