Supersonic Bingo

Supersonic Bingo

For those of you who like your gameplay slow, you might need to get a pair of glasses and stay on your tippy-toes cause you might miss the jackpot!

Supersonic Bingo is a Mecca Bingo exclusive, and it’s faster than the speed of lightning. But not quite faster than Speed Bingo, for example. This bingo variant has been known and loved by players for its blistering pace and many special features. But how do you play it?

How to Play Super Sonic Bingo

The game is open on Mecca from 9 AM until 2 AM, and tickets will cost you a mere penny, up to 25p each. The prizes typically go up to £30, if you are not counting the several Premiere prizes, which we will present below.

It follows the rules of the classic game of 90 ball bingo, with each ticket consisting of three rows with nine columns. These rows will have 5 random numbers and four empty squares, making for 15 total numbers to mark off.

You get to win a prize if you mark off an entire line, two lines or the full house – meaning all numbers on the ticket.

Mecca graciously offers an application apk file you can download directly from their site so you can enjoy every game on the go from the Mecca Bingo app. This works perfectly on any internet device, iOS or Android.

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Super Sonic Bingo Prizes and Jackpots

Exclusive to its provider, this popular bingo room offers access to Mecca’s Premiere Jackpots. Five different jackpot levels are available for grabs, and players will navigate these during the game, reaching some very enticing winnings.

Here are the levels of the Premiere Prize promotion:

  • Bronze Jackpot – fixed £10, won every two hours.
  • Silver Jackpot – fixed £50, won twice daily.
  • Gold Jackpot – fixed £100, won daily.
  • Platinum Jackpot – progressive jackpot, starting at £5k, it climbed to more than £10,000. It is won, on average, a couple of times per month.
  • Diamond Jackpot – Progressive jackpot, kicking off at £10k, it went to over £30,000 in real money. It is won on average once every month.

Super Sonic Bingo Special Features

To make this even more of a fun game, Mecca Bingo added a chat box where people can get their social fix during the game. You can use it to chat with your bingo buddies and express joy whenever someone wins.

Moreover, the chat hosts are friendly and knowledgeable. They will help you each time you encounter an issue with your gameplay, and they even run regular mini-games to keep matters interesting whenever the game moves a bit slow. However, that is rarely the case with Super Sonic Bingo.

The mini-games are usually in the form of a chat quiz and can pay free tickets or a small prize in bonus funds.

Super Sonic Bingo Verdict

If you’re a fan of the 90 ball bingo game, but sessions are getting a bit long-winded for you to enjoy them and still take care of your adult responsibilities, then this game might be the perfect fit for you.

Playing at the cusp of tradition and practicality, with a very lucrative list of prizes and promotions, on an eye-candy theme, I doubt you will need anything more to have an enjoyable afternoon or even a bingo birthday party. We don’t judge.

Coming with the added benefit of being offered by such a reputable bingo provider that constantly proves they care about their users, offering a Return to Player rate of about 80% for all their games, this bingo game is something you definitely don’t want to miss. So don’t blink because you might do.