Immortal Romance Bingo Guide

Immortal Romance Bingo

Over the years, many online casinos have tried to reinvent the wheel – or the reel – and come up with new and exciting ways to keep their player base engaged. It is only natural for new game variants to sprout following cult-like phenomenons, so keep reading for our take on this unusual bingo spin-off!

How To Play Immortal Romance Bingo

At its core, Immortal Romance Bingo employs the rules of the classic 90 Ball Bingo game.

The bingo ticket consists of three rows and nine columns. Each of these rows will contain five numbers and four empty spaces, for a total of 15 numbers. However, in this Microgaming twist, each ticket strip will contain special numbers. You can hover over them to see which unique bonus feature they offer.

Bonus Feature Cast

Each game of Immortal Romance Bingo features one of four main characters, which are the same as those in the slot game. They each come with extra chances to win and will appear at random during every game.

Amber (Scatter Bonus) – An exploding bingo ball on the game screen announces Amber. When she comes out to play, all players get two free random daubs on their ticket, which increases their chances of a win.

Michael (Wild Desire Feature) – If Michael appears during the game, each number within the columns containing the special trigger number will become a wild symbol, increasing the chances of winning for lucky players.

Sarah (Wild Vine Feature) – Sarah’s presence is announced before the game starts when a special Wild Vine number is drawn. If the special number is called during a game, each player is guaranteed to receive one free daub, with the number of daubs going up to four in some games.

Troy (Vampire Bats Bonus) – Each ticket has a special Vampire Bats Bonus number written on it. If the number on your ticket is called, you will receive up to three free daubs.

Jackpot Wheel

A fascinating bonus round in this game is the Jackpot Wheel. In this bonus feature, players get to earn extra power-ups and bonuses. One of these bonuses is called the Power Up Medallion, and it increases the progress on a special bar.

Each ticket in your strip will contain a Power Up Medallion number, and when this number is called, your power bar increases slightly. If you manage a consecutive win or if you play with enough tickets, you get to fill up this bar.

When this happens, you will trigger the Jackpot Wheel bonus round, in which you can win one of four jackpots. These range from a free spin collection to a selected Microgaming slot to a neat £1,500 prize in real money.

This spins bonus game adds another layer of fun to the bingo room, where it was already packed full of features and excitement.

Immortal Romance Bingo Verdict

We definitely get some of you might be sceptical regarding this bingo variant. Between multiple bingo spin-offs, pop culture vampires and one too many failed attempts to reinvent this cult-classic game, we’ve been reticent towards this variant, to say the least.

However, the unique gameplay, the way Microgaming preserved the 90 Ball Bingo rules and added unique functionalities and ways to win, and the engaging story this bingo room brings to the table have turned thousands into convinced fans.

If you were looking for ways to spice up your regular bingo night, you certainly do not want to miss the Immortal Romance Bingo game. If you also enjoy your occasional video slot, I can bet this will be one of your new favourites.