Sakura Fortune Slot Review

The Sakura Fortune slot game is an amazing creation of Quickspin in the Asian Theme category. It has a lot of special and rewarding features and symbols with unmatched payouts. These have boosted the popularity of the Sakura Fortune slot among many players in the online gaming industry.

Sakura fortune has a unique Achievements feature that rewards you with Quickspin Tokens. The Quickspin tokens are given out in 4 levels and can be exchanged for other special rewards. This feature reveals the innovativeness of Quickspin as it can’t be found elsewhere.

More so, this amazing slot game has a free spins feature that rewards you 5 free spins and additional free spins when wild symbols appear on your reels. There’s also a continuous respins feature and mystery nudge feature that also boost your earnings on the slot game.

In addition to that, the Sakura Fortune slot game has high volatility that boosts your chances of big wins. Plus a favourable return to player percentage gives you higher chances of winning on the slot game.

We bring you all you need to know about the Sakura Fortune Slot game before joining the Asian-themed spinning action.

About Sakura Fortune Slot Game

Sakura Fortune is an Asian-themed slot game, and it displays traditional Japanese icons like the blossom tree. The main character of the slot game is the multitasking princess with a sword in her hands, ready to fight the emperor. She is beautiful and elegant, wearing a red dress.

Sakura is a Japanese word that means a flowering cherry tree. It is popular in the Japanese culture, and it represents the fragility and beauty of life, which are depicted in the theme of the game.

Moreover, the reels of the slot game are full of dragons, gold coins, the emperor, the queen, and the princess, each with a different value. The colour themes of the Sakura Fortune slot are bright blue in the background and light green plus soft pink blossoms and vibrant orange flowers.

Sakura Fortune slot game has stunning graphics that enable you to clearly see the game features and symbols no matter your device. Well, visually, the game has spectacular imagery that is attractive to your eyes and boosts your attention as you play.

It also has soothing Japanese music playing in the background, which matches the theme of the slot game. The music is relaxing, and it creates a conducive environment for your gameplay.

How To Play Sakura Fortune Slots Online

Playing the Sakura Fortune slot game online is simple, and it has a few simple basics you need to learn. You don’t need to be experienced to play the slot game because you only need a few minutes to master the gameplay basics.

Your main target should be to earn a winning combination of various symbols on your reels. They should appear 3 or more symbols on your reels. You should always look forward to having winning combinations of premium symbols to boost your chances of big wins.

You start by setting your bet per spin. You embrace the bet button. This button allows you to place your desired bet per spin on the slot game. You have to choose your desired bet within the minimum and maximum bet range provided by the game.

After choosing your desired bet, you can click on the spin button to set your reels into motion and unlock the spinning action. 

When you click on the spin button, your reels start moving to determine your luck. If symbol combinations are formed on your reels when they rest, you win. But if no winning combination is formed, you lose.

You can also embrace the autoplay button. This allows you to set your reels to move automatically for a given number of times. This must be within the given range by the slot game and helps you to have a hands-free game.

Not only that but there’s also a fast play option which is unlocked by clicking on the Fast Play button. This is a unique button that allows you to have a fast game. Your reels move faster than their average normal speed. 

But if you wish to stop the fast play, you have to click on the same button, and the reel movement returns to normal.

You can enjoy the Sakura Fortune Slot game on both mobile devices and desktop. This is because the game is compatible with different mobile devices, no matter the version. 

Whether Android, iOS, or Windows, you can access the game, and you don’t have to download it as it is available for instant play in many online casinos. You have to use your chosen browser or a dedicated casino app.

Interactive Features

The Sakura Fortune slot game has various interactive features that make it interesting during your gameplay.

Mystery Nudge Feature. This amazing feature on the slot game is triggered when the wild symbol lands fully stacked on your reels to give you maximum wins. 

When you land 2 stacked wilds on all your reels, you trigger the Mystery Nudge Feature. It helps to move your stack either up or down to boost the creation of a fully stacked wild.

Sakura Fortune Respin feature. This fantastic respin feature is triggered when 2 fully stacked princesses land on your reels. 

If another wild lands on your reels during this feature, you earn another respin, and this is continuous as long as more wilds pop up on your reels.

Free Spins Feature. Sakura Fortune gaming slot also has a free spins feature triggered when 3 or more bonus symbols appear on your reels. They must land from the right side of the reels to the left side on consecutive reels and reward you with 5 free spins.

Moreover, if wild symbols land on your reels during the free spins feature, they expand and fill your entire reels. They stay for the rest of the free spins round and give you another free spin. 

Achievements Engine Feature. It is a unique feature that you can’t find in other slot games. It gives you 6 special game events, and it is adapted to your gameplay when you earn a scatter on your reels or a win from your wilds. The Achievements Engine Feature rewards you with Quickspin Tokens.

It has 4 levels, and you are paid out at each level, and you can exchange your tokens for special rewards on the slot game.

Progressive Jackpot

The Sakura Fortune slot game doesn’t have a progressive jackpot as it has a fixed win amount. 

The highest win on the slot game is 951x your initial bet.

You need to get the needed symbol combination on your reels of the emperor/ king and bet the maximum betting option.

Bonus games 

Sakura Fortune slot game provides you with free spins when the wild symbol forms a winning combination on your reels. You earn 7 free spins to play on the slot game, and for every stacked wild that appears on your reels, you win an extra spin.

But you have to last long in the gameplay to earn the free spins bonus feature because it appears when you reach between 100 and 150 spins on the slot game. Well, you need to ensure you have enough credit on your account to boost your playtime on the slot game.

Sakura Fortune also rewards you with respins, and they depend on the wilds appearing on your reels. Additional wilds on your reels give you more respins. This boosts your winning chances on the slot game.

Various online casinos also provide bonus games on the Sakura Fortune slot, and these are always advertised on their websites. Your task is to identify an online casino with the best offers on the slot game, and you embrace them.


This gaming slot has various rewarding symbols with amazing payouts in store for you.

The symbols reward you with different payouts when they appear 3, 4, or 5 on your reels.

The highest paying symbol is the king, and it pays you 0.75x, 1.5x, and 10x when it appears 3, 4, or 5 times respectively on your paylines.

The Queen is the second rewarding and gives you 0.5x, 1x, and 5x. The warrior rewards you with 0.4x, 1x, and 3x.

Dragon 0.3x, 0.75x, and 2x, Jade lion 0.03x, 0.6x and 2x, Gold coin 0.2x, 0.5x and 1.25x, silver coin 0.2x, 0.5x and 1.25x, 

The lowest paying symbols on the slot game are the bronze and copper coin that reward you with 0.15x, 0.4x, and 1x when they land 3, 4, or 5 times respectively, on your reels.

The Princess. The multitasking princess doubles as the slot’s scatter and wild symbol. It can substitute any other symbol on your reels to help form a winning combination. If it appears on 4 reels, it lights up and expands.

If the symbol combination on your reels is incomplete, the princess substitutes the missing symbol to complete it.

What Symbols Trigger Sakura Fortune Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Sakura Fortune slot games bonus free spins feature is the folding fan, and it is triggered when 3 or more bonus symbols land on your reels. 

Sakura Fortune’s free spins feature only happens in the base game, and it doesn’t count in the bonus round. It rewards you with 7 free spins.

Moreover, if wild symbols land on your reels during the bonus round, they expand and reward you with more free spins.

Paylines And Stakes

The Sakura Fortune slot game has 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 fixed paylines you can place your wagers on.

To win on Sakura Fortune, you have to earn a winning combination of 3 or more symbols on your reels. For example, 3 or more kings, Queens, Princesses, and Dragons, among others.

The minimum bet on the slot game is 0.20 Euros, and the maximum bet is 80 Euros. But if you wish to earn more, then you should consider betting the highest option.

The maximum win on the Sakura Fortune slot game is 951x your stake on each bet line.

Each of the symbols of the game has its own rewards, which are given to you when it forms a winning combination on your reels. The value of each symbol is multiplied with your initial bet to give you your win.

The low-value symbols are the bronze and copper coins, while the premium symbols are the Emperor, Queen, and the multitasking princess.

Sakura Fortune Slot Game Software

The Sakura Fortune slot game is powered by Quickspin software. 

Quickspin is popular for supplying slot games with unique stories in the online gaming industry. Its games guarantee you excellent graphics, immersive stories, and unique game events, plus substantial winning opportunities.

Some of the popular slot games powered by Quickspin include; Ark of Mystery, Eastern Emeralds, Dwarfs Gone Wild, Pirates Charm, Joker Strike, Volcano Riches, Northern sky, among others.

What Is Sakura Fortune Slot’s RTP?

Sakura Fortune provides a generous return to player percentage of 96.58%. 

This is favourable and increases your winning chances as it gives you a winning edge over that of the casino. The casino only has a 3.42 house edge.

More Info

The return to player percentage of this gaming slot of 96.58% means that you earn 96.58 Euros for each 1 Euro you stake per spin.

This gives you a golden earning opportunity because the more you bet per spin, the higher are your earnings.

Sakura Fortune Slot Volatility

The Sakura Fortune slot game has high volatility. This high volatility means your winning chances are lower, but your chances of earning bigger jackpots are high.

So one huge jackpot covers all you lost in your various unsuccessful bets because it has huge sums of money involved.


Sakura Fortune slot game is the 3rd game in Quickspin’s high volatility slots, and it takes you to a stunning world with a warrior princess. She battles evil emperors with her sword as you win lots of cash.

This wonderful slot game is action-packed and full of surprises as you play. It combines beauty, danger, and fun to give you a unique spinning experience you can rarely find on any other slot game in the industry.

The Sakura Fortune slot game is available in various online casinos. You have to identify the right place with the best offers to enjoy the game from.

However, the Sakura Fortune slot game doesn’t have a progressive jackpot which is normally needed by the high rollers as they are interested in big wins. 

According to our review of the Sakura Fortune slot game, we highly recommend it to you for an Asian-themed spinning action.