Lounge Bingo Guide

Award-winning bingo operator Jackpotjoy delights us with yet another bingo night must. This 75 Ball Bingo variant is packed full of fun functionalities, and it has become a definitive favourite for players on this site.

A Jackpotjoy patron will be familiar with their exciting bingo events, happy hour promotion and plenty of bonuses, and players keep flocking from all corners of the internet to participate in the fun. This popular variation of 75 ball bingo comes with some very enticing functionalities, such as a progressive jackpot and a couple of chat games for an added layer of Saturday night fun.

How to Play Lounge Bingo

The basic rules of 75 ball bingo apply, where a lucky player will win a cash prize if they manage to complete a predetermined pattern. As with all games of this type, there is only going to be a single winner.

To start playing, you will need to buy your tickets for the event and wait for the room to start. Please note that this option is not available to a guest on the website; you will need to register an account with Jackpotjoy to get a place at the table.

Tickets will be automatically marked off for you, so all you need to do is get a nice glass of wine or a cocktail and wait for the winner to be announced.

The bingo card for this game is the same as the one you’ll see in most bar bingo events in the USA – a 5×5 grid containing 24 numbers and an empty square in the middle. As the caller announces the numbers being drawn, bingo players “lounge” and wait for the bingo game to be settled. Most times, they will use the in-game chat to socialize or intimidate their competition.

Jackpot And RTP

The progressive jackpot attached to this bingo game can be won if a player completes the winning pattern within a certain number of calls. A portion of each ticket goes toward this jackpot, and as it will not be won every game, the amount can get very generous.

The Return To Player rate, calculated by the bingo operator, stands somewhere between 80.99% and 85.45%, and its formula employs all amounts being paid top players versus total wagering.

Lounge Bingo Verdict

We love this bingo variant offered by Jackpotjoy. It covers all the basics for a pleasant, classic bingo game while also bringing forward new and improved functionalities to keep the gameplay fresh.

The progressive jackpot is definitely something to strive towards, but otherwise, the regular amount to be won with the pattern can be a fun prize that can pay for a nice dinner out. It comes as no surprise that this game is a hit with players of this casino, and we definitely recommend checking it out if you ever find yourself at Jackpotjoy.