Bingo 90 Guide

When it comes to a game that kept players engaged for over 500 years, it is safe to say everyone loves classics. We are always lured in by new and glitzy bingo variants, but nothing beats an old fashioned game of bingo, exactly like the one your grandma was playing in church.

Luckily, Tombola managed to add a new and exciting spin to this cult favourite. It comes as no surprise that Bingo 90 is a real hit on Britain’s biggest bingo operator, mainly since it employs the same rules and layouts of the beloved 90 ball bingo. I bet you saw that coming.

If you want to experience Tombola‘s new and improved version of the UK’s favourite pastime, I’ve compiled some essential information to have ready for your next game.

What is Bingo 90?

As its name plainly suggests, Bingo 90 is another version of the classic 90 Ball Bingo game. This time, the basic rules get no bending, and you get to experience the veritable 90 Ball experience, albeit with a few minor functionalities, exclusive to this bingo operator.

In a nutshell, there are a few steps a bingo lover must take before he can enjoy this bingo game. An account at Tombola is required, so if you’re not registered yet, you should do so first. Luckily, first-time depositors get to enjoy a very lucrative bonus, which they can use to get accustomed to the rooms.

You can, then, choose a club and room and buy a bingo ticket for the next game for a mere 10p. You can also buy a ticket strip for £2, which not only increases of chances of winning but also will raise the prize pool for some additional thrills.

The Bingo 90 bingo card has nine columns and three horizontal lines, and each line comprises five bingo numbers and four empty spots. After the game starts, you can opt for daubing your numbers manually, or you can let Tombola’s software do that for you automatically and relax as the bingo caller announces number after number.

There are 90 bingo balls in total to be called, and a progressive jackpot is on the table for the player completing the full house in a certain number of calls.

Completing any 1st line, 2nd line or marking all of the numbers on the ticket will instantly make you a winner.

How Is Bingo 90 Different From Classic 90 Ball?

To keep its player base engaged, Tombola added a couple of fun features to this online bingo game.

One of the most interesting differences we’ve found is the fact that when multiple players win a progressive jackpot in this game variant, the prize is not split – every winner will receive the full jackpot amount.

Second on our list to get giddy about Bingo 90 is that every half hour, all the clubs link together to form what they call link games. In these, players from across clubs gather together and compete for a shared prize pool, which is obviously bigger than the ones normal games offer.

The added social benefit of playing with many people during these game also adds a layer of excitement you can only get on the biggest bingo site in Great Britain.

Additional minor fun features are available, such as the option to personalise your dauber with your lucky colour.

Bingo 90 Verdict

The probability of presenting players with a well made 90 Ball Bingo games and getting a negative response is pretty slim. People will always be looking to play this casino game, be social with their friends and even strangers and win some real money in the process.

If you combine these with the low ticket price and potential jackpot wins, you’ve definitely got a recipe for future success. It certainly helps that the game is available to play on any mobile device, running iOS or Android. It means that you have no reason not to join us at Tombola for some old-school fun.