Kindred And EFDN Launch ‘Fair Sports 4 All’ Project

The Kindred Group has launched its new project ‘Fair Sports 4 All’ in collaboration with the European Football Network (EFDN) to educate all sport stakeholders to fight match-fixing and protect integrity.

Fair Sports 4 All is a 36-month directive which provides relevant authorities (local and international) with educational tools, digital resources , training and further information on reporting match-fixing and suspicious activities.

Helping Kindred achieve its project directive to further educate diverse stakeholders on dynamic topics of fairness, the EFDN will provide all its members with the Fair Sports 4 All initiative, ensuring full outreach.

The EFDN is a non-profit organisation that works with soccer clubs, leagues and governing bodies committed to maximising the social value and collective good of soccer as the largest sport in the world.

The EFDN has built a membership of 86 European football clubs and five professional leagues since its formal inauguration in 2014, focusing on transforming lives and communities through football.

EFDN chief executive officer Hubert Rovers said: ”EFDN is always looking for organisations and partners that improve the quality of our programmes. Kindred was the perfect fit for the Fair Sport 4 All programme, as you are a competent partner with extensive knowledge and experience in fighting against match-fixing.

“Our Fair Play Code can be used by all stakeholders involved, not only players and coaches but also club officials and beneficiaries of community programmes. The Fair Play Code provides our community-engaged clubs with a tool to protect the integrity of football. Only a fair game can truly.”

Kindred is unveiling the latest integrity programme, which at the beginning of 2020 became the main sponsor of Sweden’s Elitfotboll professional football leagues, marking the company’s biggest sports and social contribution to date.

Starting the Football Integrity Initiative first, Kindred and EFDN aim to collaborate with other sport-friendly incumbents to broaden the framework for wider sport inclusion of the educational programme.

Kindred Group CEO Henrik Tjärnström has added: “Match-fixing is a threat to the fundamental idea of sports. Billions of people around the world enjoy participating in or consuming sport, and if the unpredictability of sport events is taken away, this fundamental idea is in severe jeopardy.

“If people lose faith in the honesty of a sports event, they will lose faith in betting products as well. Therefore are we very excited for the Fair Sport 4 all-project where we can, together with EFDN, truly make a difference and together fight this very important battle.”

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