Cash Cave Bingo Guide

Indiana Jones movies showed us that endless riches are available for grabs for anyone brave enough to venture into the unknown. Get your explorer fix while also winning some extra cash from the comfort of your living room with Cash Cave Bingo!

Online gaming has come a long way, and bingo seems like it’s here to stay, considering how much effort bingo operators are putting into their offers. New and exciting bingo variants are popping up like mushrooms after a storm, and each of them comes with engaging features to ensure brand loyalty.

Employing an exciting arcade style gameplay, this new bingo room available at Sun Bingo is guaranteed to bring your inner explorer forward and have you looking for the hidden treasure of the Cash Cave. And with a little luck, you might find the dormant prosperity dragon and ask him for a huge bonus!

I promise I’m done with the euphemisms; let’s see how you actually play this game.

How To Play Cash Cave Bingo

If you strip away its graphics and mysterious soundtrack, the Cash Cave plays like any other regular 90 Ball Bingo game.

A player will need to register an account at Sun Bingo and navigate one of the Cash Cave Bingo rooms. This can be done at any hour of the day or night since games in the Cash Cave room play 24/7.

In the game’s lobby, you will be able to buy up to 120 tickets. The price of a ticket varies between 1 mere penny and 50p. Once the game starts, you will see your bingo card displayed in the main panel, and the caller will start drawing random numbers. As they are being called, the bingo software will automatically daub matching numbers on your ticket.

Each ticket is made up of three rows and nine columns. On each row, you will see five random numbers and four empty spaces for a total of 15 numbers.

Marking one line, two lines, or all numbers on the ticket will bring you a prize in real money. The prize varies based on how many tickets were bought, but each Cash Cave room has a minimum guaranteed amount. Between rooms, players get the chance to win an average of £1250 daily.

Cash Cave Escalator Jackpot

Sun Bingo is known for its Escalator Jackpot promotion. This special jackpot seeds at £5k, which means this is the minimum guaranteed jackpot that can be won.

As the hours pass and no one wins the amount, a percentage of each ticket gets added to the prize pool, making for some mesmerizing possible prizes. It is not unheard of this jackpot to surpass £30k.

To win this jackpot, you will need to complete a full house in the displayed number of calls. The jackpot starts at 35 calls, but the number of calls increases by 2 every hour during the promotion.

When the jackpot is won, the prize is split 50-50 between the full house winner and the rest of the players taking part in the winning game.

Cash Cave Bingo Verdict

People who’ve spent some time in an online casino playing bingo might not be very impressed with this bingo game. It indeed lacks a bonus round or other special features we’ve seen in other casino games, such as a daily bonus, bet variations, free spins to various other slots in the casino, etc. (For players looking for bonus functionalities, we recommend Immortal Romance Bingo).

But it is also true that 90 Ball Bingo managed to amass millions of players worldwide with no added features. Players seem to love a well-made, simple game; for them, this bingo variant might just hit the nail on the head and become their new favourite.

Either way, the progressive jackpot is certainly mouth-watering, and it contributes to a veridic Las Vegas experience, which is what players want.

The added benefit of playing this game on Sun Bingo, one of the biggest and most reputable bingo operators in the UK, can only give players peace of mind.

Moreover, there are tons of exciting slot machine games, themed bingo rooms, Slingo arcade, and mega win jackpots to be experienced, so we advise taking a break from your regular, brick-and-mortar bingo hall and give online social gaming a try!