Penny Lane Bingo Guide

We probably all know about Penny Lane at Mecca Bingo by now. With a guaranteed 1p per ticket for every game, this bingo variant is the perfect budget option that allows players to enjoy a bingo marathon without breaking the bank.

The Mecca bingo deal also comes with regular promotional offers and a couple of fun jackpots to strive towards.

Apart from its frugality, this bingo game, developed by software provider Proprietary, also delights players with its striking graphics, a bright and colourful backdrop, and the added social benefit of getting the chance to play with several other players in the bingo room at basically anytime.

These discount rooms are open 24/7 and sometimes feature an additional jackpot, time-based Premiere Bingo Jackpot. Bingo players regularly enjoy other special games called Penny Links, where popular events sell tickets for 1p for a limited time.

How To Play Penny Lane Bingo

To enjoy this Mecca Bingo exclusive, you will need to register an account on their website. Luckily, this online bingo site will offer their first-time depositors a Mecca bingo voucher for 50 free tickets when they fund their account with at least £10.

With a bingo ticket going for a mere 1p, bingo players get to buy up to 120 for each game, thus increasing the chances to win a prize or even the jackpot.

After purchasing your bingo card or using your Mecca Bingo Coupon for free games, the session can start. The Penny Lane bingo room employs the basic rules of 90 ball bingo.

Cash prizes are awarded to the winner of one line, two lines and full house. During certain games, players get the chance to win the Mega Ball Booster jackpot if they complete the full house within 33 calls. Doing so will result in winning a minimum of £10,000.

Moreover, if you mark off the full house in 38 calls or less, you can win the Maxi Ball Booster jackpot, where players are paid at least £500.

The regular bingo prizes depend wildly on the number of players and how many tickets they each bought. Regular prizes can go up to £1000 in real money. Not bad for a 1p ticket game.

Mecca Bonus Games And Promotions

This online casino has always blessed its players with generous promotions, regular games and bonuses to keep its user base engaged, and even the occasional Mecca Bingo Voucher Code that adds value to regulars’ bingo sessions. A discount code for depositing or cheaper bingo tickets will frequently be offered to all players.

The bingo bonus for new players is known to be generous, and you also get the chance to play with one of the biggest and most reputable bingo operators worldwide.

When it comes to Penny Lane Bingo, weekends come with a special bonus game, starting on Friday night, from 7 PM onwards. These are called Penny Lane’s Mini Firecracker games and cost 1p to play, but offer the possibility to win a neat £55, which will allow you to go out for a nice meal without feeling guilty afterwards.

Penny Lane Verdict

You really can’t go wrong with this game. The bingo room is usually a lot of fun, with knowledgeable hosts and many other social players, and the two additional jackpots add a layer of excitement to each game.

Using the promo code offered by the site and their numerous promotions can total in a lot of free games for you, and even if they are not, the ticket is still a mere 1p. Forever.

Penny Lane is the perfect budget option for bingo fans, packed full of special features, making it a fantastic option for online gambling without breaking the bank.

Moreover, the game is perfectly optimized for mobile play, so you can access the website from any device or download the Mecca Bingo App and enjoy your game on the go without any loss of functionalities. I think it’s time you head over to the casino and start wagering.