Game Show Bingo Review

Game Show Bingo

Regular bingo players will be able to tell you that bingo is mostly a game of chance. But what happens when you introduce a skill-based feature and several fun bonuses in the classic bingo dynamic? You get Game Show Bingo!

This fun little bingo variant was brought to the light of the Internet by Jackpotjoy back in 2013, and it has since seen a wild success amongst online bingo fans.

The main selling points of this variant are the two generous jackpots in cash and two distinct in-game bonuses to raise the stakes even higher.

Combine these with eye-candy graphics and chat mini-games, and you’ve got an amazing formula for a home bingo party!

What Is Game Show Bingo?

The Queen of bingo herself, Barbara Windsor, introduced this new bingo variant during Jackpotjoy’s launching promotion. The game itself takes after the classic 90 ball bingo game, with a few added features to spice up the gameplay.

The game’s layout is bright and colourful, and buying six tickets automatically qualifies you for a special bonus round, where you get the chance to win some extra prizes in real money. Depending on the bonus you trigger, you get to play a fun mini-game. During Sumo Bonus, for example, players are encouraged to shoot cannonballs at a sumo wrestler to reveal their prizes. These will usually take the form of free bingo tickets for the next game.

On the left side of the console, another mini-game is displayed, preponderantly slots.

How To Play Game Show Bingo

The main game follows the basic rules of 90 ball bingo. Before the game starts, the player is encouraged to buy their bingo card. A ticket for this game is usually being sold for 10p up to 25p, and games start at midday on most platforms.

As with all 90 ball bingo games, there are three ways to win in the base game. Cash prizes will be given out to players who manage to mark off bingo numbers on a full line, two lines and the entire ticket for a full house.

Game Show Bingo Jackpots

There are two different jackpots that players compete for when playing this bingo variant. Firstly, this game is attached to a progressive jackpot. Completing a full house in 51 calls or less will split the jackpot between the winner and the community – all other players participating in the winning event.

Second, we have a truly exciting bonus jackpot called the Fantastic 51. Completing a full house within 51 calls or less will pay out 1000x the price you paid for the ticket.

Game Show Bingo Bonus Rounds

The bonus rounds are definitely where it’s at with this online bingo game. There are three different bonus rounds you will get to play at random if you qualify. Each of them gives players a certain number of points that add up towards a leaderboard. Score the most points during the game to win free tickets for the next game.

Balloon Pop Bonus Round

In this mini-game, the player needs to burst a balloon of a certain colour, which will be displayed in the game area. The points are amassed depending on the size of the balloon you pop, as follows:

  • Large Balloon – 5 points
  • Medium Balloon – 10 points
  • Small Balloon – 20 points

Bungee Bonus Round

This one is a skill-based game in which you need to run along the game area and collect boxes. These boxes come in three sizes, and just like with the balloons, they give you a certain number of points.

  • Large Box – 5 points
  • Medium Box – 10 points
  • Small Box – 20 points

Moreover, consecutive hits will trigger a multiplier.

Sumo Bonus Round

Lastly, in this round, you get 5 cannonballs you shoot at three sumo wrestlers. You need to hit one of them to get points, depending on the colour of the wrestler’s equipment.

  • Red Sumo – 5 points
  • Yellow Sumo – 10 points
  • Blue Sumo – 20 points

Just like the previous round, consecutive hits will trigger a multiplier. This will end if you miss one of the wrestlers.

Our Verdict

Game Show Bingo is definitely the thing to try if you’re forever enamoured with the 90 ball bingo, but you miss some variety from your game sessions. The side games and generous jackpots add a new layer of excitement to the classic bingo hall games, and its graphics and social element make it absolutely delightful to play. But don’t take my word for it and try it for yourself.