Spearhead Studios Release Super7 Deluxe During Super July

For Spearhead Studios July was a busy month. The brand revealed its Super July campaign earlier this month, where it will introduce several new titles during the month. The developer unveiled this week Super 7 Deluxe a slot game of old school style with a modern look. The classic online fruit slot features a 95.81 percent RTP and offers a fun spinning experience.

Within this game you won’t find too many bells and whistles with a classic fruit theme and old-school charm. There’s plenty to match with fruits including cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, grapes, and watermelons. The 7s are the game’s most fruitful sign, granting rewards for a match of a sort of three, four, or five. Claim the bet 5000x when you see five 7s on the reels!

In respect to the apps, there are the Gamble Ladder and the Card Gamble. You can click on the ladder gambler button after a win, and then play the game. When you win the round it will show the move above your current one on the ladder. If you lose then light up the step below the highlighted one.

You can also opt to play the online slot game card gamble round. You must play this win by choosing a suit colour, red or black, or by choosing a suit symbol, either heart, club, spade, or diamond. The game then displays the card and tells you whether you’ve won the bet or lost.

Commenting on the new game, Spearhead Managing Director Mathias Larsson stated: “July was a busy month, but I am thrilled to now have launched 5 new titles in our portfolio. Super 7 Deluxe is another game we built for the German and Eastern European market. Players will recognise typical symbols for these markets but with an updated gameplay and graphics in comparison to other top games competing in the space.”

For Spearhead Studios the Super July campaign was a success. A new Blackjack game and a new slot named Giant Panda have already been introduced by the company, just last week. It comes shortly before the release of Super 7 Deluxe and follows on from the inclusion of Dark Joker and Royal Crown.

July’s month was very fruitful for the developer as they launched these new games and added a good range of new content to their portfolio significantly.