Coronation Street Bingo Review

Coronation Street Bingo

The beloved TV show has been on TV since the ’60s and gathered a massive following over the years. In an attempt to bring their customers more value for their regular bingo sessions, Gala Bingo launched a Corrie-themed bingo game, and we are here for it.

2013 was the year when this online bingo room joined Gala Bingo‘s ITV Bingo collection. Since then, it was adopted by Gala’s sister sites and brought back memories for a nostalgic audience with their exclusive partnership.

How To Play Coronation Street Bingo

As soon as you buy your bingo card at Gala Bingo, you are greeted with a standard 90 Ball Bingo layout. The game rules are the same as the classic bingo game we all know and love.

The backdrop features the chimney tops of The Street, while a green street sign can be seen next to the chatroom. On top, there’s a section where clips from the beloved ITV soap opera will be played between games.

Bingo cards go for 5p, and you can buy 1 through 48 per game. The bingo caller is a famous character from the old cast, and the calls sometimes have Corrie tailored names, such as Pork Pie Heaven, Rovers Return, Last Call at The Rovers and Rita’s Den. A true Coronation Street fan’s paradise.

Coronation Street Bingo Jackpot

To make matters a bit more interesting, there are two special jackpots attached to this game.

Golden Cobbles Jackpot

With this special jackpot, a unique community bingo card remains in play every game. If the number called to complete a full house is on this bingo card, it gets marked off, and the winner receives a £5 prize. If the number completes a full line, two lines or a full house, then the jackpot is up for grabs.

The jackpot can go up to £500 for a full house. If a full house is completed, the golden cobbles ticket is replaced, and the process begins again.

Bingo Boss Jackpot

This jackpot comes with a guaranteed hourly, daily and weekly sum to be won, and it’s a Gala Bingo exclusive across multiple games.

  • Hourly – £20
  • Daily – £100
  • Weekly – £500