Bingo 20 Guide

If you’re a fan of Jackpotjoy games, you might already be familiar with their new addition to the collection – Bingo 20.

Currently, this bingo variant is exclusive on their website, so you will need a registered account in this casino and funds added to the balance before you will be able to play. In terms of gameplay, you can expect a classic 75 ball bingo game, and it’s a game of chance, more than a game of skill.

One of the main selling points of this bingo game is its progressive jackpot, which allows lucky players to earn prizes in the realm of thousands of pounds per game.

How To Play Bingo 20

To play this bingo game, you will have to log into your Jackpotjoy account and purchase a ticket for the following bingo session. To do this, you will need to click on “Get Tickets” on the left tab and select your desired number of tickets. You will then get to buy additional cards or be returned to the game.

When the game starts, your tickets will be displayed, and each number on your bingo card will be automatically marked off as they are being called throughout the bingo session.

A ticket goes for 10p, and the total prize paid for the full house winner depends wildly on the number of participants who opted in. Each ticket contains 25 random numbers out of the possible 75.

The Bingo 20 jackpot comprises portions of all tickets bought up until the jackpot is won. To be the winner, you will need to complete the full house in a certain number of calls, which varies depending on the game.

In terms of RTP, Bingo 20 stands somewhere between 80.99% and 95.45%, calculated by Jakpotjoy by the amounts paid to participants relative to all wagering.

Bingo 20 Verdict

This bingo game is the perfect lazy Saturday or Sunday activity – the rules are pretty simple, allowing new players to get into the game quickly. There are not too many features to make the gameplay complicated, and established players will appreciate the fast pace and simplicity of the game card.

The total prize that can be won depends on the number of participants, so an evening session will definitely be a lot more profitable for a winner than an early bird event.

All in all, this is a fun game to be enjoyed when you are pressed for time, but there is nothing to separate it from other, more exciting bingo variants.