Hawaiian Dream Slot Review

Hawaiian Dream Slot is one of the best creations of Japan Technical Games that have made this new company popular in the online gaming industry. The unique beach setting of the game takes players on a unique vacation experience in Hawaii.

This unique game has lots of rewarding features that have made it darling to many online players. It has an amazing respins feature you can rarely find in any other slot games that unlock other bonus features like the rush free spins feature with lots of free spins bonuses.

In addition to that, it has the sunset bonus game that rewards you up to 50x your stake. The sunset bonus game also has the potential to unlock the other three amazing bonus features. It can trigger the Ultimate rush, super rush, and Rush features.

Not only that, but the Hawaiian Dream slot also has a favourable return to the player percentage that gives you a higher winning edge on the mechanical game. Plus medium volatility balances your winning chances and jackpot size.

Before joining the relaxing spinning action on the beach, we bring you all you need to know about the Hawaiian Dream slot game.

About Hawaiian Dream Slot Game

Hawaiian Dream video slot game has a wonderful tropical beach theme that is appealing to your eyes and relaxing as you play. 

The slot game has transparent reels and is set on an azure blue sea with a sandy white beach and neon bikini women. This makes every symbol visually appealing and interesting to your eyes.

The waves are gently lapping on the shore and the clouds move slowly in the sunny sky, which gives you the real mood of a beach setting. The subtle animations of the slot game also give you a relaxing ambience as you play.

Moreover, there’s an assortment of different special symbols and basic symbols on the reels of the Hawaiian Dream slot game, including wild symbols. For example, the different bright coloured Hawaiian masks, palm trees, a guitar, hibiscus flower, butterfly, cocktail symbols, leaf, and palm trees. Plus, the beautiful bikini-clad girls enjoying the sun have the potential to reward you with great wins.

This tropical beach-themed game has crisp and clear graphics that enable you to see the pleasing game’s symbols no matter your device. Because of the high-quality graphics, you can enjoy the view of the classic game, whether on handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets or the desktop.

More so, the Hawaiian Dream slot machine game has a tropical background soundtrack that boosts the relaxing Hawaii beach experience as you spin the reels.

How To Play Hawaiian Dream Slot Online

This tropical beach-themed slot game is easy to play, and it doesn’t matter whether you are new because it has simple basics you need to follow.

You should aim at earning 3 or more matching symbols on your reels to form a winning combination. Each of the symbols has its own value multiplied by your stake if it lands the needed number of times on your reels.

Before starting the spinning action, you need first to set your bet. The amount you wish to stake on the slot per spin must be within the given bet limit. If you are interested in higher wins, then you have to bet a higher amount.

After placing your desired bet, you can click the spin button to set your reels in motion and determine your luck. When the reels rest, you check whether you have formed any winning combination of symbols on the reels.

You can also use the auto-spins button to set your reels to move a given number of times automatically. This enables you to enjoy a hands-free game, and the number of times you choose for auto spinning must be within the given auto spins range of the slot game.

Hawaiian Dream slot game can be played on both desktop and handheld devices as long as you have an internet connection. This is because the slot game is compatible with various handheld devices of different versions like Windows, iOS, and Android.

You only have to access the game via your ideal browser or the provided casino app and the experience is great on both.

Interactive Features

Hawaiian Dream online slot game has various interactive features that make it interesting.

Rush Free Spins Feature

Hawaiian Dream’s free spins feature is unmatched, and it rewards you with 8 free spins. It is unlocked when the re-spins feature is triggered 4 times. It can also be triggered when the background colour of the game turns red during the respins feature.

Ultimate Rush Free spins feature

This amazing feature is triggered when three red rush symbols appear on your reels. It must happen during the rush free spins feature, which earns you additional 8 free spins.

Respins Feature

Hawaiian Dream slot game’s re-spin feature is activated when you land a winning symbol combination of cocktails on your reels.

Sunset Bonus Game Feature

This unique interactive feature is triggered when bonus symbols form a winning combination on your reels. What makes it more special is that it can reward you up to 50x your bet and has the potential to unlock other features on the slot game.

Progressive Jackpot

Hawaiian Dream online gaming slot doesn’t offer an advertised jackpot, but you can win up to 140,000 Euros.

The maximum win is 1,400x your stake, so you should play with the highest stake if your target is a big win. 

You bet the maximum value and land the needed winning combination, which gives you the highest offer on the slot game.

Bonus games 

Hawaiian Dream slot game has a unique respins feature. It is triggered when you land the needed cocktail respin symbols on your reels. The background colour of the game changes to different colours when 3 respin symbols appear on your paylines. 

Best of all, when the game’s background colour changes to red, you unlock the Rush free spins special feature.

The Rush free spins feature is also triggered when you trigger the respins feature four times in total, and it gives you 8 free spins bonuses. Moreover, if you earn 3 red rush symbols on your reels during the Rush free spins feature, you unlock the Ultimate Rush feature and earn more than 8 free spins.

There’s also the Sunset bonus game, triggered when you land three bonus symbols on your reels. This bonus game can potentially reward you up to 50x your stake.

It also has the golden opportunity of landing Ultimate rush, super rush, and Rush symbols with great rewards in store for you.

On the other hand, many online casinos also provide bonus games on the Hawaiian Dream slot game. You only have to identify the particular casinos offering the bonus games on the slot game.


This amazing online slot game has many rewarding symbols with lots of offers if they form a winning combination on your reels.

Hawaiian-style masks. It has 8 Hawaiian-style masks, each with a different value multiplied by your stake.

The Golden Mask is the highest rewarding symbol and gives you 20x your bet if it lands three times on your reels. It is followed by the yellow mask, which also rewards you 20x your stake.

The Red and Orange masks reward you with 10x your bet if they land 3 on your reels. The green and blue masks give you 6x, and the white mask 4X your stake on a payline.

Hawaiian Dream slot also has super 7 Rush red and Super 7 rush blue symbols that reward you with 5x your bet on a payline if they appear 3 times on your reels.

Three women in bikinis reward you 2x, 4x, and 6x if they appear 3 times on your reels.

The low-paying symbols on the slot game are the logos and pay you between 0.2x to 1.4x your stake if they appear thrice on the reels.

What Symbols Trigger Hawaiian Dream Slot Bonus Free Spins?

This Hawaii beach-themed online gaming slot’s bonus free spins are triggered in various ways by different symbols.

Hawaiian Dream slot’s bonus free spins are triggered when 3 rush symbols appear on your reels and the Hibiscus flowers above start glowing.

It is also unlocked when 3 red rush symbols appear on your reels during the rush free spins feature, and you earn extra 8 free spins.

It is also triggered when you trigger the response feature 4 times and unlock the Rush spins feature that rewards you with 8 free spins.

Paylines And Stakes

This amazing slot game has three reels, three rows, and 5 Payless.

Your main target in the game is to land matching symbols 3 or more times on your reels to form a winning combination. For example, 3 or more Golden masks, red rush symbols, orange masks, and blue rush symbols.

The maximum win on the Hawaiian Dream slot game is 1400x your stake. But to earn the top win, you need to bet the maximum amount and earn the needed symbol combination on your reels.

The minimum bet for this amazing slot game is 0.20 Euros, and the maximum bet is 100 Euros. Remember, the larger your bet size on the slot game, the more your earnings.

Each of the slot game’s symbols has its own value that rewards you when it forms a winning combination on your reels. The lowest paying symbols on the Hawaiian Dream slot game are the logos. 

However, the highest paying symbols to look out for always are the masks in different colours with the Golden mask being the highest rewarding symbol.

The maximum and minimum coins per line on the Hawaiian Dream gaming slot is one.

Hawaiian Dream Slot Game Software

Japan Technical Games power Hawaiian dream slot game. It’s new in the online gaming industry but has already secured a spot among suppliers with top-notch games.

It considers users’ experiences when creating its games which helps it come up with impressive final products.

Some of the high-quality games powered by Japan Technical Games include; Hawaiian Dream Xmas slot, Dreams of Gold, Battle Dwarf, and Oiran Dream.

What Is Hawaiian Dream Slot’s RTP?

Hawaiian Dream online slot game has a 97% return to player percentage. This is favourable because it is above the average RTP for online slot games.

The high return to-player percentage boosts your winning chances as it gives you a winning edge over that of the casino. The casino only has a winning edge of 3%.

More Info

The 97% return to player percentage of the Hawaiian Dreams slot game means that you earn 97 Euros for every 1 Euro stake you make.

It boosts your chances of big wins because the more you bet, the more you earn.

Slot Volatility

Hawaiian online gaming slot has medium volatility. This means your winning chances and jackpot sizes are neither big nor small.

So the medium volatility of Hawaiian Dream balances your winning chances and jackpot sizes, making the slot game interesting.


Hawaiian Dream slot is a relaxing game that resembles the unique pachinko parlour game type loved by many online players, especially the Japanese. It has a lot of innovation in its features, making it a unique type of online slot game.

The charming soundtrack and nice visuals give you a great experience on the slot game as you spin the reels. You can enjoy the Hawaiian Dream slot in various online casinos, and you have to look for a particular casino with the best offers on the game.

Well, if you are a fan of unique slot games and you love trying out slot themes different from the most popular ones. The Hawaiian Dream slot game is worth your spinning adventure.

However, this Hawaii beach-themed online gaming slot doesn’t have a progressive jackpot which would have boosted the chances of big wins. It doesn’t have wilds and scatters, which reduces the rewards opportunities on the slot game.

According to our review of the Hawaiian Dream slot game, we highly recommend it to you as it provides a relaxing spinning action experience.